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Kofman Interview



Ask Kofman a question! Kofman77, the creator of the Dragonscale Bikini mod, has agreed to be interviewed. If YOU want to ask him something reply to this post!


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Aria: Will we be getting Daedric Bikini Armor? I love your mods!


How do you make so any different options for clothing? It is so cool, and lore friendly :)

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You (kofman77) were absent, so it seems, not reacting on pm´s for example anymore. I wonder if everything is alright? Usually i recieved replies :(


And 2nd question:


Were you able to get you hands on the "Glass Bikini Files" Nisetanaka started worked on quite some time ago but the abandoned the projct. He had posted some pics on social media, i believe this pic was an early preview:


이 글래스 방어구 모드를 찾습니다. - 툴리우스 채널

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People, this is Skyrim. Ask in-character:


"How do you feel? I think you might be sick."


Q: Will we get more from Rosa? I feel she left quite the impression on the scene. And it would be a shame if you was just a pretty face.

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1. Thanks for all your work in the past, I still use CBBE and I always love your conversions.

2. Will we get an armor for Stalhrim?

3. Also how are you doing overall this year?

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