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  1. Testing out the lighting and shadows inside my custom cell in prep for Chapter 12 of the Dark Ascension story!
  2. I want to say that sounds about right for the card you have if you are running 1080 or 2K (I think rx570 lands somewhere between GTX1060 and 1050?) if I’m off feel free to tell me With my old setup (i54670k, 8G ram) I was hovering between 48-60 at 1080, and in the 30s at 4K. That was with my GTX 1080ti. Granted, I have like every pebble, paper, apple, and other crap running with majority 4K textures and some heavy ENB. When I was playing Fallout 4 over the summer, I was wondering why I was getting only 32fps at 1080. At the same time, I noticed the console screen text w
  3. Funny you said that as I was thinking about splitting the story right at the same spot. I had finished part 5 around the same time i released the previous entry and Part 4 soon afterwards. Originally, Part 3 was not supposed to be long, then it got longer as I struggled with writing the events in part. I do remember thinking about releasing part 4 and 5 on its own after the sudden end of part 3 - - then readers will open part4 or even called it Chapter 12 in the next entry but become bewildered with the modern setting with DnD playing on TV and on the table - - - making the reader think th
  4. Have that exact same problem, since the later chapters of my Dark Ascension Book 1 series. I'm trying to work on not cutting things out, but of tightening the story . In fact your recent comments on my recent entry was something I was actually struggling, which I will respond to your comment on my entry later on
  5. -Wow, so much thoughts! (although most are naughty) Love Cassie and her oblivious nature and how you were able to reverse every single perverted comment Deuce Big....I mean Dirk Bigelow was making. I usually get annoyed with “pervert characters” in anime’s, esp when their nose bleeds every time they get a hardon. But you did a great job writing your peeping Tom Pervert and I love the dynamic between him and Cassie! -Would’ve loved a closer upskirt panty shot of her as she was looking for parchment. Not a negative, just the perv in me talking -I
  6. I'm trying to tame Mod Organizer right now. If I get it right it has Loot included. -I think the current version is ModOrganizer v2.13 which is great if you play both Skyrim and Fallout4. I believe it also works with Fallout 3, Oblvision, NewVegas (althogh I havent tried it out). I doubt you will download the older version of ModOrganizer as it may require you to hunt for it. -Yes, even the older versions of Mod Organizer has Loot included as you will see something that on the right side where your esp are visible and it will say "sort". I think its the same loot program.
  7. -I am having a hard time trying to retext the large Shipping Containers with my own texture. I have already linked the nif to the correct d.dds file texture (with alpha) and the correct BGSM material I made for the new texture. -How do I have my texture show it normally as is on my shipping container in CreationKit as the colors look nothing like my original texture (with or without the color remapping index thing).
  8. Question 2 : Which remesh/texture mods do you advice using nowadays for Which other mods do you judge essential for gameplay (no sex here ... yet) ? 😃 I use "Perfect Water Mod" which requires "Realistic Water Mod" but Perfect Water has this absurdly gorgeous blue Other world mod retextures: Rustic Clothing Complete (2K or 4k common Skyrim clothes and robes) aMididianBorn Book of Silence (especially the ones for creatures and vanilla armors. He also has some landscape ground texture ones too you might want to check out). Noble Skyrim (building
  9. devious-Drunna


    -What did you use for those white action lines, where the force was pushing her down and then dragging her? Photoshop with the dodge tool? -Also I like your choice of “Mgh” for the sounds of someone having something stuffed in her mouth that’s not a gag. Finding the right onomatopoeia to convey the right sex sounds is hard. Gonna be using that one in the future!
  10. Sorry for the commenting late. As always, I really enjoy your dialogue writing! You always do such a good job writing agitated/perturbed characters in such a fun/comical way. Also, near the end of Spoiler#3 where he was getting a summoning call, but before I saw the magic rune circle - I dont know what it is, prob combination of your dialogue writing style, along with the angle and pose he was in, I thought he was gonna pull out a Skyrim era pager/beeper
  11. -Creating the modern apartment was a nice diversion. It also allowed me to do fun things such as pulling a screencap from the DnD cartoon and creating all of the DnD sourcebook covers. And of course, toss in a nod to Loverslab -I used Aether Suite assests, but rebuilt the apartment so the layout is more like a real life apartment I remember living in than the Japanese inspired Aether apartments. They were too fancy and expensive looking for 2 girls to live on an income where one is a teacher and the other a PhD student -There was a scene where you do see Jenny's boyfriend Corey bringing
  12. @Collygon I would say your prediction is more of a B. Alot of the points you made in previous comments were getting really close. The twist was part of the story for a long while (it wasn't a twist just to have a twist), however I was originally planing to reveal it much later on. Now you have the dynamic of a person who is walking around still timid and naive, identity issues, but unknowingly possess powers greater than Neverine, such as accidentally leveling a city. I also think @Tirloque comment awhile back about Neverine being the cause of Jenny's hallucinations,
  13. @Cema @Alter Native. @Jayomms, @Collygon, @Crw Thanks guys for the compliments. This half of Chapter 11 was just difficult to write and one that I so far struggled the most, mainly Part 3 of Chapter 11. Part 5 and most of Part 4 were finished around the same time the first half of Chapter 11 was published back in November. With only part 3 to finish, I thought this half would've been ready to publish within a week or two afterwards. The "final" corruption (as CrW put it), was planned since the ending of Book 1 and I had gone through several versions but hit wr
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