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About This File

Build Your Pack.


Command Your Pack.


That Was Dramatic.


This mod aims to handle two main gameplay mechanics:


Nude Play.
How do you play nude and be a tank without getting slaughtered? Every time you lay with a beast you get stronger, more resilient, you will find yourself not depending on armour for too long. The whole reason I came up with this was because the game does not put your armor back on after you revert from werewolf form, and I got super tired of equipping it. Obviously, the logical solution was to make the game so I can play without armor.


Animal Companion / Pack Mentality.
Beasts will follow and fight for you. The more experience you gain with them the more you will be able to control and use the pack. From the start you get the Mating Call shout which will charm any of the animals who heard it, and perhaps engage in some sexy times. Just as you get stronger by the beast, so does the beast by you. They will get stronger in a similar mechanic as you do for nude play the more time you spend with them.


Current Version: untamed-124
Recent versions added:

  • IF you encounter any issues, I highly suggest you MCM > Untamed > Repair > Reset Mod !!!Settings!!! before posting about it on the forum.

  • Added Optional File: dc-untamed-stfu-wolf.zip This is an extra ESP which will greatly reduce the number of times Wolves howl. By default there was like a 30% chance they would howl every 20 fucking seconds. Now its like 5% every 2 minutes.

  • [124] (From Lost 123) Adds Catch Up Mode (default on) - This allows you to level beasts up to your level faster. If you are super high level taming a new beast, the new beast get the difference of half the Untamed levels between you and it each encounter, until the math no longer works and it just goes back to 1 level per boink.

  • [124] Switches back to the clone method of taming to attempt to prevent vanishing animals. You probably won't care. Unless your animals were vanishing. [[this only affects newly tamed animals. existing ones still have the possiblity they could vanish on cell reset or something]]

  • [124] Fixes "Post Sex Heal" option in the MCM. The problem with this option was that everyone thought it did something different than what it did. What it used to do was heal everyone to full after sex with a beast, including the beast. What everyone thought it did was disable the Beastial Health and Beastial Stamina buffs which increase heal and stamina rates. So now it disables Beastial Health and Beastial Stamina. You will no longer get those rate buffs after your current ones expire, with that option disabled.

  • [124] Fixes buffs "Thick Hide" and "Arcane Breeding" - these buffs no longer stack with chest armor. It should still stack with chest clothing though. Basically if you are wearing anything with the ArmorCuirass keyword, it wont stack. These buffs are only to support naked and mage play, as was the intention by design since day one. [she says, 24 releases later]

  • tumblr_o6m2bhDga61u8cymno2_r1_540.png

  • tumblr_o6m2bhDga61u8cymno3_r1_540.png



Various Features

  • Charm animals. Seduce Animals. Build a pack. Control your pack.

  • Shouts to command the entire pack to stay, follow, or summon if they got lost.

  • Heal your pack in combat via Last Stand shout and passive healing which scales off of your restoration. Heal Other on your pack! Sexy time after combat will heal all parties involved.

  • Grow stronger as you run and play with your pack, strong enough to be able to shed that heavy armor and run free.

  • Pack members will get stronger in the same way you get stronger when you engage sexy time with them.

  • Give your animals names. Make them legend.

  • Birth / Spawn little animals that will "slowly" "grow".

  • Beasts can loot corpses for you.

  • Aggro Management (Taunt and Cower)

  • Shapeshift into an animal form (bear or cat).


Optional Files
These are additional files you can use. I add them when things piss me off but don't belong in the main mod for whatever reason.

  • dc-untamed-stfu-wolf - lowers the chance a wolf will howl by a lot, so that they are not howling while idle every 20 goddaym seconds. they will still howl, just not as much. does not require untamed you can actually use this on its own if you want it.

  • dc-untamed-stfu-spriggan - removes the buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz spriggans make just by being alive when idle. does not require untamed you can use this on its own if you want it.


How It Works

So once you start sexing animals you be granted two defensive passive powers - fake armor and magic resist. Each time you have an encounter with a beast your Untamed level increases, making the armor and magic resist stronger. The armor starts at 50, and with default settings will scale up to 450. The magic resist starts at 5% and scales all the way up to 65%. It is only game breaking if you sit there and do nothing but level from 0 to 100 straight. Beasts will get stronger in a similar way.


There are multiple ways to get animals to sex you. Aroused Animals and Animal Mansion are two good ones to get you started, as well as Soulgem Oven's Charm Donor spell. Additionally, of course, this mod here gave you a new dragon shout when you installed it called "Untamed | Mating Call" - blast that while near a beast and the fireworks will fly. It doesn't really matter what - as long as it is classified as an Animal by Skyrim, it should do it.


After a sexual encounter with a beast you will be granted a buff that will increase your health regen and stamina regen for the next 4 hours of gameplay, whilst absorbing the beastial power. Additionally, the beast will now follow you as part of your pack. You can interact with the beast to tell it to stay, follow, leave, or let it know you want to play.


Oh, and, by the way. Sleeping with humanoids will lower your Untamed level! Muah hah hah.



Building A Pack

After sexing a beast it will be loyal and follow you. You can talk with the beast to command it to stay/come, go away, or if you wanna play with it some. There is no limit to how many of these followers you can get. As long as you don't get them killed or dismiss them they will follow you around. By default any animals which heard the mate call will join your pack regardless of if they got to sex you or not.


Also you will be able to birth a baby version of the last animal you laid with, by default 3 game days after the encounter. After birthing then you can go sex something else and wait another 3 days. If you change the setting from 3 days to 0, it will engage ARCADE MODE which will let you birth one every 10 minutes every time the shout cools down.


If you are having a hard time getting beasts to survive combat, do not forget to spend sexy time with them to level them. Also, I would suggest playing with Healing Hands in your left hand and your sword in your right. Then get a bear and have him tank as you heal him and slash the enemy.



Untamed Level Progression

This progression list is based on if you leave all my progression settings to default values, with a default max level of 100.

  • Lvl 0 - Mating Call, Call Pack
  • Lvl 1 - 50 invisible armor, 5% magic resist, shout Stay
  • Lvl 2 - Shout Follow
  • Lvl 10 - One with the Pack (pack speed buff for 5min)
  • Lvl 15 - Last Stand (heal pack for 6 seconds)
  • Lvl 20 - Give Name (rename an animal)
  • Lvl 22 - Perk (One with the Pack now lasts 15min)
  • Lvl 25 - Animal Looting
  • Lvl 30 - Taunt Shout
  • Lvl 35 - Cower Shout
  • Lvl 40 - Beastial Friend or Foe (highlight pack members)
  • Lvl 50 - Beast Carry Perk (beasts can carry things for you)

For each beast you sex, you get 4 more armor and 0.6% more magic resist. This is the mechanic that allows you to play the game naked. If you sex a human your untamed level will go down and you will lose armor and magic resist. You will not lose spells or shouts from deleveling though.


After sleeping with a type of animal at least 10 times, you will unlock the ability to turn into that animal (if it is one of the animals I have prepared).



Beasts and Beast Forms

All the animals that can join your pack have different skills and abilities that will make them useful members of the pack. After laying with enough beasts you become able to shapeshift into and fight as one.

  • Bears and Bear Form.
  • Bears are beastial tanks - they shrug off a lot of damage with high damage resistances, but do little damage against higher level foes. Bears have a deafening roar which will periodically taunt any enemies currently in combat with other members of your pack.

  • Cats and Cat Form.
  • Cats are damage dealers. They have minimal damage resistance and instead depend on their ability to kill their target faster than their target can kill them. They will have a hard time dealing with multiple high level targets on their own without a lot of healing.



Frequently Asked Questions
If the question is on here, I am probably going to stop responding if you ask me, because these are things I am getting super tired of repeating. And I mean SUPER tired.

Q: Animals are not sexing at all when I fondle or call for them.
A: Did you checkmark "Creature Animations" in the SexLab MCM?


Q: Where are the Tails and Ears from?
A: My Pony Pack. It also includes a script that keeps the tail and hair in colour sync with the hair. http://www.loverslab.com/topic/34654-pony-pack-1/page-4?do=findComment&comment=1042175


A: There is a chance you fucked up when you installed SexLab and Shlongs of Skyrim. SoS includes an old version of PapyrusUtil. Never install the PapyrusUtil from SOS, there is even a checkbox now on the installer. NEVER INSTALL THE PAPYRUS UTIL FROM SOS. EVER. NOT FOR THIS MOD, NOT FOR ANY MOD. To fix it, you will need to reinstall SexLab to overwrite the files if you use NMM or manual installations. If you use MO, you can completely remove, update, and reinstall SOS not selecting the PapyrusUtil checkbox on the installer this time. Here is a forum post about it. If for some reason that is not going for you, then you'll want to overwrite both SexLab and SOS with PapyrusUtil 2.8 or newer.








Suggested Other Mods
These mods are not required, but I suggest them to make the game more interesting to play as a full on Untamed.

  • Individualised Shout Cooldowns
    This will make each of your shouts not block, so you can shout fire then frost then whatever, back to back, and they will cool down independently of each other. I think it makes more sense gameplay wise, and also it will help you get around that 10 minute cooldown on Birth in case you get into a fight.

  • Beastess Lairs
    This mod adds 3 different caves around Skyrim as player homes for your all natural gameplay experience. As long as it never depends on any of the actual Beastess components I will always suggest it.



Gamplay Ideas
Here are some ideas for you to consider for your Untamed RPG experience if you are going to start a new game.

"The Beastess"
You are a wildling, and untamed lady of the beasts. The classic beastess.

  1. Select the "I was camping in the woods" option from Alternate Start.
  2. Make your way to one of the Beastess caves and play the life of a wildling. Hunt for your mates.



"The Vampress"
You are now an elite of the Solitude upperclass. You woke up one morning feeling like death. After a while the hunger got so bad you ended up biting your best friend, your dog, out of pure driven hunger instinct. Now you roam Skyrim traveling with your Death Hound looking for more like you to answer the ultimate question: WTF am I and what can I do? If you have never played with Vampiric Thirst before, you really will feel lost. It's pretty fucking fun. Do yourself a favor and try and figure it out as you go for the ultimate RPG experience.

  1. Select "I am a property owner in one of the holds" - and select the nicest one there... Solitude.
  2. Spawn a Garmr (death hound from Dawnguard) and Mate Call him (enable Creatures in Untamed MCM)
  3. Give yourself lots of gold because city vampires are rich and sophisticated.
  4. Give yourself one of the nice dresses.
  5. Open Vampiric Thirst MCM and choose "Convert" to begin life as a vampire.
  6. Spend the next 2 in-game weeks walking Solitude at night - feeding until you are strong enough to adventure and find more of your kind. Or something.



Known Issues
These are known problems that may not really have a solution that I can do anything about right now.

  • Going under arches and being inside as a bear can be problematic. They tend to get stuck in narrow areas and will attempt to climb the wall and sometimes end up on top of the wall. I'd avoid being a bear in a small space. You will also notice bear followers fail from the same problem. Sabrecats, wolves, and dogs... do not suffer from this. Bears are forever fucked. I tried.

  • MY UNTAMED LEVEL NO GO UP. See the FAQ with the same name, up above.



Change Log

  • [122] Few internal tweaks to try and get followers through load barriers more often. The best advice I can give you is that if an animal isn't following you through, go stand by the animal for at least 30 seconds so the script can apply the hack during its regular background maintenance interval.

  • [122] Smoothed the shit out of the Infinite Sex Mode. Now instead of constantly engaging new SexLabs over and over and over, it jimmies the first one to restart and progress to a new animation all super smooth and instant like, and still triggering the levelups. Also now its jump to stop (only works after first scene has finished) infinite mode.

  • [122] Added tap and long press on animals. If you tap or short press (A) Activate on an animal you will get the radial menu like normal. If you long press (hold it down for over half a second) it will engage normal follower command mode after you let go like "go stand over there", "go attack that dick", etc. yes - you can tell animals to do things like loot, but you cant get it out of them until you unlock the looter perk at Untamed level whatever it is. Basically an easy way to get your bears to charge into battle to aggro first.

  • [122] Should fix a fuckup with the dwarven arrows. It was basically a dirty edit of a feature I never finished.

  • [121] Added a delay (3sec) to mate call and follower fondle in an attempt to solve a bug where SexLab would kick in while still shouting, causing all shouts to get locked out and for the camera to get locked behind the PC after the encounter. Also increased a few other delays here and there. That's the main one you should notice.

  • [121] Added a line to the end of the error dialog saying you don't have UI Extensions installed to see if that helps people make the connection between them being bad for not installing dependencies and my intentional ruining of their game experience with sabrecats.

  • [120] Intergrate with Moonlight Tales. If you are running Moonlight Tales there is now a chance you will contract Sanies Lupinus when fooling around with werewolves. That is a disease added by Moonlight Tales which works exactly like the vampirsm of Dawnguard - once you contract it you have some time to get rid of it via a shrine or cure disease. Or you can let it take hold... The chance of contraction is adjustable on the new Intergrations tab on MCM. Note, Moonlight Tales is not required. If you have it you get this new feature. If you don't then nothing happens.
  • [119] Fix for animals being unable to walk through doors, and...

  • [119] Fix (hopefully) for animals sometimes randomly vanishing.

  • I noticed that animals I spawn manually seem to have no problems going in and out of doors, yet animals from the wild tend to get stuck outside the city. The fix I am trying for that is therefore having the mod manually spawn a copy of the animal prior to adding it to the pack. This same fix also seems to help with preventing captures from vanishing even though the menu says they are still following. This fix will only apply to newly tamed pets. Your old ones, if you still manage to have them, are screwed.

  • [119] Loosened the follow distances. Hopefully they don't stand on your heels so much sticking you into corners.

  • [119] Added a warning if UIExtensions is not installed. If you don't install it you deserve your fate.

  • 20150618 - 120
  • Integrate with Moonlight Tales - chance to contract Sanies Lupinus when sexing werewolves.

  • 20150617 - 119
  • One [attempted] fix for two problems: animals being unable to cross load boundaries, and animals sometimes vanishing even though still reported as following. It clones the NPC before adding it to the pack.
  • Loosened up the Follow package, so hopefully they stop standing right on your heels.
  • Added detection and warning if UIExtensions is not installed. There may be sabrecats involved.

  • 20150604 - 118
  • Fixed MCM menu glitch locking up after changing progression values.
  • Added "Beast Info..." to wheel menu.

  • 20150315 - 117
  • Added Infinite Sex Mode.

  • 20150225 - 116
  • Figured out how to make the Wheel Menu display the targets name at the top.

  • 20150924 - 115
  • disabled beast growing for now. birthing will be full size.
  • beast carry perk at level 50

  • 20150221 - 114
  • changed give birth from shout to lesser power
  • added beastial friend or foe at level 40

  • 20150220 - 113
  • shapeshift: cat form
  • level by shouting
  • updated some spell description
  • perk for extending sprint duration

  • 20150216 - 112
  • shapeshift: bear form
  • player progression sliders.
  • 20150213 - 111
  • fixed give name and dismiss on the wheel menu.
  • added sliders to control how strong pets get as they level.

  • 20150213 - 110
  • fix wheel menu not being registered.
  • added taunt and cower to the wheel. if the pets current target is not attacking him then it will offer "taunt" and if it is, it will offer "cower" - if the pet is not in combat it will instead say what the pet is currently doing.
  • last stand aoe tweaked and fixed so that all the effects hit your pets.

  • 20150211 - 109
  • replaced dialog with wheel menu.
  • updated sfx for many shouts.\
  • prefix come and follow with command
  • cooldown on cower increased to 10s
  • updated shout descriptions.
  • added some damage/magic resist to last stand.
  • tweaks to looter inventory clearing

  • 20150211 - 108
  • new shouts taunt and cower
  • new sfx for pack loss
  • added option to disable auto joining pack after sex.
  • fix scale mcm slider not showing 2 deep.
  • fix small animals going grown instantly.

  • 20150209 - 107
  • pack member looting
  • scale pack larger with level
  • resetting fixes and tweaks
  • toggle to "disable" pregnancy
  • fixed passive healing not healing
  • added radial menu and "Command Menu..." spell as an alternative to dialog.

  • 20150205 - 106
  • fix for mate call not calling anything.
  • added option for animals to grow larger as they level.

  • 20150205 - 105
  • mate call hits ActorTypeAnimal by default
  • option to include ActorTypeCreature
  • beastial buff down to 4hr
  • shout cooldown matches buff duriation of 5min
  • rename your pets
  • new mcm "my pack"
  • beasts can untamed level up

  • 20150203 - 104
  • redid birthing saving actorbase
  • cleaned up api for pack/follower
  • fixed sex not being triggered on mate call
  • added option to not trigger sex on mate call
  • added option to heal after beastsex
  • added option for call to me to ignore told to stay

  • 20150130 - 103
  • redid pack persistence without copying the actor.
  • fixed los issues on shouts stay and follow
  • fixed leveling bug
  • added 1hp/sec healing aura to player to heal pack slowly.
  • birth cubs of the last animal you sexed.

  • 20150128 - 102
  • pack persistence.
  • new shouts: stay lvl1, follow lvl2
  • moved shouts: sprint lvl10, last stand lvl15
  • mating call cooldown 2min
  • made all the shouts only 1 word
  • pack loss buff
  • pack mgef update bullshit

  • 20150126 - 101
  • new shouts: call pack, last stand
  • new options: make pack docile, mate call calms all, mate call charms all
  • building a pack and maintaining a pack should be a lot more consistant.
  • stats tab in mcm: shows level, armor, magic resist, and your current pack status.

  • 20150124 - 100
  • initial release


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