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About This File











Complete rework of the conjuration summons and reanimation which makes being a conjurer or Necromancer fun and interesting. As requested.


This mod was on Nexus until recently. I removed it because I was not going to support it anymore because I felt that fixing so called bugs would remove the freedom this mod allows the user. Use this mod wisely and it works great! Save often so if something is broken by accident you can recover.







Works with SSE!




Have you ever played a conjurer or Necromancer and abandoned the class because of the way it works?


For example: Your pets are more or less useless because they die fast, get lost or just don't work. The reanimated turn to ash within seconds after you zone. Your prized Thrall goes poof. You know what I mean here. Well this will change the way you view conjuration or necromancy.


My Conjuration key features:


1. All summons level with you!


Summons can become powerful allies because they stay 1.25 levels over you all the way to level 999. Not only that, but through the perk system they gain health, health regeneration, resistances, damage and speed. They ignore friendly hits and are clasified as teammates.


2. Summons last 1 day and port with you across zones so no more lost pets. Since the timer is reset upon zone change the summon will last forever.


3. You can have up to 6 active summons or reanimated through the perk system. HOWEVER, each active one takes away a portion of your Magicka until they die or you destroy them.


NOTE: Do not use summons for inventory storage because when they die the inventory goes POOF!


For the Necromancer in you:


4. Reanimated get health, damage, resistances, skills and more based on YOUR level and the perk tree. This makes even a level 1 NPC useful at level 100+ !


5. You can access your minions inventory! You can dress them and give them weapons YOU want them to have! You can use your reanimated as storage!


6. NO MORE ASH PILES!!! NADA! ZIPPO! Ash piles have been removed from the spells so if your reanimated die just cast again.


7. Each reanimation spell increases their power. So it is still advised to use the upgraded spell BUT you can pick one spell and stick with it all the way to 999 if you so desire.


8. You can raise things you couldn't and some things you shouldn't! Dead dragons will reanimate but will not move. Giants and Mammoths are really hard to control in dungeons but you can use them!


9. When you though you were powerful enough you learn a special spell and get a book at skill level 100, when and if, you take SoulMaster Perk! You will get a book and learn a new spell to RESURECT human NPCs (requires items). You can have up to 4 of these and they are blood linked to you. they take 20% of your damage and you take 20% of their damage.


Changes to bound weapons:


10. Bound weapons now last up to 10 minutes and are MORE powerful.


Changes to the perk tree.


(Note: Perks that affect magicka cost also affect cost to maintain summons and reanimated. The higher in the perk tree the less it costs to maintain them but 4 Magicka is minimum.)


(Note: Default heal rate is 2, Heal rate is out of combat health regen so minions recover quickly.)


Novice Conjuration:


Cast novice level conjuration spells at half magicka. Can have 2 minions. Raises Minion health regeneration by 1.


Apprentice Conjuration:


Cast Apprentice level conjuration spells at half magicka. Can have one more minion. Raises Minion health regeneration by 2.


Adept Conjuration:


Cast Adept level conjuration spells at half magicka. Can have one more minion. Raises Minion health regeneration by 1.


Expert Conjuration:


Cast Expert level conjuration spells at half magicka. Can have one more minion. Raises Minion health regeneration by 1.


Master Conjuration:


Cast Master level conjuration spells at half magicka. Can have one more minion. Raises Minion health regeneration by 2.


Mystic Bindings:


Bound weapons do 100% more damage.


Soul stealer, Oblivion bindings, Conjuration dual casting unchanged at this time.




Increase the minions physical damage resistance by 80 (armor rating)




Can summon atronachs or raise undead twice as far away. Raised Minions get improved melee damage.(100%)




Can summon atronachs or raise undead three times as far away. Summons and zombies get boost to weapon speed.(100%)


Minions gain 20% crit chance modifier.




Minions have 100 points more health, magicka and stamina. Minions get 75% elemental resistance's.
Twin Souls (Now called Soul Master)


You can now be a real master of the dead!


Spells affected in alphabetical list:




New Spell:
ConjureSpriggan - Almost anything can be raised but someone requested this and I removed call animals so it won't use it.


A couple maintenance spells you will get at start and one special skill 100 spell which is a spoiler. :)


Upgrading pre 1.3 after 1.2 the upgrade is automatic:


1. If you want to keep your current minions, kill them and loot them otherwise go to step 2.
2. Save your game and exit to desktop.


3. Uninstall or Disable MyConjuration-Vanilla


4. Reload your new save and save it again without the mod installed. (absolutely must make a clean save)


4. Install the newest version.


5. Reload the clean save.


6. Reanimate your minions.


7. Enjoy!




Use NMM. It is better.


1. Extract the files to a temporary location.


2. Examine the folder structure and make corrections where necessary.


3. Copy files to (install folder)\Skyrim\Data\


4. Enable the MyConjuration-Vanilla.esp


5. Enjoy!




Use NMM. It is easier.


1. Disable MyConjuration-Vanilla.esp


2. Delete the files/folders associated with the mod.






Any mod that affects the conjuration tree may conflict.


(Load Order):Put this file down in the list. I have it last in the load order and it works with 188 existing mods.


Known Issues or Bugs



Sometimes (rare) the summons go aggro if you hit them to much and to hard. They are teammates so immune to damage. Use the spell to kill them or console.


Summons can be used as storage but they do not drop your items! Raised dead can be looted but like mentioned summons do not drop your items. I have verified this one.


Do not reanimate dismembered bodies.





Version 1.3




Added an error check to zombies that if the game, for some reason decides to mark the minion for delete, the minion will be removed.


Added additional checking on distance if the minion becomes stuck completely due to being disabled by the game engine. It will try to move the minion 5 times and if it fails the minion gets removed form the array.


Conjuration summons now are player only. The spells used by the player are completely different than the spells used by NPCs. The NPC summons will NOT be added to the array anymore.


Added auto update feature so no more need to clean save.


Version 1.2


4/10/15 - Expanded the array of minons to allow for necromancer and summoner pets.
Remove an error when dispelling the zombie buff.


Version 1.1


4/6/2015 - Added additional error checking to the scan on Zombies to remove dead ones. This happens if you raise a zombie and it is not in the same zone and there are no slots.


4/6/2015 - Fixed the reanimation spells to work properly. Seem I missed something.
Version 1.0


Initial release. Planned to do downloaded content and tweak this based on feedback


Message me here.




Bethesda for this awesome game.


Tools Used




7-Zip - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=15579
Readme Generator - http://HammondsLegacy.com/obmm/tools_readme_generator1.asp




You must contact me and obtain my permission before re-packaging any part of this mod. If I do not respond within 2 weeks, feel free to do whatever you like with this mod but do give credit.

Other Files from demack