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Sex Slaves for Flower Girls (SSE only)


This is a conversion of Sexlab Sex Slaves  to use Flower Girls instead of Sexlab for sex animations.  Version 7.0 is a complete redo of all the meshes for the slaves to make them attractive again.  I also spent considerable time getting the NPC dialog to be less "shut the fuck up"ish.


Notice - Looking for a female voice actress to give a complete voice to Mia Lorenze.   If you have some acting skill, please PM me.  This is not just reading lines into a microphone.  I can provide the mic for an interested person.  If I get someone to do this, I will enhance Andrew to your specifications.  An accent is AOK so long as an English speaker can understand you.


Existing Sex Slave Players:

If you have played Sex Slaves in the past, and just want to get your favorite follower using Flower Girls, the default MCM option is to shorten the main quest.   If this option is on, there is no Archerone rape scene which is also useful if you have a machine or mod load that prevents the scripts from running. With the shortened main quest, one single wack with the whip will convince Vess to talk.  Also, you can no longer get Nirii to go with you (although she is still available as a follower) and you cannot convert Vess or the Jarls Daughter into a sex slave as before. 


Important Note:

If you intend to do the full quest (Archerone Rape scene) or you intend to train slaves, download Elephant's Script Latency Tester and make sure you run at 110ms or less.  Otherwise, you will likely run into scripting trouble during those scenes.


You cannot have Sexlab Sex Slaves and this mod loaded at the same time.  You can have Flowergirls and Sexlab loaded at the same time.  However, this mod does not require Sexlab.


New Sex Slave Players:

If you have not played Sex Slaves before, go into the MCM menu and check off the shortened quest option.  But, make sure your rig can handle scripts that are part of the Archerone scene as above.


All Players

Open the MCM menu and check Enable Cell Scans if you want to start an orgy.  It must be on before entering the cell you want to start the orgy in, so turn it on, exit the cell and re-enter.  You can leave this on all the time if you want.  However, it adds some small papyrus load when changing cells.  With cell scans turned off, there is no option to start an orgy.  There is also no option to have Vernor train a follower.


Female Players

Andrew is probably the best male follower in all of Skyrim provided that you like a dominant male companion.  He is no wuss.  If you are a dominant female player, he is likely not for you.  If you want to take dominant Andrew with you, turn on Dominant Andrew in the MCM.  Here is a quote:


I have to say, what a mod!  Loverslab should give out awards for best mods.  This is just excellent!  Andrews voice acting is superb.  Really adds to the personality.  You actually start to like his sadomasochistic sexist relationship.  Because men are just pigs...  Wow, I can hear all the angry feminist screaming their hatred every time Andrew speaks! 



Check out the next topic.  It is for the original Sexlab version, but the information there is mostly useful.  If you find that you don't get random fetch quests and you have Sasha and/or Jenny as companions, Open the MCM menu and change the "Days between radiant quests." value to something else.  This will test to see if any of the quests are hung and reset them if required.






  • 1. Dominant Andrew plays a prototypical dominant male. He is sometimes very demanding and will almost certainly piss off a dominant female player. But, he is also very protective and caring as time goes by. If you are a dominant female, do not turn on the "Dominant Andrew" in the MCM menu. There is some reasonably good submissive dialog, but none of the quests and so on.
  • 2. If you dismiss Andrew after a certain point, he will get pissed. Do not dismiss Andrew after the civil war is completed or you are in for a LONG walk.
  • 3. Do not convert your existing PC to a female and do the Andrew content. Start a new character. If you did the radiant quest content as a male with Sasha and Jenny, it will be broken for you if you switch to a female and do the Andrew content.
  • 4. Do not take Sasha and/or Jenny with you while you are playing Andrew. Their radiant quests conflict. After completing the Andrew content, feel free to take Sasha and Jenny.



Andrew now has over 1000 dialog lines, most of it situational. To experience all this new dialog, take him with you as you adventure. And don't forget to take him on a horse. Make sure you check the "Andrew is Dominant" in the MCM menu. If you are a female player and want a subservient male follower, do not turn on Dominant.
We have done our best to make the Andrew experience as realistic as possible. If you want a quick play-through, look elsewhere. To enjoy him, you have to take him along as a follower as you adventure through Skyrim. I won't be giving cheats to help you unlock the radiant quests.
Andrew now has 12 (love) levels instead of the previous 6. In addition, we have added a dozen radiant quests as well as three new longer quests. This has been a four month effort and we hope you enjoy it.
Some notes about Andrew:
When you start out with Andrew, you start at level 1. At levels 1 and 2, Andrew is basically a more than normally horny follower. You advance beyond levels 1 through 3 by just being with Andrew and having sex with him. He is particularly fond of blow jobs. You only advance with sex once every 4 hours. You get 4 points per day and 1 - 3 points for various sex acts. You need a hundred points to advance to the next level. This means that without doing anything else, it takes about 12 game days of having Andrew in your company to advance a level. However, Andrew also likes to do stuff. You get big bonus points for clearing dungeons, visiting new places, and killing dragons. Levels 4 - 6 you advance by doing special quests. After level 6, you again start advancing by having Andrew along as a companion.
Be very careful. After level 5, Andrew cannot be dismissed without a lot of trouble. Also, after level 4, Andrew will not tolerate your having sex with other NPCs (with a single exception that I will let you discover.)
At level 1 or 2, you will also get a mini-quest to get Andrew some Nord Mead. Pay attention to the dialog. It is important in helping you advance as is many of the other dialog lines. For example, the ale quest allows you to buy him special brews which award 5 or 10 "love points" which is the same as 2 game days of being with him.
When you are giving Andrew quest items (like the mead above), just open his inventory and give it to him. If you are using AFT or another follower mod that has more than one inventory, make sure you put it in the inventory that contains what he is wearing. In AFT, this means Tweak - Gear - Primary Inventory.
When you advance a level, you will get a notification like "Andrew likes you more".
After level 3, you will begin getting food quests. They don't add to your love level, but are important in helping you advance.
After level 4, you will start getting the sex toy radiant quests. You also stop getting points in the normal way. Advancement from 4 through 6 is 100% dependent on completing these quests.
There are several big quests and many more mini-quests to find stuff.
As you advance through the levels, keep checking his dialog options for new stuff. In particular, once you get into his playroom, check his dialog carefully.
After the playroom scenes, you have a choice to continue with Andrew or have him is a normal follower. The choice you make here is final. Also, this is the end of this episode. If you choose to become his playmate, I will be adding more stuff later for you.





Dark Possession
Dark Possession is a quest that you have the opportunity to play after completing the main quest.  It involves BDSM and in it, the female player, or a female companion of the male player agrees to become a sex slave to Volkar.  You can skip this entirely by telling Volkar that you have no interest in learning how to train slaves and never will.  That will allow you to move on to the Free the Virgin quest.


Sex Slave - Features 

  • An interesting and fun main quest to discover the castle.
  • For female players, a very long quest chain to get Andrew to love you.
  • For male players, you have some great followers to choose from.  Two of them have over 6000 lines of dialog for every situation in the game.
  • Sasha and Jenny, if they are together with you have some very funny specialized dialog and scenes.
  • Sasha, Jenny, and Andrew sing (although the latter not so good).  If you're playing a female, take Andrew on a horseback ride.
  • Sex slaves are completely unlike other slaves. They are designed to be fun and loving companions that you will keep with you as you venture into Skyrim. Sex slaves love their masters and will fight to the death (figuratively as they cannot die) to save them.
  • They are excellent archers and two handed fighters in the assassin style.
  • They can seduce your humanoid enemies making encounters with multiple enemies a breeze. This only works in interior enemy places.
  • They will save your life many times by coming to your aid when your health gets low.
  • They can amuse you by seducing other NPCs in an orgy. (Take one to Jorrvaskr in the evening when there are lots of people there and tell one to make and orgy). This only works in interior friendly places.
  • They can annoy you by requiring sex at the most inopportune times.
  • You also get a rather fancy new player home with a fully stocked workshop.
  • Supports vanilla EFF 4.0+ only, AFT and any other follower mods that subclass (modifies the existing) the generic follower system.
  • Two fully voiced followers with over 4000 lines of dialog. These two followers rival and surpass the best followers any Skyrim mod has to offer.
  • Another follower with 200 lines of dialog and three others that are partially voiced using the Alicia Painslut voice.
  •  Dominant male follower for female players. See "Andrew" below for details.


Requirements (You need all of these):


SKSE64 2.0.7  or greater.  Be caseful here and get the one labeled " Current SE build 2.0.7 (runtime 1.5.39): "
Flower Girls version 3.0.0 or greater.

As of version 6.8, all the other required assets are bundled in including arousal.




If you have installed the Miaslair Hair pack or one of the newmiller jewelry mods, remove them before installing this.

If you have SexSlaves or LoveSlaves installed, completely remove it before installing this.  Be sure you check your Data\scripts folder for loose files that were not removed by your mod manager.   If you leave them, they will be used instead of those in the BSA and things will not work right.  These files start with Mia, SexSl, TIF_Mia, TIF_Sex, as well as some in QF_ and SF_.  If you find any of these after uninstalling and you need a complete list, unpack the BSA so see what files are there. 

Also, you should have no assets in Data\meshes\actors\character\facegendata\facegeom\miaslair.esp or \Data\textures\actors\character\facegendata\facetint\miaslair.esp folders.  If you leave them there, they will override all my carefully crafted new ones that are in the BSA.


Choose between MiasLair7_1hSSEFGBSABeta.7z and MiasLair7_1gSSEFGBSA.7z.  Install only one.  I have a "beta" tag on the H version only because I could have left out an asset.  I will remove this message when I have gotten confirmation that I missed adding nothing.


Install using NMM or your mod manager of choice.  Install all of the following:

  1. All the requirements above.
  2. MiasLairSSE_xxxNoTextures
  3. MiasLairSSExxxTextures (You need both of these or you will have pink textures)
  4. When installing, if you have KS-Hairdos installed, click "No to Mod" when asked if you want to overwrite KS-Hairdos.
  5. You now only need to install the two MiasLairXXX files.  There is no longer a separate voice pack.
  6. There is a MiasLairMasturbationIdles file you can download.  This makes the lean and laydown idles masturbations ones.



Make sure you run FNIS for users after installing this.


You are also going to need a skeleton like XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended - XPMSE, a nude male body mesh like Better Males, or  SOS Light and Tempered Skins part 1 and part 2.


If you choose to install a regular piercings file like Piercings for CBBE SSE, or Piercings for UNP SSE, you can make the jewelry yourself.    There is also a body slide option for custom bodies.


Special Thanks

There is a lot of work in this. Before I lose your attention, let me list the voice actors who have contributed their time and talent. Without them all, none of this would have been possible:
Czarblood and his lovely wife
TheTrueMayhem and his lovely wife Teena.
I am eternally grateful for their efforts because good voice acting make the difference between a good and great mod for me.




Additional Thanks to Zaz and Xaz for the bondage assets.


Edited by fishburger67

What's New in Version 7.1h


Version 7.1h adds a dialog option where you can pay Volkar to train 1 slave for 100 gold.

It fixes a bug where the focus crystal in the mages guild ends up in Bullwark lodge.

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