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Alternate Starts - Selachii



Note: While there is interest in this set of ideas, it is not a sure thing just yet. Unless otherwise noted, consider all of these possible options works in progress.


Arrive By Ship(Selachii Variant) - "One of many chosen to sail the seas of Nirn to a province of Tamriel's Empire facing a Civil War, I gladly agreed to the journey. If only to sail under the command of Akario, a legend among my people. Like others, he has given me leave to explore Skyrim as I see fit."

Location: Solitude Docks(possibly a newly added dock on the other side of the EEC Warehouse).

Equipment: Blades Armor(Inc. Shield), Blades Katana, 1000 Gold 

Details: May tie into the content surrounding Akario - choosing this start would mean that you came to Solitude with him. This would of course, change how he reacts to you, since ideally he has known you for quite some time. This would even change some of Mizuno's content – I.e you would be able to tell him not just that you met Akario in Solitude, but you sailed from Same-Shuto to Skyrim on the same ship.


Quest Details: 


Coming to Skyrim on a mission of diplomacy, I was present in the Blue Palace when Akario met with the current Jarl of Haafingar. A gift was promised to the court - one of my race's famed Sakura, or Cherry Blossom trees. As per custom, it was accepted, and promised to be delivered within a day's time to the palace. However, I have been informed that the shipment never made it to the palace, and Akario wants to find out why - he has asked that I report to him as soon as I am able, and I will probably be tasked with tracking the gift down.


Bandit(Selachii Variant) - "Sure, taking this wreck seemed like a good idea. Only there was little to take, and what little there was, is being hoarded in the cabin. I do not know why I choose to join this group. They have no ambition - though I am perfectly aware that fixing the wreck is next to impossible. Perhaps it is time that I make my own way."

Locations: Wreck of the Winter War, Orphan's Tear, Wreck of the Pride of Tel Vos

Equipment: Same as LAL Bandit start. 

Details: Similar to the Bandit LAL start, only this one focuses on the few wrecked ships, whose occupants are mostly bandits. 


Pirate - "I can count myself, lucky. If only because I have a history that is, varied. From a Sailor among my race, to one of them who lost faith in the profession, and took to the opposite - a pirate. Serving on several ships under several captains, the most recent one considered the worst. For the most treasures we plunder, are from merchant ships, like those of the East Empire Trading Company. They can call me a deserter, but I have been thinking about leaving for a while. Maybe it is time to do so."

Location: Dainty Sload

Equipment: Ragged Trousers, Scimitar, 200 Gold

Details: Similar to some other LAL starts, the player would be in a faction that means the Corsairs aboard the ship won't outright attack them. If the player uses this start, and later joins the Thieves guild, if one of the optional quests is done concerning the Dainty Sload, a mod added encounter with the Ship's captain will have them recognize the player.


Selachii Villager - (W.I.P)

Background Text: 2 Variants, 1 Variable detail - Orphan, or Oldest Sibling, And which profession your parents were in, either Blacksmiths or Fishing.

Location: Sakana Village(Mod Specific Location)




[Static Text] Living among my people since childhood, the world outside of the village is something I am are no stranger to.  My parents made occasional trips to Skyrim's northernmost cities, and on most of these, I accompanied them.  But in spite of this, I kept to the idea that the village was were I belonged, and perhaps someday, I would explore the parts of Skyrim, or the rest of Tamriel further. Six months ago, I came of age, and the responsibility of the family business fell to me, while they were to be away. 






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