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Flora de Castilles ~ Chapter 1 ~ The Orichalcum Mine Part 2





"If you really are an adventurer, you must have in your possession a letter from some local Jarl, right?"


Without letting her guard down, Flora answered : "Indeed i have a letter from the Jarl of Riften"

The redhead, who had taken a few steps back, moved closer to her gigantic two-handed sword.

Nilmandra walked towards Flora with a light step, no fear showing on her face.


"Show me the letter." she said.





"And don't try anything stupid." added the girl with red hair.


Without taking her eyes off the half-elf, she slowly put away her secondary dagger to take out a crumpled paper from
the sleeve of her gauntlet then handed it to her.

After a quick read, the blonde returned the letter to her.


"Very well, it seems you said the truth. A chance that you did not come here at the request of a villager as we did,
the problem could have been a little more complicated to solve."
she said with a big smile on her face and an undisguised playfulness.
in the eyes.

"Now that we have cleared this misunderstanding let's move on to our second problem."


"What do you mean?" Flora answered keeping her blade up towards the other.


"You were spying on us, right? No need to deny it you're soaked down there. And judging by how you were moaning, it seems you liked the show, don't you?"


"Th-This is not..."


The half-elf laughed softly, an ambient sweetness surrounding her like a veil.

"Come on you don't have to be ashamed of it, it's natural after all."


Flora could see that the other was playing with her.

"In compensation how about... having a little fun just the three of us?"

Flora tightened her fingers on her tanto, these two girls were dangerous, she could feet it, even if deep inside the proposal tempted her, and the sight of their naked bodies
gave off something both obscene and very erotic.


Her sidekick was still standing behind her two steps from her weapon, watching for the slightest movement.

The blonde sighed then spoke again : "I could get rid of you with my bare hands and the same goes for her."

She nodded at the redhead.

"I can see by looking at youy body and your movements that you are well trained but I can tell you that we are in no way comparable."


Her sweet smile still shaping her face; her eyes betrayed no fear or hesitation.

Flora felt the hairs at the back of her neck stand on end one by one and a cold sweat flood her chest and her back.

She was caught like a rabbit between the claws of a saber cat. And she didn't really liked it.

It wasn't her first fight. She even considered herself quite experienced but she could feel the gap that separated them in matters of combat.


"Come on, we will only spend some good time together. By the way, I advise you not to try to run away."

It was like she read her mind. Without other alternative, Flora dropped to one knee in surrender, planting the blade of her weapon in the ground.




"That's more reasonable." she continued before turning her back on her, the proof that she wasn't considered as a threat at all.


The redhead who remained silent until then addressed the other : "Are you sure about this?"

"Absolutely sure. Don't we say "the more the merrier?"


"Come on, join us, we don't bite... at least for now ..." she said to flora.




Flora stood up to walk hesitantly towards them.

"What's with that face , we're only going to have a lot of fun!"


Flora stood in front of them, uncomfortable.

Flora has never had a lesbian experience before. And now she found herself surrounded by two of them.

Everything she knew on the subject came down to what she had read in erotic novels.


"Could it be that you're still virgin?"

Flora blushed without answering.

"It seems that's the case." added the redhead with a small laugh.




"N-no i'm not, i-it's just than i never did it with a woman before..." Her voice shattered when she finished her sentence.


"Well you don't have to be scared, i'll take the lead then."


The blonde walked nimbly towards her, and before she could do anything her mouth and hers met, giving her a gentle kiss.

Her lips tasted sweet and her body smelled a fragrance multiple flowers essences, the lavender was the only one she could recognize.




"This is so cute, the way you closed your eyes when i kissed you."


Flora was going to answer something, when the half-elf kissed her again, with more passion this time.




She felt her tongue entering her mouth, and timidly she responded by doing the same.




Both their tongues were dancing like distraught snakes producing a whirlwind of movements where their salivas got mixed up.


"Hey i want to participate too don't leave me out.I want to give a hand to our guest."


'Giving her a hand' couldn't be more appropriated, Flora soon felt two hands coming from behind her fondle her buttocks.

Those hands were strong, not as large as those of a man would be, but still she could tell it by the pressure on her skin.

They had callosities on them, something normal from a two-handed weapon user like her but they stil remained soft.


It was night and day compared to the softness of her companion's hands, one of them was caressing her neck, while she still kissed her with passion, the other
on her right side maintaining her so she could kiss her even deeper.






After what it seemed to last minutes, the blond removed her tongue from her mouth, leaving a thick trickle of saliva hanging between their tongues.

"You're even cuter when you blush." she declared.

Flora couldn't deny it, her cheeks were hot like fire.


With a little smile, the other landed a kiss on her throat. Then between her breasts. Another on her belly button where she sticked her tongue and licked it.

Now she were squatting, her face facing her groin.

Flora felt a tongue on her clit, making languorous circles on it. She gasped when she felt the hands behind spreading her buttocks and another tongue started
licking her from behind.







Flora never imagined it would be so good. The tongues were strolling on her clit, her slit and her asshole, sometimes touching themselves.

Without any doubt, they were skilled at this.

Already wet from the kiss from earlier, the dancing tongues made the things worse.

She coulnd't hold back her moans, as their mouth started to sucking on her private parts.




The frantic licks alternately followed the sucking on her pussy, it was only a matter of time before she came.

She went through spasms, and reached orgasm, squirting directly at the faces of girls she never met before.

Her head was dizzy, and it took a time before she realized the tongues wasn't licking her anymore.


The blonde, her face sprayed with fluids, looked at her with a mixed air of surprise and satisfaction.


"I admit that I did not expect that to happen. So, the girl is a squirter. This is becoming interesting..."


She pretended to get up, and without warning, she knocked Flora to the ground and put herself on top of her, dominating her.

She tilted her head and kissed her, her face still covered with Flora's juices.




"Do you like how your taste?" she said, her eyes full of mischief.




She kissed her again, passionately, pushing her tongue deeper into Flora's mouth, then paused.





She positioned herself so that her vulva was above Flora's head.


"Now it's your turn, girl. Show me what you can do, and do it well!"


The other girl seemed to enjoy the show and didn't miss a beat.


Flora, determined to show her that she would not lose at that game, stuck her mouth on the sex of the blonde and started to gently lick her clitoris.


"Come on, I'm sure you can do a lot better than that." the other said, a smirk on his face.


Annoyed by her arrogance, Flora, who had started to masturbate, decided to show her what she can do.





Tracing her pussy lips with her tongue, she teased her clit just a little bit each time she completed a circle.


The blonde's face betrayed her pleasure for a moment before she smiled again.


"I see, you hide your game well, maybe you can satisfy me after all."


Flora's tongue continued to run through her private parts, always going faster, sometimes lingering on her most sensitive spot, before plunging into her vagina.

The girl was also  masturbating now, her face no longer able to contain the waves of pleasure that were beginning to overwhelm her.











From her pussy dripped a slightly sweet nectar, the taste of which raised the Flora excitement.


The blond who started making small moans, grabbed Flora's head.


"Right there, yeah." she whispered as she buried Flora's head deeper between her thighs.


This one, surprised, could not breathe very well this way, but that did not prevent her hand from continuing its way between her legs and
she redoubled in intensity with her mouth and her tongue, sucking, alternately licking the sex of the half-elf.











Her moans grew louder and she finally released Flora's head to move her upper body back.




Flora continued her assault, the blonde was panting, staring into space, her pussy ever wetter.


She was about to cum too, and her sex partner couldn't be far from it either.




The blonde's body quivered and she let out a moan of pleasure as she reached the orgasm. Flora comes at the same time very excited by the tought of making another woman cum.






As she ejaculated, she received a powerful squirt of hot liquid in her face and mouth.

Surprised, she swallowed it and began to cough, while the blond started to laugh.


"Sorry, you're not the only squirter here!" she said with a contented smile for having had her revenge.




The redhead who was still watching them, addressed her sidekick.


"Enough, I'm tired of waiting, don't keep her to yourself."


"Ok Yanessa, she's yours, but be careful, the little girl is doing pretty well."




Flora was a little lost after coming again, she got up as best she could.


The so-called Yanessa approached her, staring at her with her green eyes before taking her by the waist to kiss her.




She smelled like a mixture of essential oils like the other girl, but her body odor was more musky.




Her lips, soft, less fleshy, tasted of spices and honey.

Her callused hands caressed her skin as she gave her a French kiss producing sucking noises as their tongues and mouths collided.


She stopped abruptly, leaned forward, giving Flora a nice view of her rump.





"You guess what you have to do right?" she said unansweredly.


Flora glanced in the direction of the blonde who seemed very amused by the scene, as her hand scanned her crotch again.

She looked back at her, undisguised lust on her face.


Flora did not know why but she started to blush, before kneeling, finding her head in front of the ass of the said Yanessa.


"Come on, this is not the time to be shy."


Yanessa grabbed her head with one hand and directed it towards her behind.


"Now show me what you are worth."


Annoyed that she was constantly being given orders, Flora decided to do it anyway.




Clinging firmly to the hips of the girl she buried her mouth on her pussy.


The half-elf was drenched too. Her crotch smelled even more musky than her body, but it was not unpleasant, which again fueled Flora's excitement.


Licking her private parts, she found that her juices tasted less sweet than the blonde, mixed with a strange spicy taste that she could not describe.





Yanessa, who seemed to think her technique was convincing, put her hands on her knees in order to facilitate the task for Flora, who redoubled licks

on the sensitive points of her opponent.




The blonde whose first name she still did not know continued to touch herself not far from them, visibly stimulated by the service her friend was enjoying.







Yanessa straightened up.


"Not too bad." she said, her body glistening with sweat, the drops of which beaded on her chest before sinking between her huge breasts,

like diamonds in the glow of the torch flame.


She moved even closer to Flora who was still kneeling, positioning her sex in front of her face then suddenly grabbed her head with both hands before burying it between her thighs.

Her strength was out of proportion with that of the other girl, Flora could not extricate herself, her face almost crushed, her mouth pressed against her sex.






She resumed her work, feeling drops of sweat fall intermittently on her hair.


Yanessa who appreciated the application shown by Flora on her private parts began to moan softly, her vagina emitting in waves ever more love juice.





She then took Flora by the hair and straddled her face so that she could better access his crotch.


It was the first time that Flora was totally dominated, she didn't necessarily like it but right now her arousal was at its peak.


Holding on as best she could to the powerful thighs of her partner, she used all her ardor to eat her pussy.







Yanessa was now about to come, her body covered in sweat that was dripping all over the place.


Flora could feel drops of salty sweat meeting her lips and tongue and the scent of the girl teased her strongly.








Until the point of no return where Flora had another orgasm, her body went through spasms and shivers of pleasure while continuing to satisfy Yanessa's needs.


She came, just seconds after her, her thighs tightened on Flora's head as she still held her by the hair.


At that precise moment, her head locked between her thighs, her mouth close to her vulva, she received a stream of hot liquid which filled her mouth and her throat,
half of it she was forced to swallow, half choking.




Yanessa released her hold on her, satisfied.


Flora, coughing, sat on the floor, was out of breath.


"Hmm, I have to admit that she's not too clumsy for her first time, although she still has a lot to learn on the subject."


"Didn't she? She deserves a little reward I think..." retorted the blonde, looking at her sidekick mischievously.


"Don't worry i'll give her something nice."


Yanessa held out her hand to Flora to help her up. Once standing Flora felt her wobbly legs half giving way under her weight,
still in shock from her powerful repetitive orgasms.


The half-elf began to gently stroke his crotch with her hand gently passing over her still erect clit.


Her hand was moving, agile and skillful, seemed to know all his sensitive points.









Visibly excited by the expression of intense pleasure on Flora's face, Yanessa turned to kiss her, tenderly this time.

Now face to face, she held Flora with her leg while continuing to kiss her passionately.

Flora, empty-eyed, succumbing to the pleasures offered to her, no longer thought and had instinctively started moving her tongue against
the one running through her mouth.




Then she unconsciously began to masturbate her partner.

In return, Yanessa's fingers entered her, and began to move diligently, each time reaching the "special" area, and Flora began to lose control completely in the face of so much pleasure.
Yanessa, her eyes fixed on Yanessa's, saw how much she got off and that excited her.


Panting, she put all her art into making her come, his expert fingers pacing the inside of her vagina as if they knew every nook and cranny.





Staring blankly, poor Flora felt a colossal orgasm coming, such as she had never known or believed possible before.
When she reached it, she thought she was losing her mind, her body was so overwhelmed with pleasure.
At this sight, the excitement of her partner was such that she also reached orgasm while moaning softly.





If Yanessa's orgasm had been controlled, Flora's one had been explosive and she had collapsed, completely exhausted.






"Didn't you go a little too hard on her? Look at her, she can't even stand up anymore."


"I showed her that her body could reach a new level of pleasure ,more than everything she had known before, no more and no less."


"You and your troll strength, you could have taken it easy"


"Shut up, Nil. She's no longer able to continue, we're going to have to do without her now."





"Are you sure about that? Have you ever forgotten that we are in possession of a stockpile of potions that increase sexual abilities." she said, nodding her head at the table.


"I intend to resell them, do not waste the merchandise."

"Then ,you can deduce it from my share of the resales, don't worry"

"Nilmandra, you are really boring sometimes. Go ahead, do  whatever you want, no one can stop you when you're like that."


A bottle already in hand, she walked towards Flora with enthusiasm, Yanessa cursing her behavior behind her.




After removing the cap from the bottle, she poured its contents into Flora's mouth.


"The potion may work after a while." she commented.


"Or maybe the bandits replaced the potion with something else, like poison."


Flora came back to her senses, her body was burning and she was heavily sweating.

Seeing that Flora was recovering, Nilmandra took the opportunity to insert the empty bottle into her vagina.




Surprised by the feeling of something entering her, Flora straightened up and removed the bottle while the half elf laughed at her.


"Alright. It sounds like the potion I've heard of. Luckily it wasn't poison." she continued, smiling as usual.


Seeing the look of annoyance on Flora's face, she continued to laugh, as she walked over to the table where she rested her hands offering a contemplative view of
her brassed-skin body, turning her bottom in Flora's direction.

"I would love to take some of that famous potion." Nilmandra said, addressing no one in particular."

Yanessa who had come forward in the meantime retorted : "This will also be deducted from your share of the money."


"Of course my dear."


Then turning to Flora : "I'm still waiting for my potion."


Flora did not need to be asked, she went to the stock of flasks, then took one of medium size in order to avenge herself.




She brought it back to the sublime creature but instead of giving it to her, she removed the cap from the potion and put it in her pussy.


Nilmandra let out a cry of surprise, when the bottle entered her the liquid pouring into the duct of her vagina.




Yanessa laughed softly.


"Caught up on at your own game, eh?"




The vial halfway inserted into her, Nilmandra turned her head to Flora with a look of bewilderment on her face.


"You little...!" She gave a small smile and then said: "Did I say that I didn't like it?"




Flora easily understood what she wanted. She grabbed the phallus made of glass and began to move back and forth with it, liquid spilling out of the girl's slit.
It had an effect on her, you could clearly hear her little gasps.
In addition the potion, partly absorbed by her vaginal mucous membranes began to make her sweat.
Just like Flora, who was in turmoil and would pick up the pace.




"S-Slow down..." Nilmandra muttered, her body now burning as the liquid poured into her and the phallus-shaped bottle made its way into her.
Going slower was out of question now.

Sweat covered the back, breasts and thighs of the half-elf, when she had an orgasm she could not control and a crystalline ejaculation was projected

from her urethra to the floor.
Flora stopped the movements but left the bottle in place.

Yanessa had watched the scene with great enthusiasm, reveling in the helplessness of her sidekick who was taking a backlash.
Trembling, Nilmandra straightened up, gently removed the object that was still inside her, a flood of potion spilling onto the floor.

An expression of intense satisfaction on her face, she continued : "We can resume now."

"Wait a minute, I didn't have a potion myself."

"So now you change your mind, Yan? Remember that this will be on your share of the money!" she said with undisguised pleasure.

"Sure, but I'll help myself this time." She pointed to the larger model of bottle.




She picked it up and then put it on the floor at the angle that suited her best while the other two watched her.
Flora thought it would never fit given the diameter of the object.


Yanessa sat down on the previously opened vial, and it began to enter her, very slowly, helped by her fluids which had prepared the ground.


Flora couldn't believe that the 'glans' of the bottle was already inside her, dilating the walls of her vagina.


It had to be the maximum that she could get inside her because she began to go up to better then go down on her object of pleasure, causing a movement
suction on the contents of the bottle which spilled a little more with each back and forth in the Yanessa's pussy.









Her body, already covered in sweat, was getting hotter and hotter and sweat was beading from all her pores.
Moaning every time it entered her, she accelerated the movement, approaching the coveted orgasm.

In a final assault, she came, pushing a hot geyser out of her body with a cry of pleasure.

She then stood up.


"Impressive, the potion is really effective, in addition to restoring the vigor it boosts the sexual appetite"


"Something to get hooked on. So, where were we?"


Flora didn't know if it was because of the potion, or the scorching atmosphere, but she wasn't worried anymore.
Now what mattered to her was to make the most of the moment.


"I believe we stopped there."


She walked over to Yanessa and kissed her then knelt down to satisfy her second mouth.


"Do you see that? That little girl does not cease to amaze me."


After that the three girls continued their sex orgy.


Flora soon lost the count of her orgasms.
Everything was just, heat, sweat, lustful smells.
They had entered a frenzied trance, seeking nothing but pleasure.





















After hours Flora had to admit defeat, while she fainted from fatigue and so much pleasure the last image she saw before sinking was that of the two half-elves still as much
unleashed who continued to make love. Flora smirked in satisfaction, then fell asleep on the floor.





She was dreaming that she was kissing Nilmandra when she woke up. Eyes cloudy, she saw his face above her. The kiss was not part of the dream.
She was lying on the couch.




"My dear, I hope you slept well" said the girl with her usual smile.

"I've finished packing the potions, move it Nil!"

Yanessa was standing a little further away. The two girls were already ready to leave.

"Ok, I'm coming"



Flora sat up straight, her body aching from last night.

"Ah, I forgot, we didn't even introduce ourselves. I'm Nilmandra and this brute is Yanessa"

"What, who is a brute?" the other replied with a scowl.

Ignoring her, Nilmandra resumed :
"I must say that you did not disappoint us last night" she said while biting her lower lip while examining Flora still naked from bottom to top.
"Even if you clearly lack stamina." she added, laughing.



Flora a little disconcerted finally managing to say : "I am Flora De Castilles".

"Hmmm ... Flora, what a pretty name, definitely, you have everything to please me." replied the blonde.



"Hey Blondie, can you hurry, I want to get there early enough to hand over the goods."

"See you next time, little girl." she added to Flora's attention.

"That's too bad we have to go, i would have spend more time with you." Nilmandra said, staring at Flora with her green eyes.

Flora didn't think she could have endured the same treatment another day.

"I look forward to our next meeting with great impatience." she concluded.
She landed a sweet kiss on Flora's lips before heading towards her friend who was already leaving.

She turned to Flora : "I forgot, you can keep the reward offered by the Jarl, consider this as a gift for your yesterday's performance."

Then she rejoined her partner, disappearing around the corner towards the exit.
Flora was speechless for a moment before deciding to get dressed and retrieve her weapons, then once ready headed for the exit.

She was replaying the images from the night before in her head, but an idea came to her mind and she couldn't shake it off
"If I had run into bad guys I sure would be dead by now, or worse," she thought.
"I'm not strong enough yet."



She paused in front of the mine exit, took a deep breath, and pushed open the doors again, leaving behind that heavy, thick atmosphere.
She felt a light cool breeze on her cheeks which revived her. Reinvigorated she said aloud: "I will become stronger, you will see." , before resuming his journey.



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thank you a fantastic journey for dear Flora and real good pictures and movements , like to see more of her  ?

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Thanks, it's only the beginning of her adventures. Stay tuned, there'll be more.

I have already writtent the basic story for another chapter. It takes place further down in the main story.

For now i'm thinking about the middle chapters.  ?


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I'll agree with the writing style being pleasant and quite cared upon, which does carry the entry. However, it felt a bit long and not that eventful to be honest. So the story itself could use more than just a sex scene to maintain/renew the readers' attention. Technically though, nothing to say. Nice work overall. ?



Malicia : « Those gals were very silly. Plus you're supposed to drink the potions, not put them into your pee-pee no. They should get brain surgery next. :classic_sleep: »

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4 hours ago, Tirloque said:

I'll agree with the writing style being pleasant and quite cared upon, which does carry the entry. However, it felt a bit long and not that eventful to be honest. So the story itself could use more than just a sex scene to maintain/renew the readers' attention. Technically though, nothing to say. Nice work overall. ?



Malicia : « Those gals were very silly. Plus you're supposed to drink the potions, not put them into your pee-pee no. They should get brain surgery next. :classic_sleep: »

Thank you once again!

I know it was a bit long. I guess i got carried away while writing. :sweat_smile:

I wanted to give Yanessa and Nilmandra two different, almost opposite characters. The sex scenes were supposed to show that, with their way of dealing with Flora.

I don't know if I managed to transcribe their natures, maybe i need to work more on that.

I was going to tell the reader more about them originally but i prefered to keep that for later.

Now i want to concentrate on Flora, the poor girl hasn't any background for now. :wink:


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