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  1. Lol.... did it work ok after you installed the main file?
  2. you can Craft it in any forge... or console command.. help Black Latex Witch and help Black Slick Witch hope this helps you
  3. Awesome stuff.. .cant wait to try this out
  4. sorry for late reply for some reason i don't get notifications from here... anyway the only place i noticed this is in snow but anywhere else no problem.. but I'll look into it
  5. not as far as I know, you should be able to craft this under leather no, I don't think it will either as the shoes used on this mod does not need HDT.
  6. No sorry, if i did I'd have to remake this mod as it's a one piece..
  7. I just reinstalled it and it under leather, it can be crafted in any forge. what version are you using so I can test it..
  8. funny I have Miu's dress from DOA cued to convert for skyrim but you beat me to it.. lol Thanks for the great mods
  9. I would love to but I have to use a new version of nifscope as the SE uses slightly different nif files also for some odd reason SE does not work on my pc.. well it does but the graphics looks overlapped and sprites like trees seem to float in the sky etc so i dont bother with SE or modding for SE.. If you want to convert them by all means go for it...
  10. eloelo210 I've checked it, but it worked ok for me... I'll have another look into it just in case..
  11. sorry I had a problems with firefox (fixed now i hope) ok, I'll check it out this mod now...
  12. Thanks for the info on twitter, I finally downloaded it.. thank you... ?
  13. i'll check it out and let you know if I can find a solution
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