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  1. I've been modding SE off and on since SKSE finally dropped, and SE mods are moving so fast right now no one person has a hope of keeping up, not even with just the dll based ones. I certainly can't.
  2. After the first time I heard Skulvar trying to flirt with Uthgerd I knew I could never enter Whiterun again without stopping to listen. CRF's tentacles do extend into just about every bit of Skyrim, and yeah, you got me, I cut my xEdit teeth on CRF. My first couple years of keeping it patched, and then patching the mods I had patched against CRF against new mods I wanted taught me a valuable lesson - there's no such thing as a good sorted load order, only a well patched one. On my SE game I've something like 30+ patches involving CRF, some solving conflicts that break other mods (or the other
  3. I've cleaned up the rest of the above load order and have moved on to DFC 2.14.1, which I'm really looking forward to checking out with its new Lola support. So, some patching reports ;), mostly about things that I think are leftovers from before your time. DFC still has two old, old conflicts with Devious Devices that didn't matter till DD5. There's one ITM, the prisoner ankle chain ARMA form, and one true conflict, the hobble skirt ARMA. As I remember it the hobble skirt issue would be a leftover from 1.x when the DD hobble skirt ARMO form also had some edits in DF (one of the reason
  4. I don't keep many screenshots, mostly I take pictures to remind me what needs fixing. I only kept one shot from my last run in SE (which was supposed to be a test but got a bit out of hand). What I have right now are a couple I took while trying to get some fps back from smoke and lods. Plus the obligatory shot I took when I accidentally got further into the game than I had in years. I use Cathedral Weathers and my memory was bad on the ENB. I'm using Re-Engaged currently and I think these were taken with that. About the only thing I usually do to an ENB is tone down the saturation
  5. You know, I dropped in to tell you I'd been re-encouraged about LE when you said you had just one reliable crash, a 90M blob of something. I also had one reliable crash that would hit every 5 minutes for days or not at all for hours on end. That's the one that drove me to SE and Lexy's build which took me at least 80+ hours spread over a month to complete and debug, then even more time culling what I didn't want and adding new. So yeah, it was a huge time investment. I run a slightly truncated version of her environment mod selection on a 2060 super [edit: and 9400F] (lesser trees and LOD) usi
  6. Another is making the licenses somewhat inexpensive but very short, with the long term much more expensive than the short term. I'm using a 5 day 300 gold license for magic and a 14 day license for 1800. The other licenses use a similar cost ratio. I leave the perpetual license's cost at the default and have a 25% buyback penalty. It becomes possible to go on short trips early but with stashes on, followers to pay, and enforcers and stealth guards everywhere missing a deadline is a potential disaster. If you try this the short term license depends on your timescale and economy (Yes
  7. We've definitely gone off topic (thanks for the tolerance Clifton) but I'll finish here by pointing at Lexy's skyrim guide. That's as state of the art as it gets for a modding guide and if you finish that one successfully you'll have seen all the skills. It's been almost 2 years now and its bones are still very visible in my SE game and it's influenced all my bethesda game modding. I check back regularly for interesting stuff.
  8. You just have to make sure you keep them in the right order, which is the OC - CRF patch coming last, the others shouldn't matter because the last resolves any conflicts between the first two patches and the original mods. You don't have to merge; merging is about two things - freeing up one or more of the 254 esp plugin slots and/or keeping your load order comprehensible. On FNV I don't merge (I play a fairly simple game), on LE I do because I need that slot and SE I do because I'm not going to have over 200 of those 3 letter dash 3 letter coded plugins cluttering my load order
  9. NPC mods by definition conflict with other mods I just looked at people of skyrim on nexus, and I'd like to expand on the above. This mod is going to conflict with a *lot* of stuff such as npc appearance mods, quest changing ones, npcs being able to walk places (navmeshing), and more. The page's fine print mentions it's not compatible with immersive citizens (navmesh almost certainly). This is one of those overhauls that you abandon cherished mods for and build your game world around, probably spending a fair bit of time collecting lots of patches. edited to mention a
  10. I hunt nexus for patches and do some of my own, and none of the above should have any issues with paradise halls itself. PAH only edits a few vanilla dialogues and I've only seen one mod that needed patching. Load PAH below USSEP and in most every case you'll be fine. An easy way to see what's conflicting with a particular mod is load your game load order into xEdit, right click the mod you're interested in and select Apply Filter to show Conflicts (selected files only). xEdit will show you the plugin's conflicts in a few seconds. DON'T select Apply Filter to show Conflicts unless
  11. Thanks for this. I had just a bit too much scripting in my last build and events were beginning to lag, so I pruned again and this looks like an interesting start. At the least it'll help me test this one. Oh by the way, have you got any game time in yet 😎 ?
  12. Chain Beasts. If they're stable, I haven't looked for some time but plan to.
  13. Originally Slaverun's strip and sex function was a separate plugin. I think Waxenfigure wrote it and it was eventually merged into Slaverun. Maybe someone has it and can can forward port?
  14. Slaverun's for me were threefold: getting a setup that didn't crash when I entered Whiterun and then Dragonsreach, and then during playing Slaverun itself. Some scenes seemed fragile, but In my experience you can get into Dragonsreach reliably then you can keep Slaverun as an immersion mod (I often did). I pretty much played the mod list above with slaverun alone when I played through the quests; it didn't matter what I added as long as I wasn't running the quests. My favorite bug (SE) was the first training scene outside Whiterun; I forget his name but the guy you meet in Riverwoo
  15. I nearly made it to the end last year, only because, one, I spell purge as PURGE, two, the stars were in alignment, and three, I resisted the urge to add a mod for a very long time. Don't be me, and pray for help.
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