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  1. the plot is getting very interesting , innkeepers personal movie i like it , can`t wait what happens next thank you 😍
  2. wilson99

    Chapter 24

    hope i never miss your stories amazing as always thank you love your ladies 😘
  3. thanks lovely stories again Cass is amazing and the horse wow hope all is going well again 😮
  4. nice story too nice for stranger if he starts singing now surely some bad weather must be rolling in ?
  5. wow fantastic story and the pictures out of this world thank you 😘
  6. wow that was some outstanding episode lovely views and ugly guys and funny and the Mimik of some of them,great ?
  7. i can like those kind of interviews and i am looking forward to the new adventures thank you ?
  8. a super lesson given by a scholar what a surprise ?
  9. thank you Cass is amazing the wording at the progress was outstanding and the horse wow made my Sunday ?
  10. wow that was stunning one could feel sorry or what for everyone in this epic happening outstanding and imposing to create something like that - shaking - thank you ?
  11. i would say Ivy is a good Thane to have she looks out for Stranger well done ?
  12. wilson99

    Chapter 23

    thank you that`s not only happen at Christmas i love your stories and the pictures perfectly done ?
  13. wow that`s a turnup for the books looking forward to see thank you ?
  14. thank you looking forward to your Malia to get into a new game play ?
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