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Looking for an armor...

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6 minutes ago, Gyra-ting said:

IMO you're asking for something very, very unique. 

Very little armor have that cleavage window too.

In any case, something similar to the weapon arm would be one of the dwarven arms in TAWOBA

Hmm. I think I was not clear enough. :smile: The left hand weapon does not interest me. Only armor does

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7 minutes ago, Harvald said:

Calyps Razor Assassin Armor  https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/26312/ perhaps ?

Yes this is probably the ideal shape for my purpose. How ever I do not like the texture. I guess I will try to retexture it, if I do not find anything better.


By the way it is for my next follower mod that I will start working on after I finish the wood elf


For now there is just an ambitious concept and a raw head preset


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