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Backstory Characters



These are to be characters that only appear within the race's lore, or mentioned by characters in dialog, and will likely not appear in-game. The only way some of them might, is being depicted within the "Selachii Legacy" book, or any other related material. Most, if not all of the characters described here will be Selachii, not any of the vanilla races - though there may be some exceptions. Names listed her will not use the normal convention, i.e family name listed first - though some characters may use this convention otherwise.


Chisato, F - Served Queen Himiko as one of her Handmaidens. She is known to have been fatally wounded during the fight against Yoru and his mercenaries, yet she somehow returned with Himiko afterwards. 


Daisuke Morimoto, M - As of 4E 165, this Selachii has served on the Elder Council. 


Hana, Nord, TSF - (W.I.P)


Hazu, TSM - A very creative artist, he started doing his work a year before he became well known among Selachii, thanks to becoming involved in Marin Kai's work. Both in the sense that he gratefully asked to provide a cover for the book, and he was also asked to be interviewed, to be part of the material. He agreed to this, although he stifled his hesitation and worry when he was asked by Marin to do a simple sketch that depicted her. She was amazed at this piece, which was later finished, and was used for her work, with permission and credit.


Himiko Shirogane(Hime-ko Shi-ro-ga-ne), F - Little is known about her by the fourth era - save for the fact that she ruled as a beloved Queen of the Selachii during their time in Akavir, and it is believed that her rule was not far off of the Selachii's departure from the continent, like a hundred or so after the end of her reign. Skilled in the arts of swordsmanship, marital, and sorcery, she ruled for over 150 years, before most believe she either gave up her power to her descendants, or faced death by unknown means. Some believe that her tale has a much darker ending, but no one really knows for sure. Save for some old writings that most are unsure of, mentioning her name, along with the warning...


Beware the Queen of Death!


Hitomi, F - Captain of the Tokage-Maru, which made the journey to Black Marsh and returned to Akavir. 


Kajitsu Setchi, M - A intelligent, yet still narrow minded Selachii, who took a heavy interest into the politics of his race, during the later part of the Second Era. He argued heavily against the stances of Sora, a Council Advocate. Though not an advocate himself, he often took advantage of the Selachii Council's allowance of anyone to speak before them, using it to bring his view points into discussion. 


Keji Hatoyama, M - (W.I.P)


Komaka, M - Born to parents who each ran their own successful businesses, he has been conflicted in what path he should take in life. His father ran a metalworking shop, and has made blades for famous Selachii, many of these within the Kai family. His mother owned and operated a textile clothing store, said to be one of the best in Same-Shuto.


Kunio, Tsaesci, M - The first born, and by most accounts only son of the Tsaesci noble, Ryoko, he is known for his efforts in unearthing hidden history, along with studying the known histories of Nirn. 


Marin Kai, Scholar, TSF - Born into one of the largest and most famous families in Same-Shuto, one that stretched back into the Selachii's time in Akavir, she took up the work of a scholar at an early age, studying history, magical arts, Swordplay, and the restorative arts of healers. While not one of the only scholars among her race, she was one of few to search for the truth, never feeling comfortable with teaching lies to others. The race as a whole is not known for the same sort of modesty that one sees elsewhere in Tamriel, for a few reasons, and she is of course no exception. This mindset lead to her writing what is known as her most famous work, one that fulfilled a goal centuries in the making - the goal of the Kioku, which intended to bring knowledge of the Selachii to the whole of Tamriel. Her work, known to those speaking Cyrodillic as "Selachii Legacy", and "Same no Isan" to Selachii, was a work that did not shy away from the whole story. Among the aspects of the race she wrote of in the book, many of these were intimate details, that made the work face little criticism. Some Selachii, along with some members of other races living in Selachii territory, did cite problems with the book, but at the time, it was never seen fit to censor it. Partly due to the respect those in power wished to give the work, and in part due to Marin's own words on the controversial topic, which she spoke publicly.


"Do you want me to lie? To present, not only to ourselves, but to the rest of Tamriel, a race that is willing to lie about who and what we are? We value our traditions, yet respect the fact that we must advance our race, which sometimes requires our traditions fall out of favor. That does not mean they are disrespected. It means we have chosen to better ourselves, not curse our past."


Her book later saw a censored release(which contained a fraction of the original work, due it's content), done by a Selachii that had strong ties to the Empire's religion. The release of this book was very limited, and eventually shut down by the Kai family, and the Selachii Council in Same-Shuto, within six months.


Minoru, M - (W.I.P)


Motoko(Family Name unknown), TSF - Once no more than a servant to the Shirogane family, she earned her place as retainer for the young princess Himiko, put through rigorous training in order for her to protect her charge. In this, she turned from a fairly meek servant, to a woman capable of besting, if not comparing heavily with the soldiers who protected the Selachii's ruling family. Her loyalty to the Shirogane family was a near absolute, in spite of the fact that Selachii do not view criticizing words as disloyalty, but perhaps truth, depending on the situation. Still, her words against Himiko or the family never came to blows, since she wished for improvement, not upheaval. It is rumored that she even crossed blades with the famous Selachii known as Tomoe Gozen, and while she had the skill to keep from injury, Tomoe still bested her. However, in spite of this, she and Tomoe were likely never enemies, but rather both warriors with respect for each other. 


NakatsukaJunko and Kaede - Twin sisters, born 4E 101. Almost inseparable from birth, both of them became Sailors for their race, and fifteen years after, they were given command of their own ship, though this was a formality - Junko was the Captain, and Kaede her First Mate. Serving their race and crew with honor, they fought in the Great War, and while Junko was offered a promotion, she turned in down in favor of having less to manage - one ship being good enough for her. When their ship returned to Same-Shuto, Junko requested a privateer license, which by this era was uncommon, but not unheard of. Her reasoning was that she wanted to be able to sail under her own desires, while not having to be explicitly commanded by anyone. 


To those of her crew, and to any whom these sisters trusted, they knew something which only other races would consider a deep, dark secret. Some outside of this seemingly small group were aware, but were unconcerned. This being, these sisters had been in an incestuous relationship for quite a long time. Their crew took little to no issue with this, as they were treated fairly, and Junko was known to be one of the best captains among Selachii. Many joined her crew out of not only a wish to serve their race, to sail the oceans of Nirn, or to plunder the riches of the seas, but out of respect for Junko and Kaede. Their reputation soon turned dark, as they were rumored to have begun engaging in the practice of piracy, though their ship has not been seen near the shores of Same-Shuto in the last two decades.


Nisshoku(Akaviri, "Eclipse") - Worshiped or revered by Selachii into the current days, this figure is shrouded in mystery. Beyond the knowledge that they represent the Sun and Moon, and other dualities of life, a perhaps often mentioned tale is that this figure may be the origin of the Selachii race.


Ryoko, Tsaesci, F - A Noble among her race, who is of a family line that has maintained good relations with the Selachii for the last few centuries. It has been suggested that her family is the reason for these peaceful relations, given that she, and others of her family, along with other Tsaesci, make fairly regular trips to the large island home of the Selachii. Her last known visit to Same-Shuto was shortly before the Great War, and her reasoning for living among the Selachii was seemingly to experience their derived culture, which many are aware that they embraced due to their time in Akavir, though some suspected that she had other reasons, albeit perhaps peaceful ones. 


Sakura, TSF - One of the most notable Handmaidens in service of Queen Himiko, it is noted that she apparently was wounded during a fight with the traitorous Yoru, and was saved by Himiko. 


Shio Kai, M - Known for his leadership skills, he was respected by all sailors who served aboard his ships, and eventually became famous during the later part of the Second Era, both for having a hand in increasing the size of his race's naval forces, and, for having been killed by his own son - yet this was not unprovoked or about his son taking his place, no. Shio had been complicit in a plan of the Council at the time, to bring nearly all of their naval forces to Akavir, during a time of all but crisis in Tamriel. The intent being to conquer all of Akavir, including the parts of the continent in which the Tsaesci, their allies, lived. Shio eventually had his doubts, and presented them to his oldest son - a young and promising sailor who he respected, and told him the truth. The matter was settled with a certain perspective of honor - a code of warriors among the race, which was not specific to any group, only to those who took any value in it. 


In spite of the manor in which he died, his legacy is looked upon fondly by many Selachii, who understand his mistake, and due to the way in which he died, believe that he restored his lost honor, among his race, and family.


Sora, Council Advocate, M - As the Selachii rose to a degree of prominence, they instituted a system of governance that included Seven members, who ultimately decided on the rules and laws of Selachii territory. Alongside this, they allowed those who thoroughly studied the rules of the Selachii, meaning the core laws of the race that would take some serious debate to change, to argue for or against new rules and laws. Being one of these, he made great strides in pushing the race forward, arguing almost tirelessly against those who seemed content with the idea of implementing laws that were considered ridiculous in many ways. Weeks were spent, for example, in arguments on marriage laws. While perhaps not exactly common among the races of Tamriel, those arguing for strict laws for the Selachii, argued that their focus should be on letting families settle down and have children, and they said that in time, these laws would be changed to be, more inclusive. However, it was argued by Sora, that if this happened, say in Fifty, a Hundred, or even five-hundred years, there would be those tying up the Council's time on the choice to alter the law, arguing for nothing short of the law staying as is, citing tradition, if not the same words spoken by those who created the proposed law.


After two months of debate, the Council ruled in favor of Sora's argument - the Selachii people, and those in their territories, are free to meet and marry whomever they so choose.


This gained Sora quite a bit of respect, as he had done what he knew very few, if any, of his colleges had done - he spoke with, and understood the people that would be effected by the choice. He looked at both sides, and saw no real danger in inclusion, since his preposition was for the law to be open, allowing for marriage between any gender or race.


He had to debate very little when it came to the Selachii's views on Religion. Many Selachii had already taken interest in the beliefs of the Empire, though it was not the same exact strict views they adopted. Dibella, Mara, and Akatosh were very interesting deities to Selachii, and all the others had some degree of interest as well.


Suzume, F - The most notable Selachii baring this name, was a sailor serving under the captain that rumors later called, Kokushi. Her fate is, unknown.


Tomoe Gozen, F - A legend among Selachii, known to Selachii into the 4th era, even if much about her has been lost to time. 


Umiko Kai, Selachii Councilor(Late 2nd Era, Early 3rd Era), TSF - One of the youngest Selachii to sit the Council, she first took her seat during a time of great conflict in Tamriel, the waning years of the Second Era interregnum. It was to be only months before Tamriel would be united under conquest, forming the Septim Empire. In the wake of this, many Selachii took differing views on this new Empire, some believing that it's effect on the Selachii would be minimal, while others believed that it was going to change much about their way of life. One of her own efforts was to make sure that even if there were changes, they were not too drastic, and could be accepted. One debate that begun months after the formation of this Empire, was the question of, if the Selachii's system of governance, was the best option. Those who had this viewpoint, seemed to find great interest in the ideal of a central figure, even if it was obvious that this made the balance of power less equal. 


Another problem she and the rest of the Councilors faced, even those sitting the Council after her time, would be how the Empire tended to treat the province of Black Marsh. While certainly a province of the Empire, it seems as if most in the Empire were not going to give it the same respect as others, though it seemed difficult to determine if these decisions were made by those high up within the Empire, or high-ranking members of the Imperial Legion assigned to Black Marsh. The Selachii made their opinion on the practice of slavery quite clear, and while the Empire as a whole seemed to similarly agree, with it's ban on the practice in the Empire, they seemed perfectly content to still allow it to some extent - at least with the province of Morrowind, it's native Dunmer enslaving countless Khajiit and Argonians, though it is not fully known if any Selachii were kept as slaves in Morrowind. One Dunmer slaver caught on the shores of Black Marsh by the Selachii, suggested they are too violent in the light of such treatment, even if the situation merely hinted at that possibility, to the point where it was common for Dunmer to avoid them. That did not have all Selachii convinced. 


Yoru, M - Formerly of the Shirogane family, he was effectively disowned by his father and the rest of his family, after he attacked his sister on the day she was named Queen. His ultimate fate, is unknown. 


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