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Think tank: Radiant prostitution/Dibella quest "The marriage counsellor"



TLDR: A radiant quest for a prostitution mod but not limited to that. The clients are a couple.


Mod in mind: Radiant Prostitution (RP), spin-offs like Radiant Prostitution/Gigolo (RPG) , Night Mistress Mansion and similar

Alternative use: thinkable is a Mara-styled or Dibella-styled mod like The Sisterhood of Dibella

Modders: Feel free to use this train of thought in your mods

Limitations: I ask everybody to use this only in mods, that will be hosted here on LL and free to play. I refuse to take part or support any pay-to-play mods!


Reference: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/95304-radiant-prostitutiongigolo/?do=findComment&comment=2181290


Editorial note: This idea is still in "original" form. I will (try to) rewrite it in the next days to my proposed universal structure.


Works only with couples and comparable pairings

Though we could hint something sexual going on between siblings or simple "friends" like Rorik and Jouanne



A couple has decided to spice up their sexual life but has no clue what to do (it ends in a threesome)

Option for an additional quest branch with a foursome if the player has a follower



10 get request letter from the innkeep

15 read letter

20 obtain a book about relationship counselling

25 read the book

30 reach the location

35 talk to the clients, ask for their sexual preferences and experiences

36 the talk needs to come up with a few hidden fantasies (animation tag selectors) but no practical ideas or experiences

    randomly selected tags would be nice, so repeated jobs will vary

40 player suggests a demonstration

41 optional if a follower is present AND if tags and SL sex are matching: demonstrate proper sex with the follower

42 masturbation show if alone

45 talk to clients, clients are still without clue

50 suggest a player to client demonstration

55 have sex with one client, select animation from the discussed tags

56 if follower is present and if TAGS match: follower has sex with the other client

60 talk to the clients, clients have learned a bit but are still undecided

65 suggest a threesome / foursome if follower is present

70 have  threesome/foursome sex

75 talk to the clients

80 randomly one client asks for a last lesson

85 optional have the last lesson

90 optional receive a tip (No septims! But a trinket or something emotional. It should refelct their insecurity and not come over has pay-whore-have-sex)

95 return to inkeep

100 done


Recommended Comments

I like.


Could get tied into SLEN if Beamer ever returns.


The Missives or Notice Board mods would potentially be options, but I think the innkeeper would be a bit more discrete.


There is a mod called The Book of Sex that adds to the Riften Mara "Book of Love" quest involving some of the same ideas, but not random, radiant or using more than the 3 (and associated) NPCs from the vanilla quest.

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2 hours ago, karlpaws said:

but not random, radiant or using more than the 3 (and associated) NPCs from the vanilla quest.

That's the basic idea behind this. So we can play it again and again in different cities and maybe repeat it in the same city after some time.


Oooooh, I would LOVE to teach Jon and Olfina some basics :classic_blush:

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They are seriously in need of a lovers mod, one of my very long term goals to learn package AI is to re-route them from their own houses into one of the mod added locations for the evening and night. Sorta a happy ending for Romeo and Juliet (there is some story like that, just can't remember what).

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Oh, the Dovakin Infamy mod does have an option you can kinda get them together (or black mail the two of em to nefarious ends) but I've given up on the mod due to bugs.

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20 minutes ago, karlpaws said:

but I've given up on the mod due to bugs.

Same for me...

Plus it simply breaks too many other stories and you never know if something was supposed to leave you puzzled in a messy situation or if it's simply broken into a messy pile of bug. :confused:

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