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  1. That's reminds of a newspaper article in Germany were the police shut down a illegal fetish party because the don't complied to the corona regulations. What did the press use as pic? A pic of people in Latex suits with gasmask with rebreather 😂 this was a little contra productive for this article and the were a mask policies 😂
  2. Thats sad ;( I was hoping for an near release (but also real life is more important) Can you gives a small update were you are like t finish is 100% we are at ... for the next release ?
  3. I could be that iam wrong but At my knowledge, this isn't implemented yet. In a Former post they wrote about it. If iam remember correctly there was some problem with it so the have taken it out for the version we are on at the moment.
  4. To the guard outside the town near the Water. Normally he sits on an bench
  5. Ian not sure what cause this but maybe something is wrong with your SKSE installation. I know problems like this happen to me in a Fallout 3 mod. The problem was that the skse didn't started correctly. Since they games from Bethesda not so different in her technical ways i might be the same for you just in skyrim.
  6. They mentioned that it will around summer or even autumn. Since there jobs kicking hard in. So i think the only thing thats helps is patience
  7. Yes there is an walktrough. I think it is in the mod description
  8. No Problem at least with this problem i could help
  9. I had the same problem. My problem was that have installed it in wrong direction. So he didn't find the file he needed. After that and a edit on the Skyrim Creator ini. it works try to add this in the Creation kit ini file bAllowMultipleMasterFiles=1 under [general] it works for me
  10. I will try it out later thanks so far Can i contact you when i not get far?
  11. Happy it works now for you Out of interest why you cant mod stuff anymore :/?
  12. Thank you for your advice i happily taking all information and Tipps i can get:) I have looked at the a hood in CK. My idea was to duplicate it and changed it in the hood i wanted. This worked not as intended. When i equipped the hood in game its gave me the DD text and as soon i click on the text the hood changed back into the leather hood. At this moment i was unable to unequip it. I think the problem is the render hood at that moment. I have no idea what i should do with the render one/how to change it in to the hood. When i try too add the script to my newly created file its adds but not playing in game.
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