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  1. Love Bunny Sparkles! As always, I always enjoy your dialogues between juxtaposing character types! Also, your character here reminded me a lot of Vilga from the Cummoner WebComic series (not sure if you heard of her, but you’ll love it)
  2. I’m glad you found it amazing! Thanks for your enthusiastic comments. It helps so much yo motivate me to keep on going
  3. the quest reward was pulled from Viva La Dirt League. Originally it was to address my perplexed thoughts in MMOs I used to play (Conan, Tera, AION etc.) where low tier female armor fully covered the body, but as you got to higher and more elite armor, the material got less and less -hence why it was originally called elite guard armor. But i couldn’t get the writing in the buildup and surprise right and then remembered the bikini chainmail.
  4. Well . . . .This entry was supposed to be a celebration of the release of Horizon Zero Dawn for the PC! In addition, Chapter 10 of "Dark Ascension: Horizon" was planned to release on the 2-year Anniversary of the Dark Ascension story on August 30th! However . . . a week ago, I needed to update both my graphics card driver and Windows 10 and something afterwards caused my Skyrim to stop working. I can get Skyrim working but its been running on and off in regards to stability. Therefore with my Skyrim being unstable and my real life job starting back up, I have no idea when the next chapter of Dark Ascension will release - which really, really, really sucks as it's a very important chapter. Horizon Zero Dawn Chapter 9: Samurai Ghost of Tsushima Inspired Title Screens Concept Practice with color adjustment and texture overlays Concept Practice with Action and Lighting -Also wearing the armor I was originally planning to use Red Garden Location Chapter 7: Jenna's Mindworld Testing the lighting and textures on a new, Custom-Built Cell Drunna at Karlov Manor
  5. Oh my gosh, I am tongue-tied at your story (esp the sexy stuff with her daughter!) But those Wraith Tongues are so much fun to use arent they? It was also fun to see the same NPC (or similar) used in our stories as I also used Maven as Mother Superior in Dark Ascension (but with Ordinary NPC skyrim mod)
  6. Gorgeous eyes and gosh I love that texture of her robes! I love how the color and texture of the robes looked in the lighting!
  7. devious-Drunna

    Breaking point.

    -The prayer room scene, was that a confessional or just a normal partition? -Still love that nun Habit outfit, especially those boots -2nd Spoiler picture group, 3rd picture: I did struggle to read out the red letters. Not sure if it’s the green shadow behind it or too skinny/scripty
  8. Don’t know why, but I found the tentacle just sliding up against her pussy in the second half hotter than the actual penetration! Really nice animation work!
  9. -Thanks so much for your suggestions. I did place extra effort in re-checking and comparing the dialogues and captions to avoid repetition in Chapter 8 and 9; hopefully you were able to improvements there 👌 -I don’t used SGTM that often unless I need a specific pose within an animation, as I often get impatient when an NPC changes from one static pose to the next. Usually, set gamehour to <time> does it for me 😁
  10. -Thanks for the awesome comments and support! 😃😁 -Story was very, very conventional on purpose as I wanted to stick to a stereotypical Samurai movie plot (didn’t have time to do a train the village plot, or had anything setup for a Jenna as a revenge plot). It was something I was doing as a “quick” side project so I could focus back onto the Dark Ascension story. -the blood effects were the same 4 images I used and warped/distorted them. Yeah. It was a very last minute decision to extend the ending, and a very last minute decision to drop my plan of slowly bring color back panel by panel, and switching from subtitles to bubbles character by character. But this chapter already took time away from my next chapter, which I’m hoping to finish for an August 30th release 😬
  11. I’ll see what I can do with that mod! Thanks! Hopefully I can get it work along for the next chapter, but no guarantees. At the moment, I’m busy creating several new cells and trying to get the next chapter done by the end of August.
  12. -Glad to hear you are also able to find time as well to continue writing. At first when I read your post, I thought you were quitting Skyrim. It wasn’t until I read the comments that I realized I read it wrong. -You’re much braver than me. Don’t know if I ever have guts to quit my job of 20 years if things get bad - and they are getting bad.
  13. Testing out the lighting for a custom built cell/scene for the next chapter of the "Dark Ascension: Horizon" comic story blog!
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