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Glass Ceiling



I had this idea for a Glass Ceiling feature in SexLab Survival. It was sort of a joke.

Then I thought about it some more, it could be an interesting sort of mod after all.


See my original post on SexLab Survival Glass Ceiling


After thinking about it a bit more, I could see how this could work more globally, as a complete Skyrim overhaul (with fairly low impact) that doesn't require an obscene amount of code. It would involve a follower who acts as a scarcity mechanism without otherwise disrupting gameplay.



It could begin when you reach Riverwood, in the early stages of the main-quest. When you try to leave town, a follower attaches himself to you.


His initial goal is to hit on you for sex. He suggests you join him in the inn.

If you do, he'll get you drunk and force sex, but that's just always something he wants to try - not a one-off behaviour, but his default.


Whether you do that or not, this guy will never leave you. He's your compulsory follower for the rest of the game.

If you use a follower mod, you can have other followers, but you can't get rid of him.


The funny thing is, he often claims you are following him.



From thereon, any dialog that relates to a player achievement of any worth is redirected at him, and there are subtle, pervasive dialog changes elsewhere.

Occasionally, when it comes to quest rewards, there are changes there too, so a lot of the time, you don't get them. He does.

And if you do what he wants, he lets you have them, like he's doing you a favour.



When you show up in Dragonsreach with news of the dragon, the Jarl initially appears to address you as normal...

But no...

It's not you, he's talking to the MAN in the room.


And when you try to speak, your follower talks over you and delivers the news about the dragon.

While you can pick the topics you want to raise normally, the responses all indicate that you got ignored and the Jarl responds to your follower instead.


This is pretty much the template for all major events after this - except the Greybeards and Parthurnax, and any other place that you actually have to be the real dragonborn to progress. The rest of the time, everyone ludicrously attributes all your work to the follower; even when it's quite a stretch.


When you kill the first dragon, the guards compliment your follower on his achievements.

They then talk about him swallowing the dragon's soul (even though it was YOU). Naturally he takes credit for it.

You are then denied the chance to demonstrate shouting. He says he won't do it because his shout would be so dangerous.


On the way to see the Greybeards, when you get part way up the steps, the follower says he can't be bothered walking up there and is going back to the tavern. He will show up again when you descend. Other than that, he always seems to be there to steal the credit and reward for everything you do.


If you ever use your shout in a town, or on an NPC, there is a global behaviour where they demand you shut up or be gagged.

They talk to the follower...

"Keep your girl quiet or I'll see her gagged." etc.

"Don't worry, she can get really noisy. Sometimes, you have to show them who's boss."

He will demand you gag yourself, but he won't force gag you. But if you don't obey, there will be consequences. See below.


His basic game-play control mechanics are "taking your stuff" and controlling your gold and the return of items he took.

This is how the mod work in almost any situation he wants to compel you do do something: do as he says, or next time you ask for gold he won't give you any.

Each refusal locks you out of your gold for longer.

However, he cannot force you to wear anything, he can only request and then punish.

Nor will he force sex, he can only demand and get angry.



How does he get your gold and items?

He consumes all cash quest rewards (but not items), as a global behaviour.

If you sleep, he takes all your money.

If you sleep, he will steal all small portable valuables, like books, scrolls, gems and jewellery.

He takes almost anything useful or valuable that you put in a chest.

hen you gain gold in shops, all male vendors give the cash straight to him. Only women will give it to you. (Implementation-wise, the gold just gets moved after the fact, but it should be fast enough).

He takes heavy items from your inventory. e.g. He will say things like "Let me carry that heavy stuff for you." Then he grabs armor-loot or weapons out of your inventory. You will never see them again. (This is not all bad, as you don't have to worry about carry capacity, but you only get a small percentage return on the value).

He won't take equipped armor, except when you sleep, in which case he will.

He won't take bikini armor.

He will not take quest items.

His ability to rob is constrained. He can't take items below a certain weight, unless you sleep, and he can't take gold unless you sleep.

In some cases he may demand you give him gold or valuable items you are carrying. If you don't he'll refuse to release gold and rob you more aggressively later.


You can ask him for money if you need it but he's averse to letting you have much at once.

Buying houses requires a special mechanic where he "saves" the money for you, because clearly you couldn't do that yourself.


If you don't do things he wants, you aren't allowed access to your gold.

He will sometimes give you a jewellery item back as a 'present' if you are compliant for a while, let him have sex, etc.

He will add things to chests in some cases: bondage items, lingerie, cooking pots, slooty clothes and high heels.

By design, it's possible to work around him - to some extent - if you're careful.

His punishment is limited to withholding return of gold or items. This doesn't mean he won't threaten other things, but he can't follow through.


Except ... sometimes he makes additional demands before he will hand your money back.

He hates it if you buy spell books, and will deny your money if he thinks you might do that (near a spell vendor).

He doesn't like you buying training. He will deny your money if he thinks you might do that too (near a vanilla training vendor).

He doesn't like you buying weapons or armor. He will deny your money if he thinks you might (near a smith).

In practice, this just means you have to take him other places to get the money, or already have it.

In some cases he may demand you wear a chastity belt - for your safety - and he won't release any gold if you refuse - "Because you're going to be robbed by rapists anyway, stupid girl."


If you try to use a crafting station, after a few seconds he will grab your ass, knocking you out of the station. If you have Spank that Ass, he can use that too.


He always tries to force sex in inns and player homes. You can refuse in most cases. Sometimes he will sleep-rape you. Other times he tries to get you drunk.

He, and other male NPCs refer to you, in his presence as "your girl" or "the girl", or "your slut" they never use your name or treat you as a person. Of course, in game logic they are speaking to you, but the altered words give the impression they talk past you and address him all the time.


He becomes the archmage, guildmaster or harbinger for the major guild quests.

For all the major guild quests, you are cheated at the very end - like my examples in the link, except that he gets the rewards instead of the pre-existing vanilla NPC.


He never talks to Parthurnax or the Greybeards, but Delphine and the other blades treat him as the dragonborn, not you. If this sounds farcical, it's supposed to be.


He will be the character addressed in civil war. NPCs will commonly tell you to be quiet while the men are speaking. This is much worse and more frequent if you pick the Stormcloaks. You basically can't talk to Stormcloaks at all, unless its to progress a quest stage.



Most female NPCs behave normally towards you. He always comments on this afterwards, with lines like:

"Please don't waste so much time gossiping with your friends. We have important things to do."

"Enough girl talk. We need to save the world."

"Have you finished discussing your outfits now? I need to get that elder scroll."

"(Yawn). I was thinking, you look better in heels." etc


Irileth, Mjoll, Uthgerd, and other stoic female NPCs will act like men in this regard, and will not respect you.



While this follower character is essentially an idiot, he's not a complete dummy.

He uses all the tricks he knows to keep you under his control: gaslighting, lies, bullying, isolation, financial control.

It's up to you how you respond.


Later in the main quest, he will suggest you marry him. If you let him push this through, things get worse.

You should try to avoid it, but as you progress the main quest, he will keep making it harder to avoid.

At some point, it may seem easier to give in. In some ways it might be, as if you refuse several of his proposals he will become reluctant to release sufficient money for living.

At the tail end of this, if you go to Riften, he will arrange a marriage without your consent and bribe Maven so she gets the guards and thieves guild to conspire to force you to the ceremony. The priest ignores anything you say and the marriage goes ahead.


Once you are married, he will raise his annoyance level overall:

Behaviours he could previously only do during sleep become available to him in any town as demands rather than an action that just happens (so you can still refuse).

If you refuse, he calls the guard, and you can go to prison, pay the fine, or fight them.

He will demand you give him gold and valuable items you are carrying. If you refuse in town, again he'll use the law against you.

Women aren't allowed to own possessions, they are possessions - not slaves of course, but they still belong to their husband or father.

He may make decisions on what you must wear (slutty clothes of course). If you don't wear what he wants he may demand your other clothes, and will deny money.

He will demand, rather than ask for sex, and if he doesn't get it, see above.

It will be harder to get cash out of him. 

He may refuse to return items.

He will also complain about men looking at you, starts brawls with male NPCs and generally make himself a nuisance.

The chastity belt will become a default request.

Plugs may be requested as a punishment.

He doesn't ever enslave you. It's more subtle than that. He controls, but it's absolutely not a slavery mod. But it is a scarcity and gold control mod. You can loot as much as you like, but good luck spending the money. However, you may get gagged for shouting in towns etc.



It's more about flavour...


Some sorts of things he might say:

When you read a book:

"I know you think that makes you look clever honey, but we both know you don't understand that stuff."

"Did you know you squint when you're reading? It doesn't look attractive."

"Do they actually teach women to read where you come from? Nah... You're faking it right?"

He will comment when you eat:

"Do you have to eat so much? You'll get fat."


When you drink:

"Ale? Come on girl, have some of this alto wine, ale is for men."

"Water? Don't drink that filthy stuff, you'll get sick."


When you wake up:

"By all the gods, you look terrible. Can't you do something with your hair?"


When you win a fight:

"You need to improve your technique. You almost got us killed there girl."


When you sell things:

"I could have got a better price for that. What were you thinking?"


When you buy things:

"Your spending never stops. I think I need to set a budget for you."


When you finish a quest:

"At last, that's over. Did you drag that out to spite me? I swear, without me, you'd never finish anything."


When you learn a new shout:

"Are you done staring at the wall now? I swear, you just drift off sometimes. Come back down to Skyrim girl."


When you pray:

"Women... Always praying. Don't go all pious on me."


If you have rape mods, he will comment if you are raped:

"What are you crying for? You asked for that. Honestly, I'm disgusted by the way you slut around sometimes."

"If you'd been wearing your belt like I told you, this wouldn't have happened. A woman needs to be careful in Skyrim."

"Slut around like that again and I'll give you a beating." (He never does give you a beating, but he will push the belt 'solution'. )

(And with the belt, you can guess who has the only key. Clue. It's not you. That wouldn't be "safe".)


If you get pregnant - at least for some pregnancy mod or other:

"Pregnancy suits you."

"Gods, it's a struggle to keep my hands off those tits of yours."

"It would be better if I could leave you at home, but I know you're afraid to be left by yourself. Probably not safe alone anyway."

"That baby better be mine girl. You know what I'm saying?"


If you give birth - he takes the baby (or soul gems):

"At least you're good for something. These should fetch a pretty penny." (soul gems)

"You're an unfit mother. I'll give the kid to my sister to look after. Behave yourself if you ever want to see it again."


If you have a mod that handles female cycle:

"Your time again sweetroll? No wonder you're being so unreasonable."

"If you were a decent woman, you'd be pregnant, not bleeding."



I'll probably never write this mod. But I probably should.


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7 hours ago, jd210 said:

Agree. A truly Dominant follower along the lines of Andrew is sorely lacking.  Andrew was never really all that Dominant except for demanding and controlling sex.

To clarify one thing, I didn't mean that ToH isn't a whole mod, just that it is mostly not about dominant followers. ToH is mainly about comical ways to start a sex scene.

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On 2/20/2020 at 4:42 AM, jd210 said:

Submissive Lola - ancient and not really working well

This is being worked on again, but certain new enthusiasts.

I'd like to try it out ... might be a while before I have time though.

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