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  1. Captured. Selenia assumes the worst as Jenna has been possessed by a sadistic, malevolent force controlling her. Selenia hopes she can break free and escape, but fears her chances of saving Jenna may be slim. Dark Ascension: Horizon, Book 2 Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7: Part 1 Chapter 7: Parts 2 and 3 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 "SPECIAL" Chapter 10 Chapter 11: Parts 1 and 2 Chapter 11: Part 3 Chapter 11: Parts 4 and 5 Chapter 12: Part 1 Chapter 12: Part 2
  2. Thanks! I was going for horror movie feel with the all wood, basement. But again, hard to tell if it works in comic format versus movie. I actually thought about redoing the header image and insert two or three of the people Selenia comes across at the. beginning of part 3 facing tied up Selenia. But yeah, I have noticed somewhat of a correlation between the header images and the number of views. -clearly visible frontal nudity versus rear nudity is one I noticed
  3. ok, that makes so much sense now! Esp why Slash fanfics and shipping are so popular !
  4. No worries! Once I got through all that psychological self-actualization stuff in chapter 11, it should be easier as it’s mostly straight action stuff. But also I’m releasing the parts one at a time whereas it takes at least a month between submissions when I release 2 to 3 parts in one blog post.
  5. -As far as style, I guess I would say evolution over time writing these comics and finding a specific look, layout, and story. -Anything specific? As much has changed in many ways since my earlier chapters in 2018!
  6. hey thanks for the comments! Always enjoy hearing from new people! I didn’t know Shocks had a comic series as well, which I will need to go an look it up! Can’t promise anything however
  7. Yay? I love Chaconne She and Jahiya were my first Custom NPCs I used in Skyrim! I’ve wanted to use Chaconne in my stories but I think she was too cute for my dark tonal stories Love your night shots btw. Screenshoting scenes in the night while keeping the characters and action visibly lit is not easy to do.
  8. Thanks! I really dont know why, but I tend to enjoy lesbian scenes more so than straight heterosexual scenes for some reason. Especially with my Dark Ascension comic, the balance between lesbian scenes vs heterosexual scenes is so severely unbalanced, I cant think of a chapter where Malicia hasnt commented on the dangers of girls kissing and licking each others "pee pee"
  9. Thanks! I am so glad you find it suspenseful. Its always hard to tell with comic and pictures if I was able to convey spooky-ness and tension when I have been staring at the scenes, cells, and screenshots several times.
  10. Thanks! Surprisingly, its writing the dialogue and story that seems to slow me down the most I think once i get dialogues and such written, i can easily get into a rhythm creating scenes and custom cells, it flies by very quick. It is when I dont have all of the dialogue written that things slows me down as i am guessing which screenshots, poses, and angles to use and hope for the best
  11. Thanks! I try my best to keep tension stuff going esp with the upcoming Part 3 of Chapter 12 which Im hoping the horror style tension atmosphere will work. Im finding with lighting, it is always not that easy But Yes, I need to put in time more so in showing how much of a badass Neverine is as well!
  12. Not that one. THere was a scene where someone reaches down someone else's throat and pulls out their heart. It was a blog entry sometime last year
  13. thanks. The head pop scene was a later idea and I think I was inspired by someone else’s story where a persons heart was pulled out from their throat (it was either @Crw or @Alter Native story). I wanted an out of nowhere, WTF scene like that
  14. Yeah, because the story is so Jen focused, I never did get a chance to show off more or develop Neve as much. I was hoping this chapter gave a bit more characterization of Neverine.
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