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  1. thank you very nice to read and watch your story ,waiting for more 🥰
  2. wilson99

    Déjà fait.

    thank you as good as always , i love your stories and all what is happening 🤩
  3. thanks that was good to see again and i am looking forward to see how it goes on , thanks for your coming back 🤩
  4. thank you that is a great voyage and all the explanations you gave us , of the fantastic Gwynolda , i am looking forward to see more of her life 🤩
  5. thank you nice story and cool pictures , well done , waiting for more 🤩
  6. thank you that was lovely , like all your people and a super story ,please make more of those 🥰
  7. thank you , a nice story and beautiful pictures and all the fantastic spells you created , waiting for more 😍
  8. Wow what a nice surprise , thank you , i missed your lovely ladies and companions and the stories , i wish you all the very best for the real life and the future 😁
  9. thank you very nice story , i must say don't really to go to the soulcairn , very gloomy and get lost in there , but your ladies are cool 😜
  10. wilson99

    Déjà vu

    thank you great story again , i am always pleased when i see your name , please keep them coming , can't wait 🥰
  11. thank you for all the happy hours you have given us , and i hope we can give you a little help with our thoughts , be strong 😄
  12. wilson99

    T Y G

    thank you just fantastic motions with them darlings 🥰
  13. wilson99


    thank you never want to miss your stories , i am always amazed what comes next , beautiful and lovely people 🤩
  14. thank you very interesting story , wow what a cock , looking forward to see more 😍
  15. thank you i love the fantastic voice of Serana in your mod and it makes it super fun to travel together , for me no Skyrim se , without your Serana 🥰
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