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Flower Girls Cum Effects


This mod provides a cum effect for Flower Girls sex animations.  Sadly, I was fairly limited in choosing which texture to apply in some of the threesomes because they all have only one single identifier.


The cum texture duration is 120 SECONDS


However, you can change that with the console command:


set CumApplicationTimeSeconds to xxx


xxx is 0 to max 17000 or so.  The minumum duration no matter what you set is 10 seconds.   The maximum duration no matter what you set is 17800 seconds.



There are three versions of the sperm textures labeled:





The realistic version is "photo realistic" per the author.  The light color version is a higher contrast whiter version.  The Heavy version is translucent like the realistic version only heavier.




The cum textures come from:





Be sure to give them your thanks.


What's New in Version 1.1


Version 1.1 breaks the textures into three separate mods and adds support for Lover Slaves (FG version of Sex Slaves).

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