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Giddy Up, Buttercup


This is my first Skyrim Mod a simple one but everyone started small(At least i hope this) so,  :D 

please dont judge me to hard and also sorry for spelling mistakes. 




What is this Mod ?

This Mod adds a wereable Horse/Ponymask. It can simply equiped like everyother clothpiece.(There are no scripts at the moment)

At the moment there is only the Texture shown at the pics, there will be maybe more and better.  

The last 2 pics are examples for how the Mask looks in combination with DD items. 




I play the LE Edition with an UNNP Body. So it is possible that it will work with the Special Edition and CBBE but icant promiss this. 

Maybe you need to build an Outif In Bodyslide.  I tryed to install the Mod with ModOrganizer and for me its works hopefull for you too. I not sure if i complettly able to help with Problems at the moment but i try my best. 





Sexlab, SexlabAroused, DDAsset, ZaZanimationPack, DD Integration, DDEquip, DDContraptions( try to remove this in the next update) 

I use the newest Versions( 20.06.21) 



Future Plans:

I think i need to grow some Carotts?Just jokeing

I need to learn how to make better textures.

I also would like to  learn how to edit scripts. 

I thinking about a quest but thats far form happen soon. 



My big Thanks go to @Bad Dog for let my using his Horse Race mod for this Hood.

Many Many Thanks to @HyperonicX who showed me to add the DD Script. Without his help i would be probably still clueless :)   




I have no Problems with the use of this Mod in other Mods ot with other Textures.

BUT Keep it on Loverslab, keep it free(dont try to make Money in any form with it)

Always Keep @Bad Dog in the Credits for the Basic Modell and me for make it useable as a Clothpiece.




If you like to add better Textures, feel free to do it. (Would be nice if you share them with me :) )

Any helpfull Tipps and suggestions are welcomen.



Want to help ?

I always interested in teaming up, so if you would like to join me on my journey ,PM me. 




The Mask are now Devious Devices, finally the masks can locked up. 

When equipped you run like a Pony and have your hand in Pony position

Also the folder structure should be cleaner now.







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