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This mod focuses on creating engaging and rewarding interactions with the player’s sexual and romantic partners centered around BDSM themes, primarily domination/submission and control. My aim is to introduce mechanics that complement vanilla gameplay and will mesh well with other mods, while still being relatively lightweight. This will greatly expand how much you as both a player and a ruler can get out of your love life, while avoiding pulling your attention away from regular gameplay.


Submissive Partners should appeal to players with interests across the BDSM spectrum. Things will start off light, and if that's as far as you want to go, that's fine! Care will be taken to tailor content to what you've indicated that you're interested in, and you can feel safe that you won't suddenly get hit with something intense that you weren't prepared for. If you are looking for more hardcore kinks, you'll be able to push your relationships in that direction, but it will be up to you to do so.



  • Train spouses, concubines, and lovers in obedience and submissiveness, molding their personalities to suit your tastes and turning them into loyal servants for life

  • Control your partner’s clothing privileges, orgasm privileges, and fertility

  • As your partners progress in their training, unlock new rules you can set for them, new types of interactions, and more specialized ways to train them

  • Earn various mechanical benefits from having well-trained partners (primarily fertility, prestige, stress loss, and vassal opinion) without breaking the game



  • Carnalitas: Make sure it is active & above Submissive Partners in your load order



If your CK3 mod folder doesn't exist yet (on Windows, Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings III/mod), you need to create it. To install, unzip into your CK3 mod folder, add this mod to your playset in the CK3 launcher, and enable it.


If updating, I highly recommend you delete the old mod files and reinstall every time, in case I renamed something or deleted old files. Versions 0.3+ are incompatible with save games from older versions.



No known compatibility issues, other than with mods using the same trait indices as mine (5600-5699). Be sure to check the compatibility section for Carnalitas, though.



  • Can you make submissives immune to seduction/cheating? I've looked into it, and all of the ways of doing this would be messy and/or prone to breaking when CK3 gets updated. I'm not overwriting any base game files and I'd like to keep it that way. There should already be a pretty hefty (-100-150%) penalty to success for other characters seducing your subs, though.
  • Can you make _ slightly altered version of the obedience training scheme? I will probably make a heavily altered version of the scheme for training of Carnalitas's slaves, since that is obviously not consensual and can't play out the same way. At that point it may make sense to offer both versions of the scheme to spouses/lovers, as well as open up training to other characters (prisoners, courtiers, and close family members are all possibilities). It's a lot of work to basically make the same feature a second time though, and is not at the top of my list of priorities.



  • Darwin7 - Artwork for thumbnail
  • irivial - French translation
  • Triskelia - Artwork for traits


Submissive Partners takes heavy inspiration from Immersive Slave Training and Kidnapping and, by extension, Kings of Slaves and Vices and KSV Remastered, so a big thank you to the creators of all 3 of those as well, even if they didn't directly contribute!


Links & Roadmap

This mod has a Discord channel and a Github repo, if you'd like to contribute, discuss features, or report a bug! 


Current Roadmap


Player Progression
- Event chains, decisions, lifestyles, etc. to let player become an irresistible and skilled dominant. General sexual prowess will be left to other mods, these will be things like Orgasm Denier, Rope/Knot Expert, Fast Trainer, etc.

Additional Submissive Interactions
- Additional types of training: Erotic Dancing, Seduction, Self-Control
- Secret revealing
- Punishing/Rewarding
- Bondage

Expanded Events
- Churn out a bunch of random events with relatively minor impact, but that make engaging in Submissive Partner's systems matter beyond initial training/rule setting
- More event chains & more options in current event chains, including stress impacts based on player personality & additional options restricted to players who have the right skills/traits

Further Carnalitas Integration
- Fetishes: Will alter the effectiveness of many actions/effects. Training can give fetishes to both dominants and submissives.
- Slaves: Allow training of slaves.
- Prostitution: Ability to make submissives become prostitutes & pass on their earnings to you


  Release Notes



Gender/Attraction Requirements & Localization Improvements
- Men can now become submissives!
- 2 new game rules: valid submissive gender (default: all), and gender attraction requirement (default: enabled). These determine who can become submissives
- New trait icons for clothing & chastity rules, courtesy of Triskelia
- French translation, courtesy of irivial
- English text will now display instead of localization keys (i.e. sub_event.0001.desc) when language is set to german, korean, russian, chinese, or spanish



1.1 compatible. Mostly quality of life changes and filling out of minor necessary features.

- Submissives will now refer to you as ‘Mistress’ instead of ‘Master’ if you are playing a female ruler (and I should be ashamed of myself for overlooking this after my years of writing femdom)
- You can now freely set aside/retake submissives, which will leave training and loyalty in place but will disqualify them from the sexy interactions that are (going to be) in this mod
- More clothing rules you can set; unfortunately only the final one will affect the model in-game, so you’ll have to roleplay the others
- Suggestions and issues for available trainees
- Removed breast enhancement, which was never really meant to last through 1.0 anyway. Apologies to anyone who misses it
- Added encyclopedia entries for important mod concepts
- Changed the requirements for obedience training to require mutual gender attraction. Without this, the submissive relation wouldn't get added at the conclusion



- Added an option to immediately re-train characters with max level subservient (if, for example, your old character died)

- Added (gorgeous) art by Triskelia for subservient trait icon

- Fixed nudity trigger compatibility issue with Carnalitas 1.2

- Fixed minor bug with forgiving/vengeful traits in obedience training



Incompatible with older versions

- Added a new scheme, 'Obedience Training' that replaces the old 'Instill Obedience' interaction

- Required Carnalitas

- Move trait indices to 5600 range

- Renamed/deleted many file names

- Many small tweaks and additions



Added the ability to set Chastity Rules, giving you a large amount of control over your partners' fertility, including the ability to lock them up in chastity and prevent pregnancy entirely.



Bugfixes for syntax errors and encoding issues.



Added a new interaction: Pose For Me. Brings up an event window where you can ask the target to do various poses.



Added a few targeted interactions for wives, concubines, and lovers:

- Instill Obedience: The baseline interaction for most of the other features in this mod. Grants a large opinion boost, some nice stats, a strong hook, and moderate prestige/vassal opinion for a while.

- Revoke Clothing Privileges: Forces the target to be naked.

- Breast Enhancement: A fun little gimmick that may get removed eventually, or turned into its own mini-mod.




If you are having issues with an invalid path, try the following. After each step, relaunch CK3 and check in the launcher if the mod appears. If not, go to "manage mods", then "add more mods" in the lower right and see if it shows up there.


  • Open 'Submissive Partners.mod' with Notepad++ or a similar editor. Where you see 'path="mod/Submissive Partners" try inputting the full path to the folder's location, i.e. for Windows, "C:/Users/your_username/Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings III/mod/Submissive Partners". CK3 is supposed to set the path this way on launch, but it may not be working for everyone.
  • Overwrite your own mod with this mod's contents: Go to the mod tools in the CK3 launcher. Create a mod, name it anything. This will make a folder and .mod file in the CK3 directory that are ensured to have the right path(s) set. Put the files from this mod into the newly created folder- your new mod is now this mod.


Known Issues

  • The Scheme Preview is incorrect/The Scheme Tooltip shows extra + and - trait modifiers: These are both issues related to the limitations of custom-designing schemes. Only the UI is affected, gameplay works exactly as intended, and the UI will mostly sort itself out once the “training start” event fires a few days after the scheme starts.


Error logs

  • SubMasterMistress isn’t valid for object of type character: It is. This error is just due to a nonstandard use of the custom loc in trait descriptions.


What's New in Version 1.1.0


  • Men can now become submissives!
  • 2 new game rules: valid submissive gender (default: all), and gender attraction requirement (default: enabled). These determine who can become submissives
  • New trait icons for clothing & chastity rules, courtesy of Triskelia
  • French translation, courtesy of irivial
  • English text will now display instead of localization keys (i.e. sub_event.0001.desc) when language is set to german, korean, russian, chinese, or spanish


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