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Pyrrha Alexandra Story Oblivion

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Wow that would be very good, I hope you can do it me looking for there are some meshes I found that perhaps you could use. The first image is of the original dress, the second is of the mesh that for me is very close to Soul Calibur IV, the bad thing is that the measure of his chest is D-cup, I'm sure that with a H-cup would be ideal. ?


I don't have the technical ability to use https://www.loverslab.com/topic/27557-new-clothing-body-style-converter-beta-v089f-10-26-2014/ If someone would be so kind as to make a video tutorial of the program I would surely do it...

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They are all in the Mod.

The cup size in the Mod is H cup ( a little bit pushed up )




And  ??? maybe C cup






All in pieces ( upper , lower, hand and feet ) . You can make one piece meshes with NifSkope.



And the first one is sophitia dress




A MegaOppai version



The  original E or D cup version

From here https://www.loverslab.com/topic/2065-soul-calibur-armors-n-weapons-mods/

The same with German esp


And a DM version




I have another DM version and a MegaOppai version.




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Jajajajaja MegaOppai is too exaggerated for me, DM is fine ?.
Consult in https://www.loverslab.com/topic/18808-lovenders-armorclothing-separated-into-parts-sip-mods/?page=5 there is an armor that I would like to get but all the links are dead, I could ask you a favor... If I know it I would have to stop asking favors ?... Do you know any link that has all the armor of Lovender's Armor/Clothing Separated-Into-Parts (SIP) Mods

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Most 4shared Links are dead. 4shared delete all user and files if they have not visit the 4shared page for 3 month, then you get a warning "in a week account and files will be deleted"

So many old Lovers files are gone forever. And also many other Mods.


I don't use DM/DMRA so I only have a few DM Mods  and none of Lovenders Mods.

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It's not my Mod. I have not uploaded it because of Permission from the author.

But I read the readme again and there is no "do not upload it somewhere else"  or " You must ask for permission "


So maybe I upload it here, in my PM are now 9 people added. ( do not know how many people  can be added to a PM )

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Pyrrha Alexandra Story       A companion Mod with 3 quests.


That's the english version. The textures file ( textures-42010-1-o-1.7z ) is a update/fix, install it after the eng-42010 file.

Requirements: ( See readme )

HGEC body textures

BBB skeleton




The german esp is still available at Nexus.


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