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  1. wilson99

    The way out.

    thank you i love your sisters very much looking forward to the next chapters
  2. wilson99

    Nikita Nobody (custom sim with CC)

    thank you i love your Nikita started a new game with her
  3. wilson99

    Skyrim lesson number 55.

    not a bad days work for your hero i always thought elfs are welcome in solitude
  4. wilson99

    [SUNSAKUKA] Friday Entry No. #19 Shannon & Eliel

    thank you every Friday a highlight to see you make my day
  5. wilson99

    Skyrim lesson number 54.

    sometimes it is better to keep quiet not to get more punishment ha ha
  6. wilson99

    Skyrim lesson number 50.

    good for him i hope Haelga is not calling some brut to beat him again
  7. wilson99

    Skyrim lesson number 49.

    What a plot Mjoll is working the whole of Skyrim but the poor elf gets a beating hard hard unfair world
  8. wilson99

    Part 11(?) First steps.

    i love your sisters very cool story looking forward to the next chapters thank you
  9. wilson99

    Skyrim lesson number 44.

    like they say fall down get up and try again that´s it at least he had sex without getting beaten up
  10. wilson99

    Skyrim lesson number 43.

    that was strange shit for sure i am not surprised it burned good expressions thank you surely something good must come his way ?
  11. wilson99

    Advanced Animation Framework

    the one and only this voice is ageless never to be forgotten RIP
  12. wilson99

    Skyrim lesson number 39.

    he should try to swim there are only a couple of biting fish in the water haha good story as always thank you
  13. wilson99

    Skyrim lesson number 36.

    poor guy its like casino you always put your chips on the wrong color thank you for your stories never miss one !
  14. wilson99

    Skyrim lesson number 34.

    at long last he won a fight prison is unfair should have fun with his wife for this
  15. wilson99

    Skyrim lesson number 32.

    but stupid people have a longer life because there are a lot more stupid in the world