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This entry is to describe some of the basic functions of Paradise Halls and how you should use it and really what it does at its core. If you are a long time user of the mod you can probably head over to the other entry "The Diary of Mine Guide" or keep reading if you want to maybe learn something new! Otherwise, this guide is meant for newbies to the Skyrim slavery game, so if you find yourself wanting to understand the mod better, then this is a good place to start. 


What is PAHE?

Well Paradise Halls Extended is simply a slavery mod for Skyrim, except unlike many other slavery mods on LoversLab, this one has the player doing the slaving, rather than being the slave. This mod makes it possible to enslave nearly any humanoid NPC (and even some non-humanoids) and train them into obedient servants. With the whip, the collar, and the aptitude, any Dragonborn can be a slaver themselves! So then, let's get started.



So before we start capturing our slaves, there is some preparation we need to do first. Specifically, we need some specific supplies to make our capturing (and keeping) of the slaves simple. I will describe some immersive and roleplay friendly options, as well as some "it's just magic" options, depending on what you may prefer. 


The first thing you'll need is a collar, now if you only have Paradise Halls installed, you have two collars available to you. The first is the "Iron Slave Collar" this one can be crafted for two iron ingots at any forge. The second is "Iron Slave Collar of Leashing" which has many more requirements to craft at a forge, but there is a good reason for that. To explain this better, we have to address the mechanic of "Leashing." Leashing means your slave has a "leashing item" equipped, like the Collar of Leashing I just mentioned. In the MCM menu for this mod, you can alter the setting "advanced leashing collar." If this setting is turned on, it means any leashing item will make it so your slave will never try to escape. If it is turned off, your slave will try to escape at times, but if you use the "Leash To" spell (this can be found in Farengar's Study if you activate that plugin, otherwise use console or AddItemMenu to find the tome), you can tether them to an area using magic, which means they will never be able to escape from that area.


Additionally you should know that all collars from DeviousDevices count as leashing items, which means they act the same as the original, and any blindfold from DeviousDevices is leashing too. Also, any "cuff" restraints from ZazAnimationPack are leashing. (These are the ones that are both ankle and wrist restraints, like "zbf wrist cuffs leather")


So what does all this mean? Well pretty much before you go capturing slaves, you will want to have some leashing items, or be prepared to chase them down regularly until you get a chance to train them. If you want to have leashing be more magical then use leashing collars and spells. If you want an immersive way of keeping them from running, then try a blindfold or wrist/ankle restraints. Bring whatever you want, just make sure you have something!


The Capturing

So now you have your equipment and you want to go catch some slaves right? Good! Well this section is about how you can catch them quickly and effectively. 


I'll show you some methods that I've used before. Keep in mind that each method ends like this once you press the enslave button:


The NPC will die, and then reappear. Talk to the reappeared slave and say "shut up and put this on" you have the opportunity here to put on or take off whatever you want from them, I recommend giving them whatever collar and restraints you chose at this point, and I personally take their shoes, helmets, and gauntlets, but it's your game!


Method I: Submission

So the first way to capture a slave is to damage them until they fall to one knee and say something like 'mercy!' or whatever. At this point, you can press 'E' on them and select "Enslave (pah core)" and they will be captured. Easy peasy, except sometimes you can kill the one you want on accident, which is always sad :( 


Method II: Health

The next method is even more simple than the first, when an NPC's health is low enough, you can walk up to them and press 'E' to enslave them on the spot. You can alter this value in the PAHE MCM. 


Method III: Defeat

My personal go-to method. If you have SL Defeat installed, you have some cool options. Essentially, if a slave is tied up or surrendering in Defeat, you can talk to them and enslave them through dialogue there. You can do this by sneaking up behind someone and pressing 'G' with a weapon out to surrender them, and then tie them and come back later to enslave. Or you can bash someone from behind while sneaking and they will fall down, bash them again and they will be knocked out, you can wake them up later and enslave them that way. 


Miscellaneous Methods

In the MCM, you can toggle other enslavement methods, including fun stuff like paralysis and fleeing, to make some more mage slaver archetypes viable!


The Stats 

Upon starting the mod, you will see you have a new Alteration spell, "Slave Info." Casting this will show your slave's training stats.

They are:









This is the main indicator of your slave's training. Almost everything in PAHE is based off of this number. It starts at 0 and is raised by any punishment (more on that later.) Slaves will run away whenever their submission is under 60 by default, you can change that number in the MCM.  At 40 submission, you can tell your slave to address you properly and they will start speaking more respectfully.



In regular PAHE, Fear training doesn't really have any function, and is sometimes raised at seemingly random times, it is a leftover value from when the mod was being developed years ago. You can ignore it.



Anger is the same as fear, it doesn't do anything and goes up randomly. Ignore this one too. (It is used in Diary of Mine, check out the other entry to find out more)



When you tell your slave to address you properly, the chance of them doing it is based on respect training. Respect training is raised by punishing them when they forget, at at 100 respect training they should almost never forget.



Pose is also not used in regular PAHE, but it is used by Home Sweet Home and Diary of Mine. Check out those mods or my Diary of Mine guide to find out more.



Sex training is how good your slave is at being sexually pleasing. You can raise this by telling your slave you will fuck them, and then afterwards their sex training will increase. The level of training also determines how likely they are to agree to have sex with you, if they disagree, aggressive animations will be used.



One nice utility of having slaves is that you can order them to fight for you. The slave will have to have some combat training first. If they have little to no combat training they won't help you in a fight, but at high combat training they will throw themselves into the fight to protect you.


The Training 

Submission and Respect 

You can increase submission by punishing the slave, either through whipping, sex, or restraining them. You can punish them whenever you want, and sometimes there will be special occasions for it, like catching them after they run away for example. At 40 submission, you can say "Ok slave, from now on you will address me properly." From this point on they will try to use respectful dialogue, but the success chance is based on their respect training. 

To raise respect training, just punish them when they "forget" to address you properly. After a while, it will be near 100 and they'll almost never forget to be respectful.



To raise sex training, just say "Ok slave...I'm going to fuck you." The slave will either agree or disagree, and three dialogue options will be shown. (oral, anal, vaginal) If the slave agreed, then consensual options will be shown, if not, the non-consensual options will be shown. Either way, fucking the slave will raise their training each time. Keep in mind that anal, oral, and vaginal training is all tracked separately and are all used to come up with the overall sex training number, so doing all three will raise it somewhat faster than just focusing on one.



To train this one, say "Ok slave...From now on you are going to fight for me." Again they will either agree or disagree. If they disagree, try raising their submission more and try again. If they agree, then you need to get into combat with any enemy. After the combat is over, talk to the slave and say "Not in the mood to fight, eh?" and then either punish them or warn them, your choice. You can do this every time the slave is reluctant to fight, and eventually they will never hesitate and you won't have to train them anymore.


Ties and Punishment

If you tie your slave up, all training is more effective and the slave will only have a small chance to escape. You can even leave them in a different room for a little while, but too long and they can escape their binds. Ropes are the easiest to escape from, leather is harder, iron is hardest. Ropes are free, leather needs either leather strips or leather cuffs from ZazAnimationPack, and iron needs iron cuffs from ZazAnimationPack.


The Conclusion

I believe that covers all the basics for PAHE, ask any questions down below or at the PAHE thread located here: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/102948-paradise-halls-enhanced-pahe-special-edition-with-the-customary-addons/

And please check out my Diary of Mine guide for details on that amazing mod!

Thanks for reading!



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some things you can add
1. a dead body can be enslaved also. this doesn't have any difference than than normal enslave but for 1 thing. if you use a mod that say cuts them i half or such you may have to do some console trickery to remove those quipped meshes before you enslave them.
2. when enslaving always make sure you the dialogue work in right order. if  you dont get the "your a slave now" dialogue to immediately reload a save before it and to reset pahe to be safe.
3. you can enslave by hotkey. its what you do to enslave corpses or when sneaking up.
4. and enslaving is a crime and  you count as the persons killer.

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