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A Game of Flesh


Completed startled, Arcano laid on the floor in the chamber. This was not how he imagined the meeting with Savos Aren would went down.




“Did I catch you off guard, Lord Arcano? You were making a speech about- your “vision”?”


Otylia comforted the immobilized High Elf, laying between her two legs.




“Although Lord Arch-Mage does not feel the same way. I’m beginning to question your honesty.”


Ever so gently with one foot, Otylia traced the penis protruding from Arcano’s robes.




“You see. We have an intricate way to deal with traitors and apostates in this establishment.”




“Lady Antan. I assure you. This is a huge misunderstand-“




“Excuses, deceptions. It seems your cock has more credibility than you.” 




Arcano could not come up with any response, as Otylia put her rear end onto his head, rendering him speechless.




Her feet twiddled Arcano’s private like a toy that she owned. Another twitch came from the penis when she boldly molested it.

“hn- What a shame…”  



“Otylia. Come here. I think he got the idea.”

The voice of Savos Aren bellowed from the other side, as Otylia stopped all of her action. She stood away from Arcano in a graceful, sloven way just for him to watch.





“Show Lord Arcano how we repay loyalty.”

It appeared Savos Aren had been watching the interaction between them, and giving Otylia the order to interrogate Arcano.




“*chuckle* Certainly. my lord.”

Leaving Arcano behind, she walked over to the commander with open arms.



It looked like she was going for an embrace at first. However, she got down on her knees before Savos Aren.




Her glare turned to Arcano, Savos’s penis grasped firmly in her hand. Meanwhile, Savos raised his voice.


"The north hasn’t been kind to you I see. Lacking someone to warm your bed or tug you off at nights, stress are bound to come, and stress leads to mistakes."


He looked down at Otylia, who stared back in a mesmerizing look.


“Good… good. Lord Arcano would kill for a woman like you. The perfect slut, the ultimate sex toy.”




I will show him.” 

The words slipped out, unadulterated, but through Otylia’s moist lips, it was an invitation to the most unspeakable debauchery.  


“Aye. Make him watch.”




A palm rest heavily on her head, as if to insert some sort of dominance. To Otylia, it was barely a nuance, it only made it harder for her to savor the cock. As for Arcano, his heart burnt as jealousy clarified within him.





Otylia picked up the pain on Arcano’s face, the already vulgar slurping sound of the fellatio, now louder with intent.


“Nnn…. Uuuu-mmm…jyuruuuuu….npuuu…Nnn-” 




“Ha! She loves it sloppy.” 

The mockery of the Arch-mage hardly made it to Arcano’s ear, when the whole room was filled with wet, vacuum-like sound of Otylia’s vigorous endeavor...



Recommended Comments

Excellent work on the ambiance, both with the posing/expressions, and with the dialogues. The lighting and viewing angles are also notable, and show the effort to magnify or better highlight the events. It's shorter than the usual, but still has the twisted touch, the manipulative aspect of your previous chapters. Great entry. :D


Malicia : « Otylia's very trying to make Ancano mad. No wonder he's always in a bad mood, uh. :classic_ph34r: »

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4 hours ago, Rattlesnark said:

Great posing work! The fluids edit is really clean too, well done :)

there's one shot that's close-up to show off the fidelity of the model. But it didn't live up to my standard so I took away.





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it's a light entry, not particularly sexy but I need to build up the dynamics between those three. 
I wonder if Malicia knows what happen at the higher-up.

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16 minutes ago, Aristoslowpoke said:

because she looks vampirey??

Great eye color! And maybe she looks a bit like Nora ;) 

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Wow!... Nice work! She is so Devious she would make Ol Uncle Sam blush. She is so Badass with that look in her Eye. ?:heart:;):thumbsup: 




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8 hours ago, Jayomms said:

Wow!... Nice work! She is so Devious she would make Ol Uncle Sam blush. She is so Badass with that look in her Eye. ?:heart:;):thumbsup: 

  Reveal hidden contents



She did turn out to be way more devious than I expected. Just an unstoppable tornado of sluttiness, but I guess that's good? 


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2 hours ago, Gallo45 said:

Dayummm. What mods did you use to get your character to look like that she looks hot asf

That's a big compliment thanks!
I used demoniac textures and ECE. Nothing special.  

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19 hours ago, Aristoslowpoke said:

it's a light entry, not particularly sexy but I need to build up the dynamics between those three. 
I wonder if Malicia knows what happen at the higher-up.

Malicia : « I very know everything !


               'cause I do read lots of things, you see ? So I'm very intelligent. :classic_sleep: »


18 hours ago, Alter Native said:

Great eye color! And maybe she looks a bit like Nora ;) 

And maybe because she's as manipulative as Nora during intercourse.


Hopefully for Ancano he's not going to end-up bleeding to death afterwards. :classic_wink:

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