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Loli Body shape

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Greetings all,  


I recently saw some notations about the Loli body, I believe it was UPN but does not matter so much to me.  This was the one that was banned because it had Loli i the name.  I am unclear if it alters height, but I am assuming it does not.  I like the slimmer look it creates an was interested in using it for some of the Faery/elf types.   Since I am at work and not able to actually use a decent computer to research it etc .   Does anyone actually have a link or can upload it.  I was thinking I might be able to put it in body replacer and then use it on npcs as I encounter them.  I personally like diversity of shape etc in my game.


Thanks for any help or feedback, you guys are great and I have learned lots from this board

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Lol.  Not really worried about it.  Funny how people will say nothing about murder, bestiality, slavery or rape on nexus... but you even suggest child nudity and you would think it is the end of the universe.  Does not even have to be a child, just the hint.  Then these same people walk past starving people at home to go and play video games where they murder, steal and rape.   Somehow they have selective differential when it comes to this subject.   


Bleached peach looks like it.  Now to see if  PC Universal body changer will work as advertised.  Damn 250 cap, means we need to be creative.   Have a merged plugin to make soon.  

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