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Erotic Art Expanded comes with 44 magazines. While I like the mod, I don't like how their magazines look.

So, I made my own retexture. 

Unfortunately, new covers only partially match the posters they unlock.



1. Install original mod (use "esp")

2. Install expanded mod

3. Install this mod.



Vanilla magazines retexture (all vanilla magazines + 6 restored Taboo Tattoos)

Missing magazines retexture (+10 magazines with perks)

Wasteland Imports magazines retexture (+14 magazines, consumable)

Strong Legs magazine retexture (+5 magazines with carryweight perk)

Retexture of Ketaros' New Magazines (+91 magazines, with perks)

SS2 Wasteland Venturers icecream magazines (+8 magazines, allow to cook icecream)

Backpack of the Commonwealth magazines retexture (+5 new magazines, each allows to craft a backpack)

Retexture of Fahrenheit1984's XXX magazines (+73 magazines, no perks)

Edited by picsel

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