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  1. I doubt there is anything on this end that is a work around. The work around is your antivirus. admittedly, its a file on a internet site, so i understand and appreciate hesitancy. but, you should be able to just download it, and install it via mod organizer 2 and just go with it. Best work around : Download Right click "Scan with antivirus" then Open vortex/ mod organizer Install like you would anything else. --- If your doing manual instalation without a mod organizer, cant help ya.
  2. Interesting - but they had no plans to make males harvestable too? and they never intended to attach the knives to the namira quest line Its a huge tie in that adds alot more depth tot he mod than just mindless gore. Im glad to hear you have attatched it though. Im guessing you can do a better translation job as well, which is awesome...
  3. Here is a list of some medieval dishes.......http://medievalcookery.com/recipes/ Just remember- its possible to get too carried away with too many recipes that you miss out on the core features of a mod. It is entirely possible and rather easy to make an addon mod that is nothing but recipes, but its harder to strip down an over bloated crafting menu where every race has 15 different recipes Also, Not every person in Skyrim would have access to a full kitchen and be able to make some exotic dish <insert some medieval dish that likely only the rich and famous ever really had access too> or whatever.. but "Every" person could throw chopped meat, onions, and leeks in a pot of water. I mean consider "real life" for a minute. a CEO - billionaire, etc. They probably hire a full time chef. Why? because they are so busy they dont have time to cook, much less cook fine foods - so they hire someone to do it. A transportation worker (Truck driver) - they dont hire a full time chef, because they dont have that kind of money. They also dont have a lot of time, and are constantly on the move. (or one the move 2-3 weeks straight and then get 3-4 days off). Since they dont have full kitchens in their trucks (most dont) what do they "cook" when they do cook on the road? A customer service worker - they dont have the money to hire a full time chef, but unlike the transportation worker they likely do have access to atleast a usually more stable cooking area- you know, a stove, an oven, a microwave. and unlike the CEO, they dont have the money to support a whole lot of fancy dishes that take 3 hours to make.. *after i get done with an 8-9hr shift, im sure as hell not gonna spend 3 more hours cooking a meal every day* Yet, im sure there is a menu and menu options that all three probably have in common. The menu options they have in common- is what in my opinion the base mod should support. THe addon recipe mod - can support more recipes.
  4. off the top- sounds like your problem has nothing to do with untamed..... possibly a topic of other mod pages, or a different forum but things from running finis, checking load order, etc etc..... do any other xxx animations work?
  5. I see inflation mods (fill her up for example).. any mods that pick up on that and basically... "Deflate your self into a bottle of cum for later"?
  6. Kind of wondering - what all is out there in terms of things like... being a broodmother and laying clutches of <spider/insect/???> eggs that then hatch? and what is the status? of general insect sex animations, or non warmblooded sex... So far I see daedra seed? but guessing daedra here means more or less "humanoid"? Also stumbled across cursed armor or something? Loverscrowning isle? is that strictly a quest series, or could you play it like you could estrus chaurus+ / spider addon in skyrim mod terms? Like- waht would the core mods for a "broodmother populating oblivion with hatching insect eggs that terrorize and sexually engage/ reporduce with their victims" type run?
  7. I always thought tentacles would fit great in fallout 4 - easy to explain mutation caused by FEV/radiation/whatever.... ever seen the hbo show "the strain" i always thought those vampires would look kick ass in fo4 and be loosely "lore friendly" but yea... would love to see that kind of stuff make its way into fallout.... wonder what would fit into starfield too.. (given they are both sci fi titles? Chutullu is behind umbrella corp... enter resident evil...
  8. Just curious in all the mods out there, have you ever seen a spell where.. you cast in on a dead NPC. It raises the ghost of the NPC... (not the groaning body of a regular zombie, but the actual ethereal/blue ghost) Not necessarily making them into temprorary followers or helpers in battle either... they just kindof stand / walk around in blissful neutrality... (though i suppose if you attack them again they might fight back?) --- That's kind of it. /shrug.. I know there is one tied to sexlab and necro stuff... while i like that particular mod, here im not looking for the SL, and im wanting the ghost to be permanent.. not just there for a quick animation and then gone... -- Admittedly, once you separate soul from body- it might be nice in a future? mod to be able to judge the soul... do you send it to solestheim or soul cairn? thoughts? * not that it matters in relation to iff such a spell already exists, but im looking at "unarmed (and probably slutty) cleric" not necessarily a "necromancer playing with dead bodies" but more of a "redemptive" thingy.../shrug
  9. I figured since in an earlier post I alluded to being preggo with pups.. It would only be fair to show you all the kiddos from 1 liter... Before: After: I think the OBGYN is either inept, or a liar. Eitherway, a certain cult of namira enjoyed his retirement party, the main course was to die for. OBGYN promised me 6.. and yea..
  10. I have condensed a animation pack before, there is a guide about making your own animation pack, so just kind of do the reverse to cut out unneeded ones... For example, you might want creature support for dogs and skeever, but dont want hens, foxes, horses, etc... and depending on how authors publish their packs, you might have to get the hen and fox, to get the skeever... This might of been a fluke for me, but big picture you will want to be mindful of some basic concepts.... For example, every bracket { that is opened, you must } close it. Delete the wrong brackets and you dun killed it jim.. But for the animation loader packs, it seems to be there are are three big areas that your gonna remove from to make the pack.. a) Meshes \ Actors \ whatever is relevant B) Sexlabanims \ Json \ whatever is relevant c) Sexlabanims \ source \ whatever is relevant Beyond that, Look carefully at things - especially making sure you remove the right stuff, the right parts, not to much, etc. Definately read the guide...(first) my method could totally of been a fluke. but the fluke did register in finis, slal, and were used in game.
  11. Cant wait until i can get SSE back up and running so i can play this.. idea/thought/random What if there was tie in with pregnancy mods... say you were about to be a brood mother (chaurus or spider pregnancy) and you basically while you were preggo, you had to eat a certain amount - otherwise the monsters in utero would eat you alive, inside out or die... anyway... keep making awesome happen!
  12. There she is.... random mod shout out to Artistic Skyrim Overhaul (oil option) it looks great, reminds me of that clip assumi and the wolf pack - about as close to that art style in skyrim that i can find.. anyway, think she is preggo with some pups..
  13. one other thing that sometimes helps me is - load up the game, get as close to the crash site as possible without crashing, open console(~) and type tfc hit enter.. then, that basically seperates camera from your body.. travel around the crash site looking to see what you find.... all the npcs look okay? anything weird? --- when you find something that looks weird, open console, select weird thing with your mouse pointer - and see what the most recent mod to modify that was...
  14. So - loosely.. defining natural as "I dont ahve to go to a MCM, or equip yet another spell" the closest option I can think of is a mod called Scent of Sex. What that mod essentially allows you to do, is set up enviroments and conditions in which sex will happen... Im very rusty on setting various rules (there are no premade rules, you make your own). But essentially, if memory serves you can set up things like... "If out of combat, and health is at x %, initiate sex scene with player and < creatures (certain or all), humans (certain or all)" Thats the best I can come up with... also, i think there is a seperate post (linked on that link) where folk can share the rules they made and you can essentially "drag and drop" it..
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