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  1. Indeed, very hot. Some story advancement as well, with a lot of eye candy to go with it after!
  2. While a bit Meta, I think the way I'd get around this would be to lock that particular actor's arousal at a value less than the approach threshold, but higher than the invite threshold. Then they would no longer approach through SLAC, but could still be invited (for things like SLS cum feeding ect). Edit: osmelmc beat me to it. Might cause some other functions to not benefit from arousal, but it sounds like the followers are max horny anyway. If I'm not mistaken, don't SLS animal friends approach through SLS based on time rather than arousal? So that mechanic hopeful
  3. Nice, history/mythology explanations definitely help flesh out the world. Also helps explain what's going on beyond just "because it's cool". Doesn't hurt that it gives the opportunity to add some sex in what would otherwise be a primarily story episode!
  4. Great to see a successful F/C1/C2 animation, and it's a great one. Worked just fine for me, and love to see more canine/werewolf action. Looking forward to your work going forward, good luck.
  5. Are you sure it isn't a different mod that is activating a "strip search"? The strip search quest in Sexist Guards was removed at some point but the MCM menu line was left in. AFAIK it was never added back and the strip search option in the MCM menu does nothing.
  6. I never fail to be impressed with how much detail goes into these stories, they must take a lot of time and effort to create. Thanks again for sharing. Great to see more characters with various personalities and traits. Looking forward to the internal dynamics of the tribes going forward. Also loving the fact the "brother" plot point isn't going to be a big secret for this storyline. While the mystery and slow reveal/suggestiveness in the previous plot was also really enjoyable, IMO a more direct approach definitely makes sense for this more "primal" version of the U
  7. Quite an enjoyable and sexy chapter. Poor Bran just can't catch a break, but at least he's always there to offer an (accidental) hand when Cass really needs it. As for future ideas - I think continuing with the theme of the dynamic trio "helping" people could be fun for at least a handful of storylines. Could fit with the plan to have smaller semi-contained story arcs and continue fleshing out the main characters. Random more specific ideas: "curing" a werewolf catching a thief.... specifically a panty thief a chapter told from Bat's POV (now that
  8. Might have been a round-about way of getting there, but super sleuth Cass always gets her perp.... eventually.
  9. Sounds good, wasn't sure if you were interested in redoing that mechanic or not. I agree it is essentially impossible to successfully evade long term currently while actually making reasonable use of cities. If you'll excuse another off-the-cuff idea dump - I think a version of guard evasion I'd really enjoy could work something like Cursed Loot traps, but for guard detection. I have no clue if the below would be lighter, but it would hopefully be much easier to understand and build gameplay around: The guards start "looking out" for the PC due to toll evasion, no c
  10. These seem like great additions and something that will further encourage use of the the simply knock integration/voluntary kennel use/actually paying for an inn to make sure the PC isn't breaking curfew. Also gives teeth to property licenses if your player home is how you would normally avoid breaking curfew. A few ideas to share: Additional punishment option - as a tie-in to the idea that a whore license exists (and may actually exist down the road), perhaps one of the punishments for breaking curfew could be for the PC to be forced into prostituting hers
  11. Always look forward to another Cassidey story, and I think organizing the story into minor arcs works well for the blog format. Gives each episode a fair amount of purpose and direction without getting stale. Thanks for sharing!
  12. Welcome back! Great to see this story get continued, was a really nice surprise when I saw the notification. Thanks for sharing - and this was certainly a hot one.
  13. Just to share my perspective, I'm of a similar preference to Nymra in that if I had the option to disable/enable DCL's built-in filtering I would probably take advantage of it on occasion. It certainly isn't a perfect solution, but I do find I do this quite often when any other SL mod triggers animations while my PC is wearing certain devices. If a device has a very limited or dated animation pool and my PC will be in it for a long time, disabling the DD filter does let me get some variety at the expense of requiring more manual control. I find this often works well for many of t
  14. I there may be a misunderstanding - I meant you CAN disable W&T piece by piece including the visuals, the text, and the debuffs. I was referring to the example of wanting just the text from the wear and tear function, but disabling visuals/debuffs. For example I use W&T for text and debuffs, but don't use the visuals out of personal preference.
  15. One thing to note - those questions may be better posted to the base mod's thread. This mod updates the base mod with a lot more text options, but doesn't really have anything to do with functionality. That being said, yes Apropos 2 has lots of MCM options that can let you turn off various parts you don't want. The individual parts of the W&T system can be disabled if you just want the text descriptions for it but not the visuals/debuffs as well. Generally the more mods you add the slower things will get, but I've never noticed Apropos 2 specifically delaying S
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