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  1. Yep. I've brushed up the audio a bit and make it binaural. I really anchored my writing to her character so every line pops. I wonder how Malicia would react to Otylia lol.
  2. Fixed it! I commissioned the voice lines. I feel like it helps grounding Otylia as a character, what's your impression on her so far?
  3. Thank you! I converted them to mp4 so people don't have to download. Spent a lot of time writing this.
  4. A Daring Study For a mage as ambitious as Otylia Antan, often delves into the Arcanaeum. Between the dusty tomes and creased scrolls, she was lost in her rumination, therefore did not notice the malicious figure that shadowed her. “Don’t move. I know who you are, slut.” “oh? What is the meaning of this? ” “Face forward. I know about your tryst with the Arch-Mage. He’s been enjoying these tits, hasn’t he?” He gleefully asked, thinking he had ensnared a victim. In a rude manner, his hands quickly latched onto Otylia's tender breasts. "“The most enchanting southern plums” is how he worded." Otylia made a quick turn, her shoulders blocked his arms away. Her glare pierced straight through Phinis like throwing knifes, who was taken back by the cunning look on her face and the unexpected reaction from the woman. “I’m afraid you interrupted my study, lord Gestor. Can’t you see this is a place of learning?” “wh- What are y-“ “Dear lord. Did you seriously walk in here like this? Don’t you know few of us can see through the illusion like it’s a child’s play? She mocked after noticing his uncovered crotch. “Silly me. Why dress up a dog when you need it to mate?” “You-” a-daring-study_clip_1.mp4 “Of course. They never strictly forbid intercourse in the Arcanaeum. But it’s more thrilling when there is an audience around, isn’t it?” Otylia surveyed the surrounding. There were at least six other people in the Arcanaeum, all minding their own businesses. a-daring-study_clip_2.mp4 “Look at them… So oblivious, so simpleminded. They wouldn’t even know if someone is fucking right under their noses.” Her eyes circled back to Phinis, who was sweating profusely when reason overcame his sexual drive. She leaned over to his ears. a-daring-study_clip_3.mp4 “We could finish right here, and everyone would be none the wiser.” Phinis left his mouth wide open, he failed to react to Otylia's adulterous proposition. Her voice as gentle as a lover’s caress, slowly breathing every word on the anxious man. a-daring-study_clip_4.mp4 “You can even cum inside me... there will be no, trace.” Completely awestruck, he was torn between leaving and following his instinct. Meanwhile, his penis had reached full erection. Taking advantages of this, Otylia extended her hand and seized the shaft of Phinis’s manhood. The forwardness of her action nearly made him jolt back. “So, what say you, my illiterate dog?” Her left hand started stroking his penis, while the other hand gestured a hushing sign. “You- you think I wouldn’t do it? I don’t give a rat’s ass if others saw this!” It seemed her provocation enraged him. He clutched her hair with his hand and pushed her head against the bookcase. Several books were knocked off to the ground. “uhhahah…. Easily manipulated. Like a dog.” “I will fuck you till you take back what you said, whore.” Despite being attacked, Otylia remained her composure. Her luscious lips curled into a sly curve. Started by a whisper, she then steadily raised her voice word by word. “*chuckle* Such an imprudent creature… controlled by Nothing. But. Desire” Well she knew, such action would meticulously tuck the man’s heart string. It was just loud enough to distress him without drawing attention. “Be quiet!” His desperation was proven by the rapid and disrupted breathing. He skittishly put one hand over Otylia’s mouth, eyes busily darting around to make sure none have heeded the commotion. “ah~ Doggy. How cute. Still, a true man would prefer Missionary." “Stop this madness.” Phinis muttered what almost sounded like a pleading. He spun Otylia around, who showed no sign to resist even though her body was being handled like a doll. Her massive racks bounced up and down due to the motion. “You must get off with this hand often. It reeks of cocks.” "Sssh-" “Did you think of me when you do it?” “DO NOT disrespect me! You squealing pig!” Having pride being verbally stepped on, Phinis went into a frenzy. He pulled away her necklace, before holding her neck, his other beasty hand had torn off part of her clothing. A rosy, bountiful right-side breast laid bare in front of him. Again, she stood idle as if her form was not her own, entirely lifted up by Phinis’s clasp on her jaw. She squinted her cold blue eyes, what glaring through was not fear, but excitement. “ummm… that’s it. Let loose the beast…” “I shall give you what you asked.” Said Phinis in a bellowing growl. He stared at Otylia with a profound, primal rage that was never seen before. “Can you?” Otylia uttered mildly, like tossing a bone to a starving dog. She tilted her eyebrow as a challenge to the menacing presence. When out of nowhere, a bulging, lengthy phallus stormed into her vagina, filled with grudges against her. For the first time, her dominating expression froze. As a tremendous amount of force was applied to her private like a tree trunk slammed against a glass door. She slipped out a long, fiery moan. “Did you feel that, slut? I will destroy you with this cock.” Phinis assailed her in his small triumph. Every thrust was as strong as the initial one, he did not give the crafty mage a moment of reprieve. “If only your command in spell-craft equals to such skulduggery. *pant* I might actually be impressed.” Said Otylia, rocking back and forth to the reckless movement of Phinis. But her emotion was again, sealed behind a devious smirk and an assertive gaze. Without warning, she lifted up the other leg, leveraging all of her bodyweight onto her partner, who would have definitely yelled out in pain, but he could not risk the consequences. Instead, he directed the suffering to his now contorted face. “You-! You bitch!” “Oops, Did I break your staff?” “ARRRHH!!” Phinis shouted as he was too furious to form a coherent comeback to her mockery. His hip movement intensified as he lost control. Desktop Screenshot 2020.05.31 - “*pant* Move your waist. I’m not one of your flower girls who praises every cock in her like some Dagon’s incarnate.” Said Otylia, her eyes were a gaping abyss that consumes the man’s rationale. Phinis’s gaze fixated on her, among all the rage, there was a whiff of submission, like he had surrendered himself to the sorceress's will. to be continued...
  5. you mean my OC? Her name is Otylia Antan, you can check out more of her story on my blog
  6. Awesome, very hentai-y expression on the guy
  7. you mean the armor? It's SOS revealing armors The pose is from a threesome animation from SexLab that I forget
  8. Fixed it. It's just another angle of Savos prying Otylia's mouth.🤗 It's so hard to recreate some of the shots so I tend to take multiple angles of the same shot. Got tons of outtakes.
  9. some preview for the next story on my blog
  10. That one is also my favourite. 😛 Here's a portrait version
  11. it's slavetats combined with a custom mesh.
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