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Some you win ...



... others not so much. I wanted a picture to go with the School of Restoration, and since the Spellbook mainly uses Restoration to manipulate fertility, I though a group shot of some pregnant slaves might be nice.


I was going to caption it "A productive slave is a happy slave." Then I tried setting expressions with mfgconsole and ... well, these are the happy ones:




Well, it's not all bad. The glum looks can be taken as sarcasm on the author's part. The arrows deform a bit because the geometry is so stretched out, but it's not going to be noticeable by the time I scale it to  fit in the book.


Sadly, the tats didn't survive the scaling at all. All that came out was dirty smears across their mid-sections. So I junked that and went with plan B




It'll do, I suppose.


Incidentally, for anyone still reading this far down, I have a decision to make with this spellbook. It's running to fifty pages or so, which is too long. I mean I wouldn;t read it, so how can I expect anyone else to read it. I'm loathe to junk it though; Korneum, the book's author is turning out to be an engagingly salty old misanthrope ... but none of what he says matters if no one reads that far,


So I figure I can:


  • Split it into 6 to 8 books, one for each school ,plus maybe an intro and outro.
  • Slap most of it onto MCM
  • Slap most of it onto an out-of-game web page and just have a bit of color text in-game
  • Something else I haven't thought of yet


Anyone have any ideas? Any preferences? I'm open to ideas.




I thought I'd share one more to show what that should look like without the  distortion.




Pity, really. If I could work out how to get a pregnant bellie in Blender, I could project onto that and get it perfect. But then it would deform on a normal one, so swings and roundabouts, I guess.




Couldn't resist:




Are singles even a thing any more? Shows you how long since I last bought any music.



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I'd read a 50 page in game book, it sorts out to like 5 pages of a real book, if even that many. But then, I keep in game journals and reread them often to edit.

For your purposes though, the idea of breaking them up into different disciplines sounds the most promising.

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With the rise of Youtube and other music sources, I wonder if singles aren't 90% of music now.


I like the "detail out of game, flavor in game" option, though which font size are you using? You could get more text onto fewer pages with a smaller font, but it seems like book pages turn slower when I do that in my (not yet released) mod.


Several books in game might still be desirable for bookshelf filling or other display reasons.  Quest completion, enabling (if you don't have the right book, NPC won't talk to you, for example) or other mechanical reasons.  I haven't done it yet, but other mods have let you craft books with collected things, so I've thought about letting people using my "mod" collect pages and then construct a book from them. I think combining a book and pages to make a bigger, more informative book is possible. Do you have scavenger hunts in mind?

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