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Part 13: The Rising Sun



Luisa knew what she had to do; Destroy the Book, so Max couldn't use the Techniques it describes to become stronger. But she decided against it...


Perhaps I can... use this to my advantage? Surely there must be something in there telling me how to remortalize Max, so he can't use Vampire Magic at all?

It's just too valuable... It could describe Max' precise plans... If I studied it thoroughly, maybe I can stop him without anyone getting harmed?

However, he still must not find it... Hopefully this bush will do the job....




Three days later in the mansion, Luisa notices that she hasn't seen Gina at all today. As she is looking for her, she notices Max coming out of the cellar.


What was he doing down there?! Oh god, I hope he didn't talk to Arnborg...




Luisa: "Hey, Brother... did you... see Gina down there? I haven't seen her all day, and it's almost evening..."

Max: "What reason would Gina have to be in the Cellar, considering our other 'guest'?"

Luisa: "Yeah, good question indeed... good point... Is... there any reason for your almost annoyingly wide smile? You haven't looked this happy since you've turned into a bat and scared the school bully to death when we were kids..."




Max: *sigh* "Well, I hoped I could have prevented you from getting behind this, but..."

What?! Did I catch him off guard?!? Is this the end?! Is this going to turn into a fight?!?!

Max: "As your birthday draws near, I am preparing a little surprise for you."




Max: "Therefore, you would be advised not to go down to the cellar. It would ruin the surprise."


Luisa: "Of course. Good luck with whatever you're preparing then."


Later that day, Luisa decides to sneak behind him down the cellar, to look what he's really doing down there...





The Laboratory? What would he be doing there?

Is that where he brought Gina?

Certainly the book has clues to the answers I am looking for...




What?! It's... gone! Fuck, I should have hid it... Now Max is doing god-knows what with it!

Time's up for peace... I need to get Arnborg's help immediately!


In the meantime, Max is already going to business in the laboratory...








Luisa: "Today's your lucky day. I need your help. And you won't be able to help me on that wall."

Arnborg: "Why the sudden change of heart?"

Luisa: "Max. He has the Book. Shit's getting serious."




Arnborg: "I thought I told you to get rid of it?!"

Luisa: "I know, I know. I fucked this up. I just thought we could get some information out of it... find out what he's doing..."

Arnborg: "And what *is* he doing right now with it?"

Luisa: "I think he is hiding with Gina in the Laboratory... a room full of ritualistic stuff and Workbenches..."

Arnborg: "He's trying the 'Procreation of Eternity'. A ritual with which Vampires can create a dynasty with a human bride. It needs a certain ritual because just having Sex with a Human will result in a human child."

Luisa: "Do you have an idea how to stop it?"

Arnborg: "Yes, but we need to hurry. He will bite her shortly after the Climax. Then she will be unconscious for a while. When she wakes up, he will want her to drink his blood from his arm. We have to prevent that while also making an antidote. I assume I could do that in your Laboratory?"

Luisa: "Yes, we have a small corner for that there."

Arnborg: "Good. You distract and take care of Max so he won't be there when she wakes up and I will try to make the antidote."





Max: "Now sleep, my bride... When you wake up... you will be a Queen!"

In this moment, Luisa storms into the room.

Luisa: "Brother! We've got a big problem!"




Max: "Luisa? Didn't I tell you...!"

Luisa: "No time to worry about this stupid surprise! The Agents are coming! The European Council is standing outside and ready to attack!"

Max: "What?! But how?"

Luisa: "Seems they are missing their Agent."

Max: "Urgh... I hate leaving now, but the threat sounds urgent..."

Luisa: "It's too many of them, I can't deal with them alone!"

Max: "Alright... Let's take them down together..."


When they both left the cellar, Arnborg got to work immediately.




Arnborg: "Thirsty and under time pressure... Alchemy in the Academy back home was easier..."




Max: "So, where are the Agents... .... Wait a second..."




Max: "It's broad daylight... and nobody is here! You were lying!"

Luisa: "No... They... must be hiding somewhere..."

Max: "Liar! Traitor! You've brought me here to kill me! You just want to prevent my ascension to Greatness! You are just like dad!"

Luisa: "I brought you here to stop you... You won't become a Tyrant like Dracula... And you 'won't' harm Gina anymore!"





Max: "Tell dad I said hello when you see him..."




Max: "What an annoying task... But I wanted to get rid of you anyway... Now I wish Gina could have done that for me, to really crush your heart!"


Drunk from the feeling of victory, Max doesn't notice that pieces of his skin are already burning... Until it's too late...




Max: "No... No... this can't be...! I am... destined for greatness... I am... Max Erhler..."

Luisa: "I've told you... you won't harm Gina anymore!"




Max: "No.... this can't be... I am Max Erhler... King of Frederickston...."

Luisa: "Rot in hell... and while you're there, maybe apologize to dad..."


As Max turns into a small pile of ashes, Luisa's powers are leaving her too...




Luisa: "No... No, no, no, no... There is... so much I want to do... I thought I could... live a happy life with Gina..."




Luisa: "I guess that doesn't matter... He won't harm you anymore... I love you, Gina..."


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