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  1. Funny how people can think so differently. One of the only things left about SD+ i still love is that you must kneel to speak to the Master. Though the punishments for failing to do so get tedious, it is an effective way for the player to be reminded of their PC's situation. Alas, the kneeling poses available for us to use in game are limited, but still, i think they look anything but stupid. Appropriate is the word that comes to mind first.
  2. What devious device are you using? Version 5 is all inclusive, so you only need the requirements listed.
  3. @sickomusiclovers Is is possible to register some armor parts like piercings (non dd) and other stuff as non forbidden items so they dont get removed when eye candy thing is active ? Better yet, allow us to chose which slots other than 32 will be counted. Some two piece armors only lose the chest piece and much of the jewelry is stripped away.
  4. No, furniture no longer working is due to a persistent bug introduced by how I seize control of player movement for most of my quests. I have a hotfix ready as well as a MCM menu which I'll upload as soon as I've done my own bit of bug patrol. i don't understand why so often mods feel the need to take control of the player character. Especially in LOLA, which is consensual by design. Maybe it is the nature of the follower mechanics, or some other reason i'm not aware of, but the PC being controlled removes the submissive part of the mod. Submissive would be the Master telling you t
  5. @ AkiKay Owning the Dragonborn would be something people brag about and abuse I´d say. Except, a) The Dragonborn could kick pretty much everyone's tush without working up a sweat. b) Not everyone plays as Dragonborn and being referred to as DB really breaks immersion.
  6. Exactly, you already are used to having to clean his boots, so when he forgets to tell you, you simply remind him by asking if he would like you to do that service for him.
  7. i was thinking, (always dangerous) about entering Jarls' halls. When you get to a certain level, maybe the slave could ask her Master if he wants his boots cleaned. you have been pretty well trained by then, and any slave worth her salt would try very hard to anticipate the Master's needs and wants. It is supposed to be consensual, after all.
  8. Speaking of buffs, does Lola make the Master become un-killable?
  9. 6 hours ago, shiagwen said: SL has some further features that are not used by every modder. client counting in diary, use nearby bed, etc. how familiar are you with those ? Imagine RP would not have them, could you add them and would that be much work ? ( Including approaching clients, which isnt a featurre of SL, but one of RP ) IIRC RP also has a client count, cannot speak for approaches, as they don't count in RP or Lola. Often SL diary and RP client counts differ due to the fact that RP only tracks its own, and SL tracks RP as well as a couple, but not all, others. D
  10. @Hexbolt8 Your owner wants you to be dependent, and a slave shouldn't be messing with locks. My goodness, aren't you a devious fellow. This mod just gets better and better.
  11. I have a question, actually a couple. -If the original Stable Master is dead during the Pony Express quest, would that cause CTDs? -Is there a way to stop a Master from interfering during combat. He was down when he decided PC was overburdened, something i could never get him to do at all, and bound her. Of course she was defeated and sent to auction where she promptly went from 100 sub to -30 because of constant shocks. The leather bindings wouldn't register as being equipped even though the menu showed them as being worn. Worse, the shocks never stopped even after the b
  12. What about Dance for Me, Dance for You? The first dance on the list is really nice. The others are bugged camera-wise, but #1 is actually exotic and immersive. As an added bonus, it doesn't use much floor space.
  13. @shiagwen If no answer comes i have no choice but deinstall the mod . i assume you're referring to the tell people you're a slave quest. i believe that it picks NPCs at random. Couriers don't have regular NPC dialog. Best off going back to earlier save, Move out of the exterior cell so the courier isn't an eligible NPC and continue from there. Had a similar problem and that is how i solved it.
  14. Am i wrong, or don't you need to speak with the innkeeper to actually begin RP?
  15. @shiagwen *** RP counts clients in SexLab Diary as Clients. If you can use this, not only quest clients will count, but also clients who want a repeat count double. I actually like that it doesn't count as more than one. Since you are told to do so many, and not earn a certain amount, it helps add to the feeling of being powerless when a couple clients want repeats. Maybe not important for a consensual slave, but really immersive when sold into slavery. Too bad the kneeling mechanic isn't tied into the collar like SD+. Be cool if when the Master sits, he demanded his s
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