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Here, There be giants



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We rejoin Aerina after being given as an offering to a Giant whilst the owners of Half-Moon Mill can come up with a Cow as a replacement offering.


What she thought would be a couple days quickly turned into 3 weeks. To make matters worse, she realised what kind of an offering she was.


Unable to escape due to exhaustion, Aerina remains a giants sex offering


3 Weeks Later:





























The giant drops Aerina to the floor and she collapses into a rather compromising position

Aerina (Thinking): That must be 30? no maybe 40 times now... Urgh... I've lost count.

Aerina (Thinking): I'm so fucking tired... Fuck it, i'll just sleep here...




Aerina (Thinking): How much longer do I need to do this?






Hern: I'm back Hert... Sorry about the wait, the farmer... well its a long story

Any more night raids from the giants?

Hert: No its fine don't worry. I've hired this elf woman to be a temporary offering till we get the cow.

Hern: Wait... What! You do know that giants use women offerings as fuck toys right?

Hert: No that's not true, we did it in Rorikstead once... And she... well I never did find out what happened actually.

Hern: I'm telling you Hert... I'll be surprised if she's even still alive.



Hert: I'm sure she's fine husband...

Hern (Sarcastic): Oh yes... I'm sure she is "fine"

Hert: Well, we haven't had a giant raid since... so I think a thank you is in order if you want to stop being a prick.  



Hern: In that case... why give the cow away... we've already made our offering this year...

Hert: Because I gave my word Hern! Plus it was you she was looking for. Wanted to know about some Orc camp you supposedly knew about.

Hern: *Sigh* Waste of a good cow if you ask me... but fine...



The two head down to the giant camp with the cow.

Hern: I can't believe you dragged her the entire way here wearing that!

Hert: I was kind of surprised she agreed to wear it if i'm honest.

Hern: You said you "hired" her earlier... what was the payment? Info on the orc camp?

Hert: That... and 8000 gold...

Hern: 8000 gold! By the gods, are you insane?

Hert: Look I needed her to do it okay... it was the only way to peak her interest

Hern: She will get her info and nothing else! That's even if she is alive...




They make their new offering to the giant and the giant points to Aerina.





Hern: Yep... told you... 

Hert: Is she... dead?

Hern: No... she's still breathing... She's just unconscious



Hern: Look... lets just leave her here... I give her 50/50 of surviving anyway.

Hert: Can you not be such a heartless bastard for 5 minutes! Were taking her back and that's final!

Hern: Heartless!? Hert... were fucking vampires... As far as i'm concerned... she's food... nothing else


2002889603_enb2020_05_2801_15_00_89.png.f5489a67021d4c532dee854883fec5bd.png Hert: Look... She helped us, I'm not having her death on my conscience knowing I could've at least tried.

Hern: *groan* Okay... Fine...


189183540_enb2020_05_2801_15_34_52.png.342f5d925c66c0bd3c81602c96b319fa.png Hern: I'm tying her up in the shack though... If she comes round... I don't want her running off telling people what you did to her.

Hert: What do you mean?

Hern: A couple vampires sacrificing a big breasted elf gal to a giant is something that would probably get us executed.. I'm not taking the risk... 



Hert: *Sigh* Good point...

Hern: Plus... if she does die... we can sate our bloodlust for a while...

Hert: You really are a ruthless arsehole Hern... you know that

Hern: *Chuckle*

Hern takes a cloth from his pocket and wipes the giants cum off Aerina's body.

Hern: Urgh... Fucking disgusting... This bitch better appreciate the work were doing

He tosses the cloth onto the floor and slings Aerina over his shoulder as they head back to the mill.



The two vampires bring Aerina back to their mill.


Out of spite, Hern hangs Aerina upside down by her feet in the shack so that she cant escape when she comes round.












Aerina: Urghh... why does my head feel light?



Aerina: Wait a minute... why am I upside down...



Aerina: *Looking Left to right*

Where the fuck am I?!  



She swings her head forward and sees the binds around her ankles hanging from a beam across the ceiling of the shack.

Aerina: Well this is just faaaantastic.... *Sigh*


561561763_enb2020_05_2803_48_19_80.png.3e8ef87b017d4bf59d02ff497dec18d0.png Aerina can hear a stream and the sound of the mill spinning outside the shack.

Aerina: Wait a second... This is half moon mill

Why am I hanging upside down in their shack?


1038050376_enb2020_05_2803_49_42_84.png.387d7652b9b5f4216d182e6da62ebf66.png Aerina: *Sigh* I'm sure I'm going to find out soon enough...






Thanks for reading :)


Cheers guys






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1 hour ago, Jahn_Doe said:

Meanwhile the hair defies gravity ?

Yeah... Pretend you didn't see that ?


3 hours ago, GoldenGoblin said:

Can I get a preset face Astrid or Aerina? I like

Thanks glad you like them! Not available currently,  But I might bundle them up and release them some time in the future though

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1 hour ago, WhatTheElf said:

Yeah... Pretend you didn't see that ?


Thanks glad you like them! Not available currently,  But I might bundle them up and release them some time in the future though

It would be great.

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Poor Girl :sweat_smile:

enb 2020_05_28 01_15_34_52.png

A Preset would be awesome I just Might turn her into a follower and send her your way ;)


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