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Text and textures.




Still working on that spellbook. I finished the first draft of the text today, and decided to spend some time on getting look right. I'm quite pleased with the result. Simple but with just enough distress and normal mapping to make it not look like a graphic pasted over the top.




Only trouble is, I set it up as a texture set and the seet only had one cover texture. So if you turn it over you'll see "Opus Korneum" again on the back cover, only in mirror writing.  Never mind, I expect I can find a book that uses different sets for each cover. It can't be that hard.


I'm doing some graphics for the interior as well. I posed some of the filter work in the last post, so here's a look at the first couple of pages.




In other news, I finally got my Body Electric spell to work. This is the one that charges the caster with electricity so you can punish your slaves by having sex with them, and they get electric shocks every time you touch them. Currently, I've just got the shock shader to propagate to your sexual partners properly, so there's no damage and the spell is purely for RP purposes. Still. it's going to make a great graphic for the Destruction section. If I can just get a convincing drawing from a screenshot.


But I haven't done that yet, so here's a screenshot anyway :)




Of course, no sooner do I hit publish than I think "I'll try for an exterior shot". That and changing the desaturation method, and I end up with this:




Needs a little fine tuning, but i'm sure I can make it work.


Since I'm at it, here's the earlier shot, given the same treatment.




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