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This mod allows the user to select positions before and during sexlab animations. WITHOUT the need of spells, shouts, or other position selectors.Simply Press U and a Menu will popup, Then Select a Position , Ex: DoggyStyle and press O to switch to that position.


How Does It Work:


It is Simplicity Itself = P , Just hooks on to any sexlab act and gives the option to change animations at any time by providing a new set using the tags available, shortly put, it will use whatever animations you have active, but select them based off of the tags present in Sexlab and once you change positions you'll have a whole set of animations in that position, not unlike the spells and shouts provided before from "Books of Love" , or "MatchMaker" etc, but able to keep changing it at will.






Walk up to an NPC, start your animations s normal, dialogue or whatever, and just before it Begins , press U, A menu will appear that shows positions, You can also do this at any time during your acts by selecting the positoin you want and press O (Or whatever your position changing key is) to switch to a new position.


OR: - (NEW FEATURE since out of Beta / Non Uploaded Version)


Hold SHIFT key and press U as normal and you will get a new menu with AGGRESSIVE versions of the animations, if you want to up the bar a bit.






Sexlab Framework (No way! O_O, Yes...) , Nothing Else Needed









Simply Upload to any mod manager




Export the archive file to your Skyrim folder and overwrite your "Data" folder.



*IMPORTANT* - Make sure this mod is Highest Priority, (Lowest on the list), it should override any other adult mod in order to work, it shouldn't hinder with or bother them, just make sure you don't have the U, or O keys linked to anything since there's no MCM menu options yet, if anyone knows how to get that done please let me know.





Works fine with just removing the mod from the list honestly, I mean this barely does anything, but if you want to be super cereal about it, just do the normal .......disable the mod..... load your game.... ignore warnings.....save .....and your done. Or just remove it with Wrye bash, pretty much anything goes.This is just procedure.


Troubleshooting / Known Issues


This Mod is known to have issues with Apropos if you have the option for custom animations on, and any mod that switches from one pose to another in mid sequence, so if a mod has you start in Doggy, switch to Cowgirl and end in Oral, this mod will not be able to control that sequence, Maybe, Depends on how the original coder made it. Just be sure to have this at the bottom of your mod list, it doesn't interfere with anything as far as I have seen.


Also seems to be an issue with Custom Animations, ones not tagged by Sexlab itself, they may have to be added manually or tagged by their creator to register for this. I'm still new to all this so I'm not entirely sure. I'll look into it.



Future Plans


Plan on adding many immersive features (Definitely Optional) like Pleasure and Pain Lifebars Bars for Orgasms, Stomach tank for filling, X-Ray Views, and other little features that could enhance a mod like this. Opinions and Suggestions or flat out adding them if you want, definitely welcome. Its a crude mod but I just wanted to get attention to a feature I thought was really important.


Also want to have an ALL animation option just in case you want to try out normally disabled, or Custom animations for unique positions, but still provide options between normal and aggressive modes.


Modifying this:


If you plan on making changes to this specific mod or its scripts please toss some credit my way, and try to keep it all as one file, rather not have different mods in different directions with clashing ideas, just one mod with tons of options under one menu if possible, thats all. Besides that have fun and do whatever you feel like, source is included, its very simple and crude but represents features that were for some reason never included.





Still new here, my first mod ever added, making new features wont be easy, please vote, rate, endorse, whatever, and I will continue to keep trying to update this, to add a bunch of new features, when I'm not working on other projects.


Also looking to add MCM options to this mod, if you know how or have directions to a tutorial of some kind please link me or send me a message.




Ashal - for his help in improving the mod, and everyone involved in the making of the SexLab Framework who made so many options available under one banner!


La Espada - For added this to the Sexlab Index, its an honor for such a humble mod to be considered.

What's New in Version 1.0


  • 1.0:
  • Added Features For Basic sexlab Animation selection, changed categories from my beta tests to Oral instead of Blowjob in respect to Lesbian type encounters.
  • Also added a Shift Key to choose AGGRESSIVE versions of each position. which are basically the D / Rapey style ones.

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