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  1. here is one of @hellonow entries on that old thread
  2. Man, the F04 Ghoul one was a pain to shoot too!. Had to FW the rad storm several times just to get the lighting just right along with the right angle shot. That one was a pain to compose the shot wasp with the ghouls so it won’t looked cluttered. I do have another comic storyline using Fallout4, but the issue I am having is being unable to pose the direction the eyes
  3. i think that’s what happened with me too. Hadn’t played it in a long time (busy with Dark Ascension story) and stumbled across a F04 mod and led me back to messing around with the game.
  4. yeah, that furnace room was a cell built from scratch. While I felt bad dropping the idea of using the furnace room, the idea of taking place in some spooky wooden shed/basement felt more to my horror movie inspired style setup
  5. thanks so much! And some may have been posted on Show Your Counterpart Thread as well.
  6. I love playing around with the shadow lighting in Skyrim (and Fallout4) and see what shadows I can get on characters! there are some others that also didn’t make the cut, esp locations which I did not post in case I end up using those characters and locations later on. But as you saw, some of the stuff that was cut, I had spent a lot of time on and didn’t want all that time and effort go to waste
  7. Thanks! It’s the cocked hips to the side that makes the pic for me!
  8. Wow! Such a memorable face and distinctive warpaint. I remember seeing pics of her in the early days when I joined LL. I may have also read one or two of the “Mai” stories in that very old Storytellers thread waaay back then - which the thread and it’s many stories inspired me to write and post my own
  9. Hey Devianna! Really enjoyed your story and the 4th wall breaking elements. At one point, I was actually expecting to see a Skyrim’fied version of yourself. But seeing that you were behind a pile of books, I laughed at that trick. I actually liked the story/buildup/interaction witty banter more than the sexy shots I remember you saying that to me a long time ago as well, but for me, it’s the fear of just forgetting about it or losing interest and walking away completely from the story - esp in my case, when one has outlines and future stuff planned ahead
  10. devious-Drunna

    Déjà vu

    Awesome job! Finally caught up with your stories, but oddly working my way backwards with the comments Nice job with the post-screeenshot edits! I was expecting something to happen to Irma after the interrorgator finsiheed with her.
  11. I also tried to get 4 more characters on the left and two more on the right, but Skyrim kept crashing
  12. Hey Everyone Today is the 3-year anniversary in the release of my Dark Ascension Comic story! It has been a great journey and evolution writing stories, creating worlds, taking screenshots, and sharing them all with you! And don't worry, there is more to come! So to celebrate the Anniversary of the Dark Ascension tale, I have shared some screenshots that were not used in the comics, pages that were cut from the release, and other screenshots that were used in comics but just happen to be my favorites. I was also planning to release a location mod of the Japanese inspired village I created for Book 2, Chapter 9 to celebrate the 3-year anniversary. There are a few things I still need to fix, but will have it updated and released soon. Side Note: I apologize for not being around lately. Unfortunately, my plans of releasing Chapter 17 on the 3-year anniversary fell when the motherboard of my computer died (thankfully my CPU wasn't fried) followed by August when things got really busy with my life. So I apologize for the lack of content, but I am hoping to get things back and running, catch up on the Loverslab stories I had missed over the summer, and hopefully soon - get Chapter 15 out! Screenshots Milana under the Stream Older pics of MIlana under the Stream from "Initiates Tales" They were used in the comic panels but here are the full size screens of them - just because Scene Cut from Release This is an older set of comic panels that were supposed to be in Book 1, Chapter 14. It takes place right as the zombie horde overtakes and disarms Lila as she was blocking the doorJenny and Aidan escaped down into the basement of the old church. It was getting a little too rapey so I took it out - but still wanted to share it because it did take time and effort. Jenny's Mind-Tunnel More pics of Jenny first trapped in her Mindworld early in Book 2. There were supposed to be tentacles and chasing in that chapter but I decided to drop those scenes. The first pic below is one of my favorites as I love how the lighting on her skin came out! The second pic I believe I may have posted in another screenshot post, but I still love it. Another Scene Cut from Release This scene was cut in Book 2, Chapter 11 Part 2, as it I really didn’t fit well with the flow/pacing of the scene. Really struggled to decide whether to keep the scene or not. In the end, it worked better without this scene even though I did spend alot of time posing and getting several dozens of shots just for this scene that was eventually cut. Mira's Debauchery These pics below were used in Book 2, Chapter 13 Part 2, as flashbacks therefore they were cropped small to fit in the comic panels. Alternate Cover Image This was my original Cover Image idea for Chapter 12, Part 1. Unfortunately, I could not get this image to look good within Loverslab Cover image dimensions. I did use another screen similar to this but different pose for the book cover. Original Plan: Furnace Room In Book 2, Chapter 13, Jenny captures Selenia in some spooky, wooden basement akin to horror movie basements. Originally, it was supposed to take place in a furnace type dungeon that was created from scratch. Below are screenshots I took to test out the lighting and mist. The bottom two are my favorite! the Machine More pictures of Jenny strapped to the machine. These screenshots I can never get tired of looking at as they came out so well, the lighting and the stuff around her creating a very convincing cyberpunk/steampunk feel! This was the aesthetics and style I had in mind when I imagined a world where ancient, medieval looks mixed with scifi feel. Angel of Light More pictures I made testing both the lighting of the worldspace and poses with the large sickle. Unfortunately, you could not see the rock formation shaped like skulls in the comics as they were eventually cropped out.
  13. yeah. I admit it was fun photoshopping they tentacles and I might do some more and put them up as a gallery. They weren’t stressful like my Book 1 Chapter 5 with all of those Rieklings. That one I was scared that by the time I or the poses right, the game would crash/freeze from so many rieklings on screen
  14. Really love your character’s blue hair. Esp on the protag as she stands out among the others without being distracting. Speaking of distracting, I love her early suspender outfit! It reminds of the early Aphrodite IX character. At first, I was gonna offer some suggestions on placing your bubbles in a certain way so you don’t have to use arrows to guide the reader around your comic panels. But because your arrows match the style of the speech bubbles, I kinda like the charming look of the arrows within those pages!
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