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SurverX floppy CBPC Settings 1.3

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*** 26.Jul.2021 10000 Downloads ? ***

Surver X floppy CBPC Settings

I love to see a big futa or cock moving a lot, so I am still looking for "floppy SoS" for SSE. We still do not have it but with SMP in place we can get some quite good compromise (see demo videos below).


What does this mod do?

In this mod i just played with the CBPC settings for the penis and the scrotum of your PC and NPCs. The result is similar to the effects of the mod "floppy SoS" that is not available for SSE yet (and maybe never). I took the SMP files "CBPCMasterConfig.txt" and "CBPConfig_SOS.txt" from the mod Realistic SMP stripped it down to only the settings for the penis and changed the parameters.

To run this mod you need "CBPC Physics with Collisions for SSE" in place and running. Unfortunately i am not a graphic expert and can not help you installing this mod... but once you got that running you can play with my SMP files. My settings are maybe too extreme for you, but you can change the paramter by your own (see descriptiuon below),


If you have additional information for this topic just post me and i can add it to this description. So we will come more and more near our goal "floppy SoS SSE" ?

Have fun.



- CBPC Physics with Collisions for SSE up and running



Install this mod with your mod manager.

Be sure that this mod is the last mod that overwrites the "...\SKSE\Plugins\CBPCMasterConfig.txt" file.

No FNIS run needed.


Have in mind:

I think the most correct way to install this mod is to merge the CBPCMasterConfig.txt of you existing system with the CBPCMasterConfig.txt of this mod.

Because i think there is only one CBPCMasterConfig.txt that overwrites all existing one.

I think it must be this sections (were the GenitalsLag0x is defined):



For me it seems to be OK to just use the masterfile of this mod, i do not found any errors or missing physics up to now...

So the short solution to just install this mod (and do not merge the masterfile) works at least for me.

Have a look to the Realistic SMP mod for a detailed description on how to install the physics.

Here is my current mod list were you can see which mods i have installed to make this running:




Just deinstall this mod and you are fine.


playing with the settings:

You can change the settings by your own via editing the file "CBPConfig_SOS.txt". In this file i changed the parameter of the following groups (of course you can also try other parameter):

  • Quadratic Spring stiffness 0001

  • Velocity removed/tick 1.0 would be all velocity removed 012 (damping)

  • Scale of the bones rotation around the X axis (this defines how far the movements of the penis should be)

The most effect you get by changing the "Scale of the bones rotation around the X axis" paraneter. You can change it for each "segment" of the penis: SOS01.rotational is the penis basis, SOS06.rotational is the penis head.

I left the original settings from "Realistic SMP" in the file outcommented "#", these settings are not so extreme and quite good already!


You can also change this data online (game is running). To do that you have to switch two parameter:

- in the file "CBPCMasterConfig.txt" set "TuningMode = 1"

- in the file "CBPConfig_SOS.txt" remove the command sign: "#Tuning.rate 60" -> "Tuning.rate 60"

... now you can change the parameter and directly see the result in the running game ?

After you have found your settings i would propose to reset these parameters. Otherwise the game will reread the files every n seconds (performance!).


and thank you...

... to all the great modder that laid the foundation to make this possible!


Demo Videos:









Also have a look to my "Dancing Penis" mod. Together with this floppy CBPC settings you really will see the cocks and Futa's moving ?



Edited by Surverx

What's New in Version 1.3


"Subject2Host" found a typo in the scriptfile "CBPConfig_SOS.txt":

In the section "# Scale of the bones rotation around the X axis" was the type "5OS05" instead of "SOS05".

The impact was not that big but there was an impact on the "floppyness" of the cock.

I changed that typo and made some alignments to fit the error correction and made the overall cock floppyness a bid smoother (changed the time step rate...).

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