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This is a mod for Enlit3d's Heroine Rescue Team (HRT) 

For how to get the game and how to use the mod see here : How to mod Enlit3d's HRT

Have a look to all the other mods for HRT: Overview of mods for Heroine Rescue Team

... and have a look to this forum were i post some very nice and funny HRT pictures ?Showroom



by PowerModder (puplished by SurverX)


PowerModders X-Cross Devices. This gives you a small "Showcase Dungeon" for the X-Cross device, it is not a "real" dungeon (but fun :-)). You get two Mods, one containing a Demo Dungeon ("PowerModders XCross Demo") and one with only the devices. Only one Mod can be active at times (move the other one somewere else). You can place the devices with the terrain editor or you can use it in your mods.


The uids are:

  • xcrossnormal (with a lot of punish moves!)

  • xcrosswall

  • xcrosshorizontal

  • xcrossmachine


Have fun ?


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SurverX floppy settings                Dancing Penis

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