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  1. A Sorceress's Judgement: Epilogue “Sorry to bother you, Lady Arch-mage. It’s been- what!? what in the name of Sheogorath is this man doing here!?” “Calm down, Tolfdir. I was passing judgement regarding the new position of Lord Ancano here.” “With all due respects, my lady. The only place fit for this scum would be the gallows!” “It’s deemed by me, the leader of this institution, that the value of this man outweighs his crimes.” “Other mages will not accept this! I will not! Are you really comfortable sitting with this- backstabber by your side!?” “I need someone to fetch my drinks, and you’re too old to fetch your own balls.” “This is absolute nonsense, an insult to all of Arch-Mages of the past!” “Your counsel, is duly appreciated." "But-" "Don’t you have lessons to teach on the lower floors? I’m sure the newcomers are in dire need of those ward spells you pride yourself on.”
  2. *evil laugh* you'll see To answer your previous question, I did write something like an epilogue to this entry!
  3. Yep. She basically took over to be the new leader of the college of Winterhold. makes her hotter imo. Ancano wanted to bang her and she's exploiting that. and thanks for the detailed review!
  4. Yep, edit them in an external tool then save it. Back in the game, unequip, equip it. Works like a charm. The only downside is because the mesh is transparent, the Depth of Field effect in the background makes it blurry.
  5. Full fledge aminated porn! There's always TES VI baby!
  6. haha fortunately I've just started the blog few months ago! It's a dialogue heavy scene compared to previous entries glad you found it crazy hot and not boring! Yep spent a lot of time to get the lines right otherwise this one would have been published a mouth earlier. You might not like it as much as you think... I use the funnybizness cum mesh and adjust its position. it's only audio. It saves everyone the trouble of downloading the wav files.
  7. A Sorceress's Judgment “Ahh, Lady Arch-Mage. It’s a supreme privilege to have an audience with you.” “Save the formality for your elven courts, Lord Ancano. The c- My college has no use for it.” “Forgive me, my lady. But one cannot help but shudder in your presence.” “The artifact, for which you murdered my predecessor in cold blood, is the reason I spared your life, Thalmor. That, and your revered ancestry.” “(Dry laugh) For that, I’m eternally grateful.” “Now. What becomes of you, my private scribe? Or perhaps a cupbearer, surely there’s something you can offer. Remove your clothes.” “Anything for you, Your Excellency.” “Splendid. The college matters proved to be more cumbersome than my body could abide. Be a good servant and unburden my feet.” “It is my pleasure.” Despite the strange request, the proud High Elf seemed eager to comply. “Lord Ancano, excuse me to pry. I recall you have a distinct affection in women’s feet, is that true?” “(clear throat) I am humbled for a busy mind like you would take such trivial matter to heart. But yes, that is true.” “Flattery will save you no more. You must atone, with that mouth of yours. Lick my feet.” “…Yes, Lady Arch-mage.” Without a word of complaint, he began to lick the tender feet belonged to Otylia. His manhood invigorated with an upward swing. An outcome unsurprising to the noblewoman, she gave out an exaggerated reaction. “My lord? Is that excitement I detected on you face?” “I... my salvation can only be fulfilled under your guidance.” The tranquil voice of Ancano turned hasty, as he busily worked his mouth to please Otylia. “Enlighten me, how can a renowned figure of your stature peruse a lady’s chamber with this atrocity?” Suddenly, Otylia retracted her feet to snatch his erected penis. “(gasp)……Pardon me. But your body is most exquisite; stupendous like it’s been blessed by Dibella herself. ” “Hhn. Contrary to that. Here’s a traitor’s cock I’m laying my feet upon. Tsk-tsk…” She nibbled her lips, her contemplative eyes focused on the hardened penis. “Touch yourself. Kneel.” Her arms pressed down on the exposed man, forcing him to kneel. “uuh-…My lady?” “Touch yourself before me.” “Yes. As you command…” He submitted with a staggering voice as the seductress calmly watched on her throne. “Is this Lord Ancano's dark side? A meat-beating rascal.” Said Otylia. She crossed her legs, intentionally grazed his body in the process. Another pulse of euphoria in Ancano’s brain. “(heavy breathing) Aye…” “Very well, I shall reveal my little secret as a good gesture. “ Her pale legs overlapped and contorted with impressive flexibility, like two serpents curling in an exotic performance. 01.mp4 “(chuckles) I never cared about my predecessor.” 02.mp4 “It was his cum I needed.” Said Otylia unblushingly, her confession shattered Ancano’s composed exterior. 03.mp4 “As opposed to the secret spells, he was very generous with his seed. Even if it meant thinning out his magicka.” “hh-uhh...so he was not at his (more panting) full strength when I …” 04.mp4 “He was determined to fill me up that day. I gave him exactly what he wanted… and asked for the fourth time.” “Uuh!…fck…ugh…” His hand undulated in a blur recklessly like a wild horse, while staring helplessly on the luminous skin of Otylia. Firmly she placed her feet on his shoulders, her mouth whispered the simple words in a hypnotic voice. 05.mp4 “Then, I drained him.” He could not withstand the barrage of temptation. As the last syllable left her mouth. His penis exploded with fountains of ejaculates, Otylia promptly lowered her feet, and used them as a platform to collect the prize. “huh-…uu- Argh!! ” Ancano bowed his head down to the floor, in fear that he might have offended the tainted woman. “I-…I’m sorry my lady...urgh…(panting)…I lost control…” 06.mp4 “(chuckles) Evidently. Look at this mess.” “Forgive me for ruining your garments! I will do anything to make amends” 07.mp4 “Aw don’t worry. you will have plenty of opportunities to reciprocate." Her legs bent over to her head for a bow-like pose. As the semen clung to her feet, she took a long, attentive gaze while twirling them with her toes like a trinket. 08.mp4 “(exhale) It is filthy.” 09.mp4 “But the arch-mage is benevolent. I shall absolve your sin.” With one finger, she swept it off her feet. Her lips parted, a red tongue uncurled from within. A splatter of semen flung directly onto it, sticky and blatantly visible 10.mp4 “Nnnh…nn…Chussp…Uumm…” Her dainty fingers kneaded and mixed with the semen, keeping a cloudy bridge between her tongue and her index finger. She narrowed her eyes, a lascivious grin appeared on her face as her legs rested on the man pedestal. 11.mp4 “Work your hands. Or would you like a taste?” ~END~ Flickr for more unused pics
  8. the editing and the effect are just oozing with love and care for the story. props to that.
  10. Stunning character. The armor, the tattoo, and the hairstyle everything click together.
  11. apparently I have a Flickr now! 😘 follow for more random pinup & bloopers & unreleased pics!
  12. I like this very much. The blocking is really good in the gif and the expression on the guy in that shot is spot-on. kudos
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