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  1. Chapter 8 of Dark Ascension is being delayed but still finishing up some photoshopping before release very soon! One of the reasons of the delay was I got sidetracked and started messing around with Fallout 4 again for the past week or so. So here are some more screenshots to show off, with the first group being Fallout Screenshots I have taken recently and over the years! In addition, I also included some other Skyrim screenshots as well! 4th of July Inspired Fallout 4! Doc Crocker the "Perv" More Fallout 4 Screens Resident Evil: Skyrim Skyrim Pictures at AlterNative's "Karlov" Mansion Mod Older Skyrim
  2. Nice! Which NPC replacer are you using for Hulda?
  3. May sound weird, but I like the “old school” type-set font choice you used to tell your story on the blog. Made reading easier! Not sure if the pictures helped or made things slightly jarring. The picture of the “alive” king threw me off a bit as it was inserted immediately after you stated his fate. I thought the picture was the thief not the king until your later picture.
  4. -Don’t know why, but I had slow, low sounding drums playing in my mind when I read the first 2 “title” shots of this entry. -Love 4th wall breaking stories that come out of nowhere! -i love the design of the Head on the staff at the end (reminds me of the old Megadeath album covers). I wonder if someone used it and stuck it on a creature for a mob or made it into a helm.
  5. -Your court Bard and her outfit is super Cute! -and holy cow, getting all of those NPCs to sit down must’ve been a headache!
  6. I still have 3 or 4 stories in rough draft/notes form from my Initiate Tales, so I may go back to those but will release them in my Drunna’s Den Blog
  7. It was a conscious effort since I was finishing the last few chapters of Book 1, not to have Neverine at the beginning so I would have time and space to establish the new world and not limiting it to providing only snapshots of the world as they’re actively chasing Neverine. Thank you and also the others who mentioned Jenna’s psychological conflicts and mystery as that section was the longest part of the chapter I spent time on because I was i afraid it wasn’t clear what was going on with Jenna at the same time not showing too much of the cards in my hand.
  8. You also know how much I love that Order Skirt so honestly, you’ll prob will see Order outfits return a few more times.
  9. Yay! Glad to see you got your skin mod working! How’s Mod Organizer working for you?
  10. Thanks! I’m not sure at this time. I have a rough outline of events leading up to Book 2 and another for Book 3. However, I have deviated or added things to the story that was not originally planned (such as DymerDyne story and Jenny’s meeting of herself), so it may happen in some form(s).
  11. OMgosh relief as I was afraid the development of part 2, while not wanting give too much away in that part, would’ve been confusing.
  12. Thanks that was the exact reaction I was going for! I was afraid people were gonna forget that alleyway gang from way back Chapter 2!
  13. Nice work! And I thought my upcoming chapter was gonna be a bit trippy! I also love her short hair! I also love how clean and crisp your screenshots look as well! What gargoyle morning are you using for the creature?
  14. After finishing the last scene of part 3, I noticed that the angle and lighting of the room did make Sero look like Kor as I now understand/see how many would mistaken Sero as Kor. (Sero was the person who made the deal with the Institute Direktor at the end of Chapter 5). So I went back and make small adjustments to Sero (eyes, etc) and also brighten the lighting in the room so you could see his Mohawk better. I did not reshoot/change every picture with Sero as some had the perfect angle and lighting that I would not have gotten if I reshot them in the newly lit room.
  15. Parts 2 and 3 are a direct continuation from the end of Part 1 and will conclude Chapter 7. You can catch up on Part 1 here: (Chapter 7: Part 1) Jenna and the Mercenary Union rush to a village in distress. While attempting to save the villagers, Jenna is confronted in a situation where she ended up having more questions than answers provided to her. Part 2 Part 3 Dark Ascension: Horizon, Book 2 Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7: Part 1 Chapter 7: Parts 2 and 3 Dark Ascension, Book 1 Chapter 1: Fortune's Bedfellows Chapter 2: Reaper's Covenant Chapter 3: Journey's Shadowed Path Chapter 4: Essence Awakenings Chapter 5:Secrets Under the Stairs Chapter 6: Vestal's Order Chapter 7: Veracity’s Twilight Chapter 8: Pawns in Portension’s Shadow Chapter 9: Hath Thee in Thrall Chapter 10: No Tomorrow Chapter 11: In the Mouth of Chaos and Lust Chapter 12: The Laconic Pathway Chapter 13: Divine Pestilence Chapter 14: Lascivious Connections Chapter 15: Cross the Rubikon Dark Ascension, Initiates' Tales Part 1 Part 2
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