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Hinomaru - Built during the reign of Queen Himiko's father, this ship was built as both a military vessel, and a personal transport for the royals of the Selachii. Dark, sturdy wood was used in it's construction, and later it was painted with white trimmings, and draped with sails baring a stylized, red sun. Though this ship never saw much in terms of combat, it is known that it survived any conflicts it was involved in. 


The fate of this vessel is unknown.


Kioku - This ship was once meant to sail the oceans of Nirn, intending to travel with two goals in mind. The first being to learn more of the other races of Tamriel, their culture, history, etc, and to introduce the Selachii to other race at the same time. However, this ship would only become a legend when it was forced to aid in the exodus of the Selachii from Akavir, though no Selachii who boarded this ship, or any other at the time, came with knowledge of the events. Some suggested they saw something in the Selachii's capital city, but none of them could voice what happened. 


Mikazuki - Commissioned by the then General Yashiro, around 25 years before the start of the 3rd Era, this ship mixed the designs of those in Akavir, with the craftsmanship of vessels seen in Tamriel. Being a military vessel, this ship was armed with great number of cannons, averaging around twelve on each side, possibly more. In addition, the rate at which these cannons could be loaded and fired was within half of a minute, depending on the sailors behind them. The ship is known to be one of the fastest of the era produced by the Selachii, known to have made a journey to the Nordic island of Solsthiem within two weeks, from it's departure from Same-Shuto. Not once has this ship known defeat, assisting it's sailors in achieving victory, no matter the conflict.


It was last known to have been taken by it's captain, who essentially owned the vessel, and from there, it's fate is unknown. Many believe it to have been lost to the Sea, yet some Selachii suggest they have seen it, as a ghost ship in the distance. The ship is one of few the Selachii consider legendary, no matter if the vessel has survived into the modern day, or not.


Sailors around the northern coast of Morrowind and Skyrim, seem to make mention of a vessel of a make they have never seen, a ship they cannot catch, and a freezing, black storm following this vessel.


Taiho - A vessel confiscated from the Thalmor, but the design of this vessel may not be Elven in origin.


The Dragon Fleet - A fleet of ships, the amount nearly unknown to almost any but the highest ranked within the Selachii Navy. Named as such, due to the race's reverence of Dragons, alongside being a simple show of strength. The fleet itself fought in the Great War of the 4th Era, commanded by Shriogane, Akario.


Togake-Maru - A simple merchant or trading vessel that made the journey from Akavir to the Tamrielic province of Black Marsh(then called Argonia). Some speculate on why this journey was made, and there are a few known factors, one which came to light only after the Selachii settled down in Tamriel, was the existence of a story, suggesting that there was at least one more element to the story. That being, a Tsaesci Slaver, considered a criminal by their own race, was in possession of an Argonian slave. The slaver made the mistake of attempting to sell this slave in a port city ruled by the Selachii, and they were brought before the Selachii Council within days. After a message was sent to the Tsaesci on the nature of the situation, they were told that this particular Tsacesi was considered a criminal. Their fate is unknown, but execution is usually assumed. 


The Argonian was set free, and the promise was made that they would be sailed back to their homeland.


Yasuragi - Seeing service in the Dragon Fleet during the Great War, this ship survived those events. Ten years prior to the War, Mioko Shirogane was named as it's captain, and it made a few journeys to Akavir under her captaincy  - two of these trips escorting a Tsaesci Noble to, and from Akavir. 


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