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  1. Okay... 1) Take the contents of the Mod Injector and place the InstallMod.bat and Tools folder into your ROTTR root directory - the folder where ROTTR.exe is located. 2) Unzip your nude mod download. Most on the later parts of this thread rely on the 'Slight Jiggly Lara' mod from the Nexus as a base, so this will be the first mod installed. Unzip it, and open the first folder. Inside is another folder, named something like 'Lara Nude Mod (Expedition) -Jiggly' 3) Drag and drop this second folder onto InstallMod.bat. The injector will start to run and give an 'install y/n?' dialog
  2. RenegadePervert states which mods are used in the first paragraph of text in the post you quoted...
  3. Does GIMP not work for the format? ...and thanks for the shaved version!
  4. @felixcat75: If you're using an Nvidia card try switching off tesselation. I read there were issues after I had some weird stuff going on in the first big valley in Syria, and killing tesselation worked for me.
  5. @SkyrimDragonborn30 ....I'm not sure how you got a reverse skin mismatch if you were using Unique Player as I described, that's the whole point of UP, everyone else uses whatever skin you installed previously, and only the PC uses the DOA textures you place in the UP folders. You did use Unique Player, right? https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/3718 And in case you want followers too (Piper, Cait etc) https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/26108 If you have used UP I can't begin to imagine where your problem came from, but UP will remain sa
  6. They overwrite some of the standard preset faces - not looksmenu saved presets, the ones listed as 'faces' in the main menu of looksmenu that are available even without the looksmenu mod. To get the right body skin you'll then need to use a setrace console command (eg 'player.setrace kasumirace) or use one of the unique player mods.
  7. Not sure if your problem is the same as mine was, but this worked for me: My problem was Ayane having the purple mouth, but Kasumi seemed to be working. Copying Kasumi's mouth mesh and material files (mouth.nif and mouth.bgsm) over Ayane's fixed it. If the problem is consistent and you have at least one working mouth to copy then I'd imagine the process would work for different combinations, though I haven't tested that. Careful not to move the mouth.tri file in the process though, as that controls morphs if I understand it correctly.
  8. To be fair if you use the replacer and the standalone you ought to be able to create 4 variations altogether if I'm not mistaken. Anyway, awesome mod @Grafenstein, many thanks!
  9. @l Hello l Have you checked he's not there outside Honningbrew after you get the enabled message? That might seem obvious, but his box isn't showing checked in my MCM either and the quest started fine, though as it did I didn't actually verify the checkbox at the time. Seems it may be an issue with the display in the MCM rather than the functionality of it. Edit: ...though it seems I'm already a version behind even though I only grabbed a version a day or three ago!
  10. Coming back to the mod after a few months away I have to say I'm amazed by how much content you've got running at this point. Its like a pervert DLC now haha, (considering its scale now maybe it should have been called Pornguard or Vagilant or something 😝) ...great, great work, I'm just glad I didn't offer to smooth out dialogue grammar. It seems like that would have turned into a full time job, and pretty likely done me a substantial psychological damage trying to think like these characters for so long. Seriously though, many, many thanks for your efforts, I'm loving trying to w
  11. I've found @Saya_Scarlett 's guide to be flawless, so long as you follow the recommendation to read it thoroughly 🤓 So... while I'm on the subject, THANK YOU Saya, your efforts are appreciated, even if it must sometimes seem nobody even reads the warning to read everything! "avoid 4play like covid" 🤣
  12. You're very welcome @quarzo, "Happy to help" as we get to say so much in FO4! Have fun anyway, happy gaming.
  13. Hardship also has a pretty customisable self-prostitution system, which also allows for alternative solutions to quests- enter gunner/raider camps via sex and steal/murder your target without gunplay (unless you get caught of course! 🤣)... to my mind it's worth considering. I find MCG to be awesome, but best run alone, as you've read already it crosses over with your other mod choices a lot, so needs careful setup to ensure two mods aren't fighting for the next event.
  14. These files: DOA Ayane Race 1/textures/DOA/body/basefemalehands_d.dds AND DOA Ayane Race 1/textures/DOA/body/femalebody_d.dds To be sure nothing gets screwy though and to kinda 'carpet bomb' any further troubleshooting then copy ALL her textures (from both the 'body' and 'ayane' texture folders) into UP's Unique Player/textures/actors/character/playerhumanfemale folder. That should sidestep any mismatched resolution issues, and POSSIBLY prevent looksmenu loading the wrong face texture as seen on the last page. If using this UP method ther
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