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  1. most of my mods is from here i and i treyed this and went to another one you made but ye you know i did as you said put them all under Lustful Void SE Humanoid SE Humanoid Plus or do you want to know my full list?
  2. i dont know if it works in the wild lascivity option > planet Decisions. in ther shall it say hiden or show on the butten?
  3. w sorry to be a noob, but what shall i chance in it
  4. ?? what do you mean chance the main files. you mean chance in the game or in a mod i did just what you said in the description Load Order : Lustful Void SE Human 2 *This mod*
  5. you are a fucking star my hero in need. now i only have one problem left to solvd
  6. we need a sexy city mod and sexy ships or somting
  7. i have a problem i try t omake a robot empire but the combo traint sexbot have so mutch minus points i cant get it to 0 or plus. how do i get that and robbots dont have anny civic taint to pick not anny sexy ones. one ide is they consume sperm to energi. give them few extra enegy credits. or somting
  8. i got the mod on now after starchildkiss fix but it dosent show upp for me then i want to creat a new empire is it my end or?
  9. what shall i do then it say like this stellaris the path in this mod descriptor file is invalid or does not exist its on the robophilia mod
  10. I want more EVENTS . GIVE me more. i have played the my first playthrow and it was fun. i made a race with snake women warrior race that have kidnaped human males and use them as breding. keep upp the good work ohh ye btw when i typed that i remeber when i played i found a world with umm stone age ailen that you can build a observertory. mabe make so you can do somting sexy with them on it anyway i shall go and play another game last one took 80h
  11. the path in this mod descripor file is invalid or does not exist how do i fix that
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