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Requiem - Playable Skykids Patch

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A patch to Reqtify all of the playable Kids from Skykids. With this, you do not need the SK Playable Kids.esp, since this copies and rebalances those records. This is designed for 2.0, but it will work with requiem 1.9.4 as well. 


All child races have been balanced similarly to the Vanilla Requiem races, with a slightly shorter reach for unarmed attack. You should place this below the Requiem.esp like all patches, and rerun the reqtificator. If you use NPC replacers, you will need to add those .esps to the Reqtificator.ini. 


I haven't done Drow or Monli races yet, but I can do those if anybody really wants them. I'll also reqtify other races that haven't been done so already on request. 


This has been tested extensively and can conclude there are no bugs in this release. Any bugs you find will be related to your load order or configuration. 

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    Skykids, Requiem - The Roleplaying Overhaul
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1 hour ago, bermik said:

Can I make a patch for TKKA?  The Kids Are Alright (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/83009)?

TKKA doesn't require a patch for Requiem. If you add the TKKA plugin to the Reqtificator.ini NPC section, it'll just take the visual data and keep Requiem's balancing. Anything that only changes NPC appearances doesn't need a Requiem patch. 

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Hey, thanks for sharing this!


You know, I also made a home-grown patch for SK and Requiem, I haven't published it since I didn't have enough in me to complete everything I wanted. I only share the ideas since, well, maybe they will influence you or someone else to improve upon it. What I was aiming at is creating a fuller rebalance for children. Lower health pool - a child will never be able to take as much beating as adult, and you'll never be able to swing a 2H as easy as adult person until you grow up. Huge penalty for intimidation attempts, so don't even try - come on, no one takes threats from children seriously. OTOH, bonus to sneak and pickpocket - due to smaller frames and hands. Bonus to stamina regeneration - because everyone knows what children are the best for is running around for hours without getting tired. Considering the new Requiem mechanics, I'd even consider now adding a permanent stamina regeneration effect on actor, since this stops stamina drain while running. And magicka regeneration bonus - children, due to their open-minded nature, are more open to flow of magic energies from Aetherius. 


Thanks for reading this :smile:

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