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I killed Stalf, obviously...



... but when it came to Salonia, I found I had better uses for her. But I'm getting ahead of myself.


It all started at Redwater Den. Before I went in I left all the slaves chained up outside. I didn't want them getting in the way, so I went in a solo act.


This is what I came out with:





That's not even counting the stray bandit, the black mage by the little dwemer outcropping, the two necromancers from the cave on the way or the exterior guard for the den. Some days I can't go anywhere without accumulating cattle.


I thought I'd test my Detect Pregnancy spell:






As you can see, I've been busy.


That's Salonia, front and center, incidentally. Vanilla she's nothing to write home about but with Beautiful Vampires she's not at all bad.


So I decided I'd keep her. But I had concerns. I mean she'd been used to moving in powerful circles. How could I impress upon her that her situation had changed? I ended up promising her that I'd take her back to Castle Volkihar and do her in front of Harkon and his court.


As it turned out though, the joke was on me. I started with her on the floor in front of Harkon's high table, only to realize once everyone filed in that the Boss was wating in his study to debrief me about Redwater.


So I had to do her again, and Harkon got a private show .




He actually seemed quite interested.




And that's all I had to say, really. I had hoped to parade her around the place with "Please, Master, Fuck Me" written on her belly, but every time I tried that she turned bright blue. You can't win them all, I guess...

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Yeah this is late (is it fitting to necro a thread about vampires? :P ) but can vampires even get pregnant?  I'd think, being undead, they can't pass on new life and just extend the population by infecting others. Not sure if that throws any bloody wrenches into your ideas.

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