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About This File

A remake of the textures currently included in SexLab, They are made from real photos so if you are a stickler for authenticity you can take "cumfort" in knowing that cum has at least at some point or another behaved in this way, well, pattern wise at least.


Att. If you are having issues with the face textures not working in SlaveTats check out this post by Schemendrick


Comes in two versions:
v1.0 - Icecream Edition. As coined by Dagren
v1.2+ - Real Edition.


Things to keep in mind: MUST READ! (Apply mostly to v1.0)
Since they were made on a formula for personal use results may vary depending your setup, some minor tweaks have been made to make them a bit more universal but these are minor, as a result they may be hard to see or look dark/grey under certain light conditions particular on very pale-skinned characters, this is not a glitch, I tried to strike a balance between real and cartoon so that they would not look out of place in the world of Skyrim, the benefit of this is that they won't stand out/glow in the dark as much. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.


SexLab Framework v1.61 or newer.
SlaveTats (Optional)


Install like you would any other mod. Mod-organizer is of cause recommended.


Manual: Dibella save you.
Backup your current SexLab textures found in :data\textures\sexlab
Drop the folder into your data folder and click "YES" to overwrite.


Info to modders and tweakers:
If you decide that they are too subtle for your taste/setup, they are easy to adjust, simply brighten them up a bit, I would not recommend touching the alpha channel unless you know what you're doing. And remember to keep back-ups.
Version 1.2 is not tweaking friendly.


Optional Facials: See Screenshots
Found in the optional folder.
Remember these are designed for the face only and as a result will look extreme/bad on the body.
You will have to manually rename and replace with the main textures;
Example: rename Facial1 > Oral1 and move it into the main folder, remember to keep backups.


SlaveTats version:
Works like any other pack for SlaveTats, I recommend only picking one layer as one style contains all of the patterns found in the one before it,
Again depending on your setup they may look dark or grey, so I highly suggest tweaking the colour in Racemenu to best suit your game.


Problems & Support:
The textures were made using a CBBE UV-map as a guide and I honestly have no idea how they look on UNP-based bodies.
I doubt it will be a problem but if things go completely bananas I could be encouraged to make a UNP version.
Full disclaimer I know only basics about 3D modelling/painting and next to nothing about the fine details of it,
I rely mostly on 2D experience and trial and error to get things working so the support I can offer outside of that is somewhat limited.


Future plans:
A "real" version more in line with the facials. - Done 100%
Dedicated face textures (not currently supported by SexLab) for screen archery. - Done 100%
Possible full on dipped like a candle bukkake texture as an optional replacer for the full 2nd layer. In Progress 20%
Possible port to Slave Tats. - Done 100%
More extreme bukkake full 2nd layer. - On Hold 50%


Q: Why is there not more/bigger patches on the face?
A: Because Sexlab uses the same textures for both the body and the face, so making one texture that looks optimal size-wise for both is next to impossible.


Q: Will you release the assets used to make these?
A: Unlikely, copyright and in some cases privacy issues would come into play, two headaches I don't want, I have enough of those already.


Q: Are any of those assets your own "contributions"?
A: Let's leave that one a mystery, more fun to keep your guessing, well for me at least.


Q: Why such a long description of a simple texture replacer?
A: I don't know, maybe I'm just completely mad.




You are free to use and or include the textures anywhere you like, no need to ask, but link and credit are of course appreciated.
Same with any tweaks you make.


Ashal - Sexlab and LoversLab which btw you can support via patreon - hint hint wink wink.
murfk - SlaveTats
Jessica(my GF) - For taking it in good spirit when told that all of those cumshot pictures were indeed for research.

What's New in Version 1.2.5


  • Small update: v1.2.5
  • Added "Wetness" option to the SlaveTats version as a pre-runner to the full body cover currently WIP.
  • Note it does not do much by itself but adds a bit of a blend of the strains.
  • See Screenshots.

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