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The Multi-Tool & Other Things 1.1

About This File

The Multi-Tool is a gun (for NPCs) and a ring (for Player) both of these items can do a number of things to the Player, NPCs, and the World. You can obtain the Multi-Tool gun and ring by crafting them at a Chem Workbench it's under the utility category. More things may get added in the future.


Things these items can do,


--- Multi-Tool Gun ---

  • Strip NPCs of their clothes
  • Open NPCs Inventory
  • Restrain/Unrestrain NPCs (Prevent them from moving)
  • Change NPCs facial expression
  • Show Looks Menu for NPCs (Change their appearance)
  • Set Alpha Levels on NPCs (Make them look like a ghost, effect doesn't seem to last)

--- Multi-Tool Ring ---

  • Show Looks Menu for Player (Change their appearance, the looks menus have a delayed start to give you the chance to position the camera so you can see your face)
  • Change Player's Facial Expression
  • Set Alpha Levels on Player
  • Change the Weather


Added some other things to the mod, didn't feel like creating a separate .esp for this stuff, so I put it in here.


--- Misc ---

  • Dummy Gun (Gun that does minimal damage, Craft at a Chem Workbench)
  • Various Laser Weapon mods that add new effects to Laser Guns, They use the Muzzle slot should be the bottom most option for the Laser Gun when looking at it in a Weapon Workbench, this is where you craft them. Mix and match with vanilla attachments to get some interesting effects.

Weapon Effects:

  • Laser Force Push - Temporarily ragdolls NPCs and can send them flying.
  • Laser Electric Beam - The same effect from those Tesla Arc traps, except it shoots out of your gun.
  • Laser Gauss Blue - Slightly modified effects used by the Gauss Rifle, applied to a Laser Gun.
  • Laser Cryo Stream - Effect from the Cryolator, applied to a Laser Gun.
  • Laser Plasma Flamer - Strange green flame looking stuff




Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE)




Install with a mod manager, seriously you really should be using one if you plan to install




Crazy6987 - Feel free to modify and use my content as you wish

What's New in Version 1.1


  • Added Looks Menu and Set Alpha Levels options to the gun
  • Added a ring version for the player
  • Added some misc stuff