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  1. Basically, yes, I will be looking at more user-friendly ways of expanding training beyond the current approach of only via your own personal scheme. Education is one I am hoping to incorporate, and a couple people have suggested using proxy trainers, which requires some thought but which I think could work. Overall I am more focused on adding new features rather than remaking the obedience training scheme. My hope is that by having more to do with submissives, it won't feel so much like you should be training everyone in your court/family. However, setting your heir(s) up with the
  2. Version 1.1.0 will be very exciting for some, and not at all for others: New game rules to tailor who can become submissives. This means that men are now valid submissives in the default game rule, which is what will be applied if you download/update in the middle of a save. You can also choose to disable the gender attraction requirements (i.e. heterosexual women being unable to train other women) via another new game rule, though this will require a new save French translation has been added, big thank you to irivial! New trait artwork for clothing & chastity rul
  3. I need to update the description, I've changed my mind about this. I actually have a version that allows both genders to be submissives now, changeable via a game rule, and will be releasing it soon. Sorry for any distress this may have caused you 😅
  4. 1.0 Released! Should be both save game and CK3 v1.1 compatible. Mostly adds quality of life additions and fills in minor features that were missing before, like a way to remove submissives, rather than being stuck with them forever once they are set. I've stated this before, but this being 1.0 does not mean I am done with development of Submissive Partners. It just means that all of the basic features that I set out to build have been built, have been given the level of polish I want, and are set to feed into the later features that I'm going to add. Thanks
  5. Version 0.3.1 should fix the nudity issue with Carnalitas 1.2
  6. Apparently so- missed that part of the release notes. A very welcome change though, can finally get rid of the note about the one compatibility issue I had. I'll release a small update for that soon.
  7. Great idea! This is definitely going toward the top of the list of events to make. Can easily be the start of a longer event chain, too, which is something I'm very much on the lookout for right now. Prisoners no, slaves yes. Most likely you are either using another mod that is overwriting the same should_be_naked trigger as me, or are experiencing the weird interaction of characters being considered "adults" for interaction purposes at 16 but for nudity purposes at 18 (for legal and PR reasons presumably)
  8. With version 1.0 around the corner, I updated the roadmap with some of the first things I will be looking to add. Will probably start with the Carnalitas integrations, since they already have full functioning systems like slavery and prostitution behind them, and it's just a matter of hooking into them. The possibilities for what can be added open up a lot at this point, so if you have ideas you're dying to see in Submissive Partners, now would be the time to share them.
  9. 0.3 Update Released This is a large update, so I feel it requires a bit of explanation, but the main things of note about it are the following: 1. This version is incompatible with save games using older versions of this mod 2. Obedience Training has been overhauled from an instant interaction to a scheme On the incompatibility: I've made Carnalitas a requirement for Submissive Partners (not using it for a whole lot yet, but I will be), and I've moved my trait indices to the 5600-5699 range. Initially I wanted to have them lower, since CK3 warns that high indi
  10. A couple of updates, and a question for all of you using this mod. Updates - In case you've missed the changes to the description, there's now a link to the discord where this mod's channel lives. Come by and say hi if you like. There's also a roadmap that currently includes everything I intend to make for the 1.0 version- though that will be far from the end of development of this mod. - I don't have an estimate on when 1.0 will be done or anything, but I'm making good progress and don't expect any major roadblocks. Then here's the big one: - At some poi
  11. You may be recalling that Nude Inspect has an option with text like "turn around," but it's a flavor thing in that mod. Unless someone has already put custom animations into the game (which I have yet to see), all of the vanilla animations are forward-facing.
  12. Nice! This is exactly what I was hoping someone would step forward to do. In the interests of other modders making sure they can maintain compatibility with this mod (since that is in large part the motivation of the project), I'd suggest you reserve in advance some trait indices, so we know not to use them ourselves. Something like the 500-550 range should leave plenty of room for DLCs and other popular non-LL mods adding new traits. Depending on how many traits you intend to add, maybe even 500-600. Edit: Seems you've done so in the mod files. Also, nice.
  13. Updated! Fertility management via chastity/orgasm rules has been added. It'll probably be a while until there's another update, bugfixes excluded. Most of the low-hanging fruit features I care to add have been added. Next things I want to work on are the features around ongoing training, which are a fair bit more difficult and require more writing than what's been done so far.
  14. Not sure what you mean by seeing an empty menu- can you explain that in a little more detail? The mod's options should always be available when right-clicking your spouse. Any chance it is due to a conflict with another mod you have?
  15. New version fixes some of the bugs that have been brought up. Thank you for the feedback. I'm now thinking it's reasonably likely that the encoding issue @Khadir pointed out is what is causing this to flat out not work for some people- personally I've only seen encoding cause issues with the localization .yml files, but I guess UTF8-BOM is the encoding that CK3 expects for everything. Will upload another update that changes this shortly. EDIT: Updated to version with fixed encoding. To anyone who was having issues getting the mod to work before, it's worth re-downloadin
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