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About This File

It's a pose animation pack, SLAL pack and armor pack.

Support me to make more and better animations.




1 Kneel and cry
2 SlapMyFace
3 Farewell
4 FlyKiss
5 Curtsy
6 Curtsy2
7 ChineseKungfuSalute1
8 ChineseSalute
9 MonkGreet1

10 UltraManMove1
11 Female Stand Orgasm1

12 CrouchCryAndWipeTears

13 Standup And Clean



How to play the animations:

"~"->console -> player.sae huan_anims1


1 is the first animation.



Well technically it has a sex animation too, but it is not so cool. So you'd better ignore it.

I might improve this when I'm skillful


If you want to use it in some other mods, I wish you can tell me about it, so I will be happy.

What's New in Version 0.32



14 watch phone and faint

15 Christmas Wish


16 Crawl Hammer (short-sighted)

17 Crawl Hammer 


18 Slip And Fall

19 Cat Wash Face



20 Wag Finger

21 Give Middle Finger

22 LyingThinking

23 LyingThinking2

24 WatchStepWalk

25 Victory

26 ScratchHairBadNews

27 Bruce Lee’s Fly Kick

28 Bow Politely

29 Go to Sleep

30 StandupFromCrossLegged

31~35 Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

36 LyingStrip


It also contains some 3D objects I made.

1 Rabbit Statue XX000800

2 wooden Hacksaw XX000803



fix a bug that a crawl animation denpendency of Being a doggy. huan_animDoggyIdle. Install Being a doggy to get this working.



37 wearCowboyHatOnHorse



38~39 ( female and male, 4 animations) grope from right side



40 giveRugToYou


41~45 (f and m, 10 animations) bathing. Will be added to SLAL in a  future version.



remove SLAL animations; rename all the hkx files.

46~52: animations required by Huan's Adventures.



53-55: animations required by Huan's Adventures.





1. removed unique animations only required by Huan's Adventures. To get these animations you'll go get Huan's Adventures

2. A brand new SLAL animation! Very delicate, with stage length of 15s,18.17s,23.3s, x(5 second with looping), and 21.5s and many keyframes.

3. 4 pieces of new Armors! One pasties, one sweater, one dress, one drape, all designed for CBBE HDT and with bodyslide preset provided!

4. Many Transparent Slime effect armors!



add a new green opaque slime armor, with dripping effect.





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