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Part 12: Mom's Old Books



A week later, Luisa sees something unfamiliar in the kitchen...




Usually, Max doesn't do food himself. Luisa is the more culinaric person in the family. And Frederick had his Girls do all the cooking.




Luisa: "What are you doing here?"

Max: "What do you mean?"

Luisa: "I think in my whole life I have never seen you make food..."

Max: "Well, there's a first time for everything. I'm just so... euphoric lately about our newest guest... Maybe that has inspired me to try out new things... Do you want something too?"

Luisa: "Nah, I already did eat."

Max: "Fine. More for Gina and me."




Max: "Tell me if you like what I made... It's my very first attempt at making Sandwiches..."

Gina: "Mhhhm...! This tastes just absolutely wonderful! Especially the sauce, what type is it?"

Max: "Oh, it's a family recipe... Age-old... Maybe I'll show it to you some day..."




This sauce... It smells weird... somehow makes me.... thirsty for blood... What is this? Does he want to posion Gina or something?


Later that day, Max is preparing to go to sleep




Everything's just great... I love this life right now.... No Dad to bully me around, no worries about getting caught, and the love of my life sleeps next to me every night...




Gina: "Hey, Max... I hope you don't want to sleep already, don't you?"

Perfect.  Just perfect.





Gina: "I'm doing good, am I? Does this please you?"

Max: "Oh... oh yes.... I love this Outfit of yours..."








Gina: "That was fun... Good night, my dear..."

Max: "Good night... my love..."


The next morning, Luisa decides to get some answers from her brother... He has gotten very mysterious lately...




Max: "So... You wanted to talk, sister?"

Luisa: "Yes. I think this conversation is neccessary. I can no longer avoid it."

Max: "You don't sound so pleased..."

Luisa: "I assure you, I am not. You keep telling me that 'the plan' is nearly complete, just one more final step. And then one more step. And then one more step. It's always one more step before I get back my Mansion, but we never arrive there. You are still here and I don't understand a single bit how this mysterious plan of yours is supposed to keep the Hunters away from us."

Max: "Patie..-"

Luisa: "My patience has limits, Max. Especially when I don't know what it is stressed for. How does fucking this Human Woman over and over again prevent us from getting killed by the Hunters?"




Max: "Okay... listen... right now this doesn't make any sense, but... this woman... I... knew her from Dad's Harem... She is in their crosshairs, and if she stays with us we can use her as a hostage when they show up..."

Luisa: "And why the food? Don't think I don't know. You put something in there. I never saw a sauce like this. It's not made by Humans, is it?"

Max: "I've told her its a family recipe, and in a way it is... it's a synthetic vampiric poison... Dad kept these in his Office, a very rare type... Dracula used it to control his servants... Which is what I'm using it for... as long as she is submissive, we don't have to worry about her going out and luring the Hunters in... or worse, find out what we are and reveal it!"

Luisa: "Alright. I believe you that. But what *is* the final step of your plan? What is the Endgame here? Why is she so central to this?"

Max: "Eventually, they will arrive here. They know about her. But until then, I am prepared to deal with them. She is the bait, and I am the trap. I will destroy the Hunters and then leave you alone. But... for that... I need something from you..."

Luisa: "And what would that be?"

Max: "You... still have Mom's Old Books around here, right? The ones about higher stages of Vampire Magic?"

Luisa: "Yes, I think they should still be here somewhere."

Max: "I need those... to raise all the dead in the frontyard... Those will be our army against the Hunters... Can you search them for me?"

Luisa: "Fine, I'll do it."




There it is... 'What Dracula never told you: Vampire Magic until the 20th century' by Anna Erhler...

I never actually looked into these... It might be worth taking a look into it...

What the... the title of this chapter reads "The Creation of Vampires"... but it's written in... what is this, Romanian? Who is supposed to read this?

I guess this is what Max wants... But he can't read it either... Maybe if I... no, he doesn't have to know...


On the way downstairs, Luisa encounters Gina, randomly..


The Poison makes her submissive, you say? Huh... sounds better than I thought... Maybe I can still have my fun with her...




Luisa: "Hey, Gina. I've been missing our 'dates' lately, maybe we can..."

Gina: "No."

Luisa: "What? Why? Are you in a bad mood?"

Gina: "No, but it would make Max uncomfortable."




Luisa: "Are you kidding me, Gina? You're riding dicks all through Frederickston and now you're telling me you care about that stuff? Come on, let's go to the Strip Club again and you tell me what you wanted to say to me recently..."

Gina: "No! Leave me alone! I only want to make Max happy!"


This is getting really worrysome... From Max' words, it sounded like she's the Puppet of both of us... Turns out my little brother never got over his problems with sharing...


Fuck this, fuck Max... I have to know what's going on... And I know who could help me...




Arnborg: "Oh, I'm getting visited again? What's the matter? Does your brother not want to fuck you anymore and now I have to do it?"

Luisa: "Very funny. As if you wouldn't have enjoyed my welcome gift to you."

Arnbog: "As if you didn't make sure of that via Succubus Magic."

Luisa: "Touché. Listen, I... need your help."

Arnborg: "You must have drank the blood of a clown today. A very bad clown. Because right now, I don't see any reasons why I should do that."


This is a serious gamble. If Max comes down here, he might find out what I did here... I'll just have to rely on his aversion to my brother


Luisa: "...Because I think my brother is hiding something from me. And wouldn't it be a great opportunity for your escape if we both turned on each other?"

Arnborg: "Well, I am listening. What is it that you want to find out about?"

Luisa: "Here. This book. The Chapter about Vampire Creation. Can you read it? I think it's written in Romanian or Valachian..."

Arnborg: "I see. A very old dialect. Almost medieval."

Luisa: "Can. You. Read. It?"

Arnborg: "Yes. But I won't translate it to you. There is a very good reason this knowledge is forbidden. It is basically a blueprint for creating an Army of servile lackeys. The European Council punishes the usage of this magic with imprisonment and remortalization.... you... look shocked..."

Luisa: "My.... brother... wanted to read this book.. probably use its magic for himself... on... someone... someone that I.... care about..."

Arnborg: "I see... Truly, Vampiric Immortality can be a burden you do not want to share with your loved ones, I.. speak from experience there, trust me. Anyway, I recommend you get rid of that book. If it has such dangerous knowledge in it, it's no good in the hands of your brother."

Luisa: "I... will do that... Thank you for your advice... I... will likely return down here..."

Arnborg: "Be aware. If he truly wants to create an Army, he will likely not stop just because one book is missing."

Luisa: "There is... something else... you are... a Historian, right?"

Arnborg: "In a way. What is it?"

Luisa: "Were there... any instances where a Vampire.... took a Human Bride... by... poisoning her?"

Arnborg: "I'm surprised you have to learn that from me. It's a common practice among German Vampire Dynasties, and some Dutch Dynasties too, yes."

Luisa: "...Thanks, that's... everything I need to know for now..."




What the fuck did I get myself into?

I should have just refused to let Max live here... or just kissed Gina, told her I love her too and ran away to the US or Europe...


The next few weeks are going to be really uncomfortable around here... Sooner or later, I'll have to confront Max... and it will be ugly...




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