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Part 7.5: Swedish Sunglasses



It's been two years since Gina was kicked out of Frederick Erhler's Apartment and his son Maximilian took over, and as Gina is finishing her fourth semester, a passenger on a plane from Sweden enters Frederickston in an... unorthodox way...


I absolutely despise traveling... Arnborg thinks to himself




When you're a vampire, there are really only two ways of travelling per plane or ship...


Either you stay up all night in the plane, getting more and more thirsty for blood and therefore being likely to become the center of attention...


Or you hide your coffin among the freight and parcels...




...and have it end up in a dusty, old warehouse, where you wake up after the flight...





Luck is on my side... I do not have to run around in my sleeping robe tonight...




Of course. It *has* to be in a creepy forest, somewhere outside of Frederickston. Hopefully I can find a bus stop soon...




About two hours later, Arnborg Rehnskiöld finally arrived in Frederickston's downtown.




So... now that I'm here I... realize I do not know Erhler's address... Not a good look for my first mission given to me by the Council... should've ordered some documents before coming here...


Ever since Max killed his father Frederick, he ceased any contact to the other Vampire Houses. Usually, some quiet times are common among them, to keep a low profile among humans. But it usually doesn't hold on for so long.

That's why the Council of Vampires in Paris has sent Arnborg Rehnskiöld from Sweden to Frederickston for an investigation.


Luckily... only for me... I got a clue on where to start looking...


I came across an electronics store a few minutes ago... The TVs in the display window talked of a strange corpse appearing at the harbor...


A young woman was found naked without a heartbeat... but with bite marks at her neck... Chances are, if there's a vampire on the loose, it's Erhler himself...




Yep, this definetely fits the description of one of his harem girls, Celine Trelienne. Poor Celine. Not only did that idiot fuck her out in the open, he was so furious with it and bit her that she's dead now...


But she isn't useful to me dead...


Police hasn't arrived. Yet. I have to be quick, otherwise I will cause more trouble than I will solve.


Arnborg lifts up the corpse and starts to use his vampiric magic


Alright, little Celine, you're probably not gonna thank me for this... On the other hand, when do people ever thank Vampires at all?





After that, he gets her to the apartment he got for the job. The Council has been generous enough to provide a small apartment for him, but only for a month.


Good thing I can cover us both up with a magic fog... otherwise I could have started even more trouble than this Erhler moron...


At his place, Celine sleeps for three days straight, without waking up, as her skin and hair grow pale.




Celine: "Where... am I... what...?"

Arnborg: "Ah, you're finally awake. I was fearing I might have been too late."

Celine: "I feel.. lighter... and... thirsty..."

Arnborg: "That's... completely normal, Celine. I am Arnborg. I am... here to help you. I... saved you from... some... trouble at the harbor... do you remember?"




Celine: "Yes, I... I... I think I.... have been raped by Maximilian and... no, that's impossible..."

Arnborg: "I am sorry to overwhelm you with these questions, but I wouldn't do that if it wasn't important. You mentioned someone named Maximilian. Do you remember him?"

Celine: "Yes... yes, of course... how could I not... He... was the master of the harem... after his father died... and this one girl left...

Arnborg: "Someone left? ... Celine, can you tell me where that happened? Where can I find this harem?"

Celine: "It was... it was in this great tower, next to the museum... a penthouse..."

Alright, that's everything I need to know for now. Now the panic can begin.

Celine: "Wait.. why... why is my skin so bright? Whats... what has happened to me?!"

Arnborg: "You're... you're a vampire now, Celine. I have brought you back from the dead."



Celine: "You did this to me?!"

Arnborg: "Yes, I know it might..."




Celine: "Get away from me, you perverted freak!"

After yelling at Arnborg, she got her clothes and left the apartment.

She's gonna come back. he thinks

It's as safe as an amen at the end of worship... It's the middle of the day, she's not gonna even be able to be outside for long... and likely nobody of her friends or family will accept her... But that's not my problem right now... Something more important is pressing...




Ususally, this is a job like any other. Not for me. Erhler's got something I personally value quite much...

Nobody opens up. Would be a problem if he was human, otherwise I could only enter with his permission. Luckily, those magic limitations don't apply to vampires.




The personal thing Erhler's got on me... Is that my cousin Arabella was part of this harem as well...

Arnborg: "Arabella! It's good to see you alive... are you alright? What has happened?!"

Arabella: "I'm glad to see you too, cousin, but... do you mind getting me out of here before asking questions?"

Arnborg: "Oh, yeah, of course..."


Arabella gets herself some underwear from the girls' room after Arnborg helped her out.




Arabella: "It's never been better to see you, Arnborg, but, why are you even here? Of all the people coming in and rescuing me, I would have never expected it to be my cousin from Sweden!"

Arnborg: "That's... a long story. I'm gonna tell you later. I need to take a look around first..."

Arabella doesn't know that I'm a vampire... let alone that I'm working for the Council... And if I don't want to make her do so as well, it has to stay this way...




Arnborg: "I've heard that it was getting hot in here from time to time... can you tell me something about the man who ran this place?"

Arabella: "So, first there was this old guy... really rich, but probably older than mom and dad... he paid me for cleaning his flat, buying stuff for him... delivering him 'pleasure'..."

Arnborg: "You said 'first'... did someone else take over after that? Did something happen?"

Arabella: "Yeah. I think it was his son. Never saw him before. He told us his dad died of old age and he inherited the penthouse. He was mostly interested in sex... when he wasn't fucking, he was looking for something, either online or in some documents..."

That explains the paperwork on the table... looks like old Frederick got a dossier on everyone who worked for him... including my cousin and the other girls... this one name 'Gina' is circled in red multiple times... must be someone important...




Looks like he went great lengths to look for something his father knew...


My thoughts for now? The moron killed his father in an argument without thinking about it... and then realized that daddy hasn't taught him anything useful about life as a vampire... so he started to panic and went through his stuff...


Arnborg: "So when did he leave? And why?"

Arabella: "It was all really sudden. He was way less friendly to us than his father, treated us badly... even hit us when we asked questions or talked too much... one day, this redhead girl, Alexandria, left all of a sudden. This made him mad, and when Celine, another girl, asked about it, he yelled at her and both left the apartment..."

Arnborg: "Did he come back afterwards?"

Arabella: "Yes... but without Celine. Usually, I wasn't asking questions, neither to him or his dad. But now things became very creepy. So I confronted him. Then he... did something... I lost my consciousness and I woke up chained on the wall..."

Arnborg: "When did this happen?"

Arabella: "Yesterday, a few hours ago, last year...? I lost my sense of time on that wall, I'm really sorry..."


Celine's corpse was still warm when I found her...


Worst case? A ridiculously unprepared Max noticed that the corpse is gone and left the city in panic


Best case? He may have found a clue on what he's looking for and realized he can't find it here


Either way, the man is dangerous. And a moron. I just hope he hasn't learned how to create a small army of Skals... otherwise I'm gonna have to call for reinforcements from Paris...




The browser history is riddled with every search possible.... news articles, telephone directories for every city, even obituaries... all searching for the name 'Gina Kyron'... what's the deal with this girl?




Huh. I assume that's Frederick. Parts of his bones are burned down to ashes. A cruel death for a vampire... and a really perverse thing to put him in your bedroom...


I never actually met Max myself... but I already hate this guy with a burning passion...




This is quite interesting... not only did Frederick have dossiers on every girl, he had PLANS for them...


Alexandria was about to give him more children... as she doesn't seem to care much about the sex...


He had less perverted plans for my cousin, thankfully... He wanted to enlist her as a painter... Honestly I'm kinda jealous...


He wanted to erase Celine's mind... apparently she was the troublemaker in the apartment, but the magic didn't work so well... the problems of old age for a vampire... he even considered kicking her out or killing her...


Gina, he doesn't write about her much... Just her name.... Doesn't seem to have stayed that long before Frederick was killed.


While looking around in the bedroom, Arnborg hears Arabella yell for him


Arabella: "Arnborg? Come to the terrace.... You might wanna take a look at this I guess..."




Arabella: "I never noticed him going outside... He must have painted this all by himself... and all by pure remembrance, wow!"




Arnborg: "My god..."

Now I know what's the deal with this Gina girl...




Maximilian Erhler is in love... he's obsessed with that girl, but she left the harem! That's why he's looking for her, looking through his father's documents!


Arabella: "You were looking for stuff like this, right? I thought it might be helpful, because... wow, I didn't even know Max was so obsessed with her... must have delivered a good show..."


I have all I need to know for now. This is enough to write a report to Paris. But... Arabella has seen too much. She's too close to the perimeters of vampire society...


I'm sorry that I have to do this, cousin... It's for your best...




She's gonna have a nice, quiet life... as if she never was here... she's gonna go buy loads of garlic and become a painter... and her cousin is still in Sweden... farewell, Arabella...




As he comes home, he sees that Celine has, in fact, come back


Arnborg: "So... made up your mind?"

Celine: "...my boyfriend left me. He... yelled at me... how much of a monster I am... there was no other place to go..."




Arnborg: "Thought so. So, willing to listen what happened to you now?"

Celine: "Yeah..."

Arnborg: "You're a vampire... Just like me. Albeit, you are less powerful than me. I assume you know what vampires do?"

Celine: "I... have to drink blood now... and I've noticed that sunlight hurts me... it's all just like in the movies and books... anything else? Wooden stakes? Garlic?"

Arnborg: "Wooden stakes are a comfortable myth. But yes, Garlic is poison to us. And if you have to drink blood, it doesn't have to be violent. There is synthetic blood you can order on the darknet. Tastes like shit but gets the job done. But I can show you some recipes to make it taste better."

Celine: "Thanks... I guess.... seems like you can teach me a thing or two about this new life I just stumbled into... do you mind if I stay a while, until I can live on my own again?"

Arnborg: "Sure. It's better for vampires to care for each other and stick together anyway. As you can imagine, we live with the constant possibility of exposure to humans. Besides that, a new vampire can almost never grow on its own."

Celine: "Let me... thank you for that in a special way...."




Arnborg: "Oh... I thought you were the least kinky one in Erhler's harem?"

Celine: "You didn't think I expected only cooking and cleaning from this job, did you? Besides that... If I'm immortal now, does it matter anyway?"

Arnborg: "Well, it's not that eas-..."






Whatever. Let's just hope Max didn't know how to create a succubus...








She's probably going to regret this tomorrow... She was thrown into a whole new world, it's only natural she's confused now...


She's gonna find a new job, move to a new place and find a boyfriend who isn't just in town because some obscure secret society sent him here.


It won't matter anyway. It never does. That's something Max doesn't understand. Love is worthless. For vampires, at least.


After all... we won't be our last respective partners in the long life that's still before us...


And now to the annoying paperwork... The report for the council is gonna take a while to write...








Recommended Comments

Quite the unusual entry here, with a refreshing investigation ambiance/male protagonist intertwined with a fantasy vampire plot, returning back and developping from where it was left before. Good screens, colorful, and acceptably posed (with the limitations of sim's facial expressions), good balance between story and sex. No problem with the writing style either. The only thing is that it seems a bit doubtful for a corps to be discovered by journalists and then to be left alone ; and not sure about the PNG format, but that's minor. Good chapter ! :smiley:


Malicia : « Max looks very funny now, uh. But that Amborg guy behaves very nice, yes:star: »

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On 6/3/2020 at 3:54 PM, Tirloque said:

The only thing is that it seems a bit doubtful for a corps to be discovered by journalists and then to be left alone

Yeah, I also felt uncomfortable about that right after publishing it. But I just assume someone saw the corpse, reported it to the cops who then reported it to the News before arriving at the scenery. Or whoever saw it also told it to the News, choose your headcanon.

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