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Out of Mind



This is another somewhat random story. Let me know what you think.


Out of Mind


A week ago, Amelia woke up in a forest. She was alone. All she had was the maid's dress she was wearing and a scrap of paper that said, "I'm sorry. Please forgive me."



She was sure the handwriting was not hers but whose could it be?



Wherever she was was dangerous. Wild animals roamed the woods and bandits ruled the hills. She had traveled for days and not found a living soul. She had wandered into a camp but it was long deserted. She took all the food she could hold but that wasn't much.



On more than one occasion she had sneaked past a bear or jumped into a river to escape wolves. At night she would sleep in caves to stay hidden from bandits and thieves.



As she lay down, she prepared herself for her nightmares. They came every night and she was certain they meant something. She welcomed them because it was the only way she could find out who she was. "The nightmares must mean something," she told herself before falling asleep.



As her dream unfolded, she found herself walking through pools of blood, she was somewhere dark. She heard her parents say that it was modeled off of a location in Skyrim. Somehow, she just knew they were her parents but when she looked up at them, they had no faces.



Suddenly, she was in a bedroom. Maybe her own. She heard her mother talking but her eyes were getting heavy. She was reciting a poem or a book.

Come, hearken then, ere voice of dread,

With bitter tidings laden,

Shall summon to unwelcome bed

A melancholy maiden!

We are but older children dear,

Who fret to find our bedtime near.



The next part of the dream, she was standing outside of her home. It was large, at least three stories. She heard her mother's voice, although no one was around. "We live in a different world than the others my dear. Always remember, keep your secrets close to your heart."



She woke up from her dreaming in a cold sweat. The first thing she noticed were the three dead wolves laying around her! "Someone must have saved me, but who?"



She noticed a note with crudely drawn directions. It was written in blood inside of a book she found laying near her. It seemed to depict a small bit of land in the middle of a lake. She was dubious of the message but the intent seemed clear. If this person meant her harm, they could have killed her in her sleep or let the wolves devour her. She recalled a place that might be the one in the book. She had passed it the day before.



It was late when she arrived at the lake. She mind was tired. Her kept drifting to thoughts of sleep but she had to see this through. If it was nothing she could sleep in the middle of the lake.



She saw a trapdoor in the ground. Her eye lids were starting to droop and it took all of her strength to lift the door.



She climbed down a ladder and found herself in a small cave under the lake. A young girl was sitting at a table near the cave wall. She waved her over and asked her to have a seat.


Amelia sat down and said, "Who are you? Do you know who left me the note and killed the wolves?"



She replied with a girlish giggle, "I did silly. The name's Farith."

Amelia's mind was tired but she was certain a girl her own age couldn't do all of those things alone. Farith stood up and said, "I'll tell you how I did it, but it's a secret." She moved next to Amelia's ear.

She whispered, "Like this." Then Amelia felt Farith's teeth sink into her neck! She was too exhausted to fight back and she couldn't even will her body to move. She could feel Farith draining the blood from her body. "This isn't such a bad way to go," she thought as her vision started to go black.



She came to inside of a cage. "Wait, Farith...what did you?" Amelia was extremely dizzy.

Farith replied, "I've been following you for a few days now. I think we could get along well but I'm going to have to leave you in there for a few days to be sure."

"Wait, what happens in a few days?" Amelia asked.

"Silly, that's when you become a vampire like me." She barred her teeth for emphasis.

Amelia finally collapsed.



Three days later, Amelia was eating some food Farith had given her when a world of color seemed to burst into her vision. Her senses felt alive! Farith ran down as if sensing it and unlocked the cage. "Before you decide to run off, you may want to learn about what you are now."



Amelia was curious, so curious that she decided to stay and listen to Farith. "I should be mad at you but the way I feel....my senses are so alive!"

Farith smiled at her, "I know sweetie. Now where should we start?"

Over the next few days, she taught Amelia how to feed and how to strip the bodies of flesh to through off local guards.



Amelia seemed very good at removing the flesh from bones. "Amelia, where did you learn to strip flesh from bone like that?" Amelia told her that she didn't know. Amelia told her about waking up in the forest and about the nightmares.



The two girls spent a couple of weeks together in the cave and over that time were becoming great friends. One day, Farith said, "I think we need to get out for awhile. Let's go to town.


They arrived at Riften after a long carriage ride. The guard looked down at them, almost in shock. "What are you two doing out here all alone!? There's vampires and brigands about. Hurry and get inside." They were rushed through the gate so quickly that even Farith was surprised. Amelia leaned over to Farith, "Watch out for the vampires. oooooo" The two chuckled before heading toward the inn.



Outside of the inn, Farith told Amelia in a hushed tone, "All right, soon someone will go to bed upstairs and then we'll feed. Let's go upstairs and wait."




They entered the inn and went straight upstairs. Most people were too drunk to even notice the girls enter. A couple of drunk patrons stumbled into their rooms and didn't even bother to lock the doors. Amelia knew what to do but she was very nervous. "Farith, back in the cave we couldn't get caught but here....I don't know if I can do this."


"Amelia, look at me." Amelia turned to look at Farith their eyes locked. Suddenly, it wasn't so scary. She felt at peace, happy and content. Farith said in a soft melodic tone, "Now don't worry about a thing dear, I'll keep you safe. You be a good girl and go have your dinner."

"Mmmm okay, I'll go do that," Amelia purred.



A few minutes later, she walked out of the room feeling refreshed and so alive. Her lips had a slight red tinge from the blood of her victim. "I feel so good. Farith, why was this one so different?"



"It's probably because this was your first one on your own. That and he was drunk so you're probably a little tipsy, hehe."


Farith walked into the other room to feed. Afterward the two girls left the inn, ready to see what kind of trouble they could cause.


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Nice start there for a vampire story. Also dig the dialogue, what bothers me though is the er.. child factor in this.

Nothing sexual will happen with this story so don't be worried.

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