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SurverX (Futa) HRT pictures and videos

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In this forum i just want to show you some nice or funny pictures from Enlit3d's sex game Heroine Rescue Team (HRT).

HRT is a small (<500MB) game written by Enlit3d that has a quite easy modding system. It is easy to install and easy to mod (see here How to get and install HRT)! So i started to make some mods (I needed bigger Futas :-)).  Here i will show you some of my "best" picture that a my during my developer test AND some pictures from some of the other modders that made mods for HRT (and better than me). Please feel free to post here all your pictures or videos you made with HRT (do not matter if a futa is seen or not :-))


So take a seat, watch and have fun ?



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... so that is the first picture, one of "powerModders" devices:



"PowerModder" made some VERY nice devices for the game...



... the objects are qiute big and he never made a proper dungeon out of them...



... but they still look absolute stunning...



... i made a small "show room" dungeon for his devices to test them...



... i will upload it soon ...



... what do you think?


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One of the best and strangest dungeon is "Witch Space Tech Dungeon"...



... i really hope we can restore that mod...



Of course i adapted his robots a bit ? ...



That dungeon is really cool...








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One of the most skilled HRT modder is MikeW (i think...) he relly made completely new characters, clothes and dungeons...


... yes, the futa is from me ?


But look at this:



MikeW made a lot more cool stuff but i do not have any more pictures from that.

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