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Chapter 1 - Recurring Start



Now that I have a new computer, I can get back to making Skyrim stories. I really wanted to keep going with the other one I was doing but sadly the characters are lost. The files I had just didn't crossover to Racemenu 3 very well. I decided to start with something new. If anyone can think of a way for me to bring the old characters back or have that story be a part of this one let me know. I'm all ears. Now onto the story .....


Chapter 1 - A Fresh Start and a Dead End
"I've finally done it! I've finally perfected my technique! An undead thrall that looks alive. The only downside is her eyes." The necromancer paused from his ranting to look back at his new thrall. "I guess it's to be expected since I had to use parts of an argonian for the spell."


His thrall stood in the corner. She had been preparing fish, cleaning, and doing whatever else her master had wanted. Her mind was muddled. How long had she been a thrall? Most of her memories from her life were gone and soon would slide into complete mindlessness. She couldn't speak but she inwardly cried, "Someone kill me. Please...gods help me."


The necromancer continued his mad ranting, this time addressing his thrall. "Mwahaha soon I will shift your broken mind into a new body then I will be able to do the same for myself. I will be come immortal! People will worship the immortal necromancer Mikeel!


"Come here you worthless little whore." He always called her names. It upset her at first but as more of herself fell away, it mattered less and less. "Crawl faster you little pig! I have a task for you."


She wanted to stop, if she could scream she would have, but her body simply obeyed.


She knelt next to him waiting for more orders. The fact he had this control over her made her sick to the core but even that feeling of hatred was dissipating as her will power was slowly sliding away.


After several minutes he turned to face her. "Ah such an improvement from that high society woman you used to be. Tell me, do you remember how you died? The things I did to you before I drove that enchanted dagger through your heart? WELL? SPEAK!"


She could recall him force feeding her until she gained a couple hundred extra pounds then starving her until she lost it all and nearly died. She recalled the rape and twisted abuses he played out on her and even the moment when the dagger plunged into her chest. She stammered out a "~y~e~s." Her voice was nothing like the sweet sound it used to be. He simply laughed and gave her instructions. "Now go, gather herbs until nightfall, then return."


She spent the entire day gathering herbs. By the time night fell, her fingers were cut and sore and her pack was brimming with herbs.


When she returned to the cave, she saw her master dead and the place had been ransacked.


As she approached the master's body, she felt weak and collapsed.


When she was finally able to sit up she realized something was different. She was free! She wept tears of joy before remembering that she was undead and there were no tears to wipe away.


She spent hours searching her former master's belongings. Buried under the clutter of the alchemy table she found a small gem with a label that read "Thrall" tied to it. "Hmm, I think I remember him saying something about moving my mind between bodies. Maybe if I kill someone I can change bodies." She decided to take it with her. She picked up the gem. There was a sense of falling.


"And anyway, that's just how I feel about it. What do you think?" said the man across the table from her.


"I...umm. Whatever you think...I guess." Her mind was racing. Where in the world was she? Who was this man?


"Come on Alana, tell your old buddy Jackson what's wrong. You've been acting a bit odd ever since that stranger gave you that pedant."


She reached down and felt it around her neck. At least she had a couple of names to work with. "Jackson...I..." She couldn't say she wasn't really this Alana. "I don't feel so well. Could you walk me home?"


"Of course. Lets get you into a nice warm bed."
Together the two of them left the Winking Skeever and headed home.


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oh, and i like your stories

good stuff

Yes!!!!! Some got the reference!!!! I am happy now. =) And thanks. It's always nice to see a good comment.

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A good story is a good story, and illustrating it with Skyrim screenshots is just... Well, I'm impressed

And that special episode is one of my favorite eps



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Thank you =) 

I'm not really sure where to take it from here. But I'll probably throw in more Stargate references.

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