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About This File

Simple STD




A very basic mod that adds a configurable chance of contracting a vanilla Skyrim disease (e.g. rock joint etc) at the end of ANY sex scene.


I just wanted something to add a bit of risk to having sex whether consensual or otherwise but without the major complexities of other disease mods.


If you want a bit of an extra challenge then try using it with Realistic Needs & Diseases with its progressive diseases and more complex cure system.




SexLab and all dependencies




You can use this mod any way you see fit. I'm probably not going to develop it any further so if someone wants to use what I've done as a basis for a bigger mod then feel free :)

What's New in Version 1.3


  • V1.3
  • - bit of a rewrite of the MCM to remove the global variables
  • - added option so STD is applied only when player is the victim
  • - You will need to either do a clean save before installing this or stop and restart the quest (_simpleSTD) through the console.
  • V1.2
  • - Fixed! Mod now works correctly and will apply a chance to contract a random skyrim vanilla disease at the end of a sex scene!
  • V1.1
  • - Added MCM menu so you can set your own chance to get disease.
  • V 1.0
  • - Initial release

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