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Nylev's Adventures Part 1

Nylev: "Oww my head. Where did that mage's portal send me now? Grr, I'm so tired of that little gnome screwing up his portal destinations! Last time I landed on an orcs dinner table and almost didn't make it out of Orgrimmar."

She looked around a bit more but couldn't place her location with one she knew.



"This looks like the Eastern Kingdoms but I don't recognize the area." Nylev pulled a small gem from her pouch and held it in her hand. It contained the corrupted soul of the dragon, Eranikus.

Eranikus: "Foolish mortal. You are lost."

"Correction, dragon. We are lost."

Eranikus grumbled something in frustration.



Nylev looked in the distance and noticed a small village.



The inhabitants seemed pleasant but it worried her that no one had heard the the Eastern Kingdoms. She was in some place called Skyrim. The gold she had with her was nearly useless but she traded all of it for a place to sleep for the night.



When she woke, he stomach was growling and she felt weak. She remembered seeing barrels of food laying around so she decided to help herself. "I'll pay them back when I get some local currency," she thought.



She cleaned out a couple of barrels and came to one with an odd lock on it. Using a fire spell, she was able to burn it off easily. When she cracked the lid a blast of magic slammed into her. Several strange restraints locked onto her body! She heard a voice, like a magical whisper say, "Finally caught you you damn thief. Enjoy your punishment. Hahaha. If by chance you are not the thief that has been raiding out food stores, tough luck. You shouldn't be stealing."



When her head cleared, she sat down and pondered how to remove the devices. After a short time, she decided to leave the village and head for Whiterun. She was told it was a trading city, maybe they'd have someway to take this off.



When she arrived in the city, she asked around and was directed to Belethor's shop. The entire time she got odd stares and glances but she sensed people were accustomed to seeing non humans.



She entered Belethor's shop and told him the problem.

"Sadly, my dear...umm...Drainis?"

"It's Draenei. It's not that hard. It's spelled just like it sounds."

"Okay, if you say so... Anyway, I can't remove those but this Imperial Armor may cover them up a bit," he said with a smirk.



She tried on the armor and it fit rather well.



Through a recommendation from Belethor, she got a job retrieving a dragonstone from a ruin. She fought skeletons and bandits but nothing she wasn't used to.


She heard screaming and entered a large open room. Agiant spider fell from the ceiling and landed in front of her!



Nylev let out a scream and the fear almost kept her from casting her flame spells.



After a heated battle, she found the man who had been screaming. He was completly encased. She spent some time cutting him loose. When he got down, he laughed at her and took off into the ruins.

"Ungrateful idiot," she thought.



She found his body further down the passage. Something had killed him, possibly the spider's venom had taken effect finally. She rummaged through his things when she was hit with a magical blast. A gag locked in place around her head! She tugged at it but it was firmly locked in place.



She removed her armor to better get at the restraints but all her efforts were in vain. She dropped to her knees and spoke a silent plea. "By the light, someone help me. What sick bastard invented this spell anyway. Does someone get pleasure from seeing me in bondage?"



*****Several hours later.*****

Nylev arrived back in Whiterun with the stone in hand. The Jarl congratulated her and didn't even ask to remove the gag. He seemed to find it humorous. Nylev was fuming inside! Before she could mumble anything the Jarl directed her toward a watchtower.



Once at the tower, they found an evil dragon ransaking it. Bow in hand, she climbed the tower and rained death on the dragon. The entire time, the deviced locked on her were tormenting her with pleasure and pain.



After the battle, she spoke to the Jarl. He awarded her the title of Thane and gave her a new armor. Irileth laughed and muttered something about the mumbling thane. Nylev went straight to Belethor's shop. It was late so she snuck in and after a short search, found a key that fit her restarints.



"That bastard had a key all along," she quietly said to herself. She looked around and found some armor and jewelry that fit her perfectly. "He owes me this."



She noticed an odd lump in a rolled up rug. Upon closer inspection, she found a vary interesting sword.



She was drawn to the snoring coming from upstairs. She crept into Belethor's room and held the sword toward him. "It would be so easy," she thought.2014_10_11_00007.jpg


To be continued....


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