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  1. To get around this I actually have this link bookmarked as my primary starting page for LL. https://www.loverslab.com/files/category/1-skyrim/ I find doing that means I usually catch most of the interesting mods that come out or updates to mods I like where the notifications are broken. That link shows just Skyrim LE updates in date order, so I don't need to sift through games I'm not interested in. Obviously new interesting mods are rare, but sometimes a gem comes out that I'd completely miss otherwise.
  2. Would definitely recommend checking his work out - this has become one of *the* sexy animated poses pack, and I believe it is past 240 poses so far based on the recent changelog. You see his poses a lot in the screenshots threads - I'm not sure if there is an exhaustive preview post. He has also been open to modders using his work with permission/attribution - Sexy Bandit Captives of the top of my head was allowed to package several of the poses for use as idles by the NPCs in that mod. That mod used them a lot like this mod may want to - things like NPC prostitutes advertising their assets for other NPCs to trigger Sexlab scenes. Probably best to contact him directly for that. He does also have a small SLAL pack which he's adding to over time.
  3. That's going to be so nice for figuring out which bikini-adding mod still needs a tag. I don't even know at this point how many mods I have that use Nise's bikini meshes as a resource but have their own armor items.
  4. I hear you there - hitting hard-coded maximums is definitely a thing we're getting used to in Skyrim. Which I suppose just goes to show how far we've come in excess of what the original developers of both the game and these core mods thought would be a reasonable limit. The blocking of addiction decay is the only thing in my post that is an actual problem - the other points were just random ideas that I thought might be cool but definitely not core to the feature (or worthy of precious MCM variable space). A non-zero minimum amount to block decay may certainly help if it isn't too complicated. Perhaps another simpler way to achieve the same result would be for the presence of cum to not actually block addiction decay, but have the default values set up so that the presence of cum automatically overpowers decay and still advances addiction at a similar rate. Then users like myself could adjust for a near-constant presence of a small amount of FHU cum by bumping up the decay rate a bit while hopefully not changing the way the feature works much for everyone else. Of course I'd still keep cum addiction on without this change as it is a fun mechanic - would just require a bit more MCM menu babysitting to reset it every once in awhile or make an extra mental note to stop and completely empty FHU cum if I want addiction to not constantly increase.
  5. With some of these proposed mechanics possibly hooking into the cum addiction system, I wonder if there is some room for a few more MCM options regarding addiction gain/decay? Mainly, I'd love a toggle option to allow cum addiction to decay despite carrying some amount of FHU cum. With the way I prefer to play, I find that with the current available options cum addiction typically only ever increases and does not get an opportunity to decay. Mainly because I don't like stopping to drain out FHU cum after a single scene, and generally leave draining for if my character is visibly bloated. Since I also use a fair number of DD adding mods that like to throw a plug or two on my PC, the situation where there is no FHU cum at all is actually pretty rare. A toggle to allow for addiction decay even while carrying cum would solve this issue, as then i could just adjust the decay rate to a nice spot. I definitely don't want to be immune to cum addiction, but hope to be able to adjust my settings so that having my PC actively being a cumslut ratchets up her addiction pretty fast, but then it slowly goes back down under "normal" gameplay if hunger is managed correctly (and I keep her away from horny animals). There are a few other toggles/settings I think could be fun. Mostly these could be consequences of over-indulging, either in a bunch of scenes in a row or with a few large specimens (or one dragon). Toggles like these could let a user set up the feature to act a bit more like a wear & tear consequence, where "unusual" events contribute the lion's share of addiction. hitting "bursting" status with FHU giving either a one-time spike in cum addiction, or a high contribution until released. Bursting drains naturally very quickly, and is usually only something you'll hit with large creatures. tying cum addiction gains on swallowing with cum hunger satiation level (may or may not be a thing already, I haven't really tested). Basically if the PC is in the habit of sucking off horses, addiction could rise much faster than an equivalent number of human partners with this setting. larger addiction contribution on swallowing if the PC is already in "glutted" status - the idea being she's not hungry and is either being forced or making a conscious decision to consume more despite being overfull.
  6. Looking pretty amazing so far. A few ideas for status additions: Seconded ideas from other posters: Bikini level/xp, if cursed possibly an indication which slot triggered it STA Statuses (Maso level, spank status, pain level ect) Creature Corruption level Other ideas: Current character speed multiplier Toll evasion statuses: Current duration of grace period holds where the PC is currently in evasion mode current disguise/coverage level and resulting detection radius Additional DF statuses: Current follower lives Current willpower level
  7. Haven't tried them in the latest version but it looks like they are under groups DFTAWB and WWB - CBBE in bodyslide.
  8. Personally I don't think SLS is the best place to do a massive Sexlab overhaul that gates adult progression like the vanilla leveling system gates perks. I do think it wouldn't be a bad idea for SLS to gate some of it's own content where reasonable (and preferably in an optional manner). If the effort is made down the road to put together a be-all-end-all Sexlab progression/solicitation mod then SLS would hopefully more easily fit into that environment. I'd assume hopefully begging near a dog or horse (or a single night in the kennel) could also help unlock something like that. It does make sense for any progression goal of SLS to be achievable with just itself or its explicitly supported mods installed. Slightly off-topic: AC does have a stamina-based resistance mechanic where the PC can break away from a rapist creature in the newer SE versions, and OsmelMC backported it to LE here (https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/10316-osmelmc-mod-tweaks/). There are also other toggleable means of preventing a rape by outrunning/killing an approaching creature, drawing a weapon to intimidate a creature or having crouch block engagements. NPCs even get resist mechanics based on stamina and sexlab/arousal stats. Would highly recommend those that like the mod in LE to try the backported version, it has a *lot* of extra features going for it over the LE version and I have not encounter any issues with the currently latest update.
  9. Did you max out on human animation slots in SexLab? Check the SL Debug menu. Otherwise I would try reinstalling and rebuilding SL.
  10. +1 for on the knees. My vote would be for all of the above - those are three different scenarios that could cover different aspects of the mod (with C being new). A) could be a begging or other punishment/degradation outcome, B) could be a way to satiate cum hunger, and C) is new and possibly a hook for other mods like DFC. Nothing wrong with re-using animations where they fit IMO. Some sort of SLS "levelling" system could be a lot of fun for character progression. I know some mods try to tie in with the SL stats system, but I've always found that stats page to be a bit unclear and is never presented as a progression to the player (no player facing notifications/no indication about what affects what/no customization options). My suggestion for this would be to lock a handful of insta-slut style SLS features by default, and add a Milestones/Achievements MCM menu page. Players could then mouse-over the various unlocks to see how they can be triggered if they want, or not and let them happen organically. Probably would be a good idea to add an "unlock-all" MCM menu button as well - one issue with mods that have progression is that serial restarters probably would start to find the unlocks to be a chore, and would prefer to have all the options available immediately.
  11. Seems like a great direction for new functionality in SLS. I could see those "self" actions be fun to just play with, but also be options for the various events of SLS. Begging comes to mind immediately, as now an NPC could demand the PC debase themselves in public via these actions in addition to verbally or with SL scenes. A begging outcome where the PC is required to kneel, open mouth and stick out their tongue in the middle of the city street until a passerby takes them up on their offer could be a fun scene. Few ideas below: "Spread legs" - changes pose based on context: If standing take a wide "strip search" style stance, if kneeling crouch and spread knees, if crawling face-down and ass up? Essentially could be a "make yourself available" pose modifier - Gunslicer's poses definitely come to mind here. "Pose" - random sexy pose. Again I think a curated selection of Gunslicer's poses could be great for something like this - I know a few other mods have gotten permission to use his poses as a resource. "Dirty Talk" - have the PC speak aloud a self-deprecating line (trigger a random STA-style voiced line). Invite - trigger SLAC "invite" function on target creature Activate device gems - trigger a "vibration" event if PC is has any soulgem piercings/plugs equipped. Clean semen - remove external semen stains (BIS or requiring a vanilla rag if no BIS installed?)
  12. Really nifty concept - anything that livens up the vanilla carriage system sounds good to me. Will have to try this out as it seems it would tie in well with other mods that work off of the player getting tied up in generic devices randomly. If you don't mind a content suggestion - I believe being heavily bound in DD's blocks vanilla carriage travel, since you can't activate the cart seat (likely to stop a broken-looking animation of climbing in while bound). At least that was the case last time I tried it, which albeit was a while ago. A mod being able to detect the player is in heavy bondage and start the ride without the climbing animation could be a good addition to allow carriage travel while heavily bound. That could also be a good flag for more devious scenarios to trigger, since the mod would know the pc's hands are bound and her ability to fight back is likely severely compromised. Seems like it might be a good fit for this mod, if you wanted to add harsher outcomes to compensate for the PC using carriages to avoid overland travel in heavy bondage.
  13. No problem at all - more mentioning it incase others expect it to 100% instantly convert their game to look like yours. It would be completely hopeless for me to try to explain how to perfectly copy the way my Skyrim looks to someone else - years of layering cosmetic mods on top of each other in a particular order makes that a pretty much impossible task. The info in the thread is helpful as to where to look for more information, even if the result isn't a 100% carbon copy of your settings.
  14. Thanks for the efforts - briefly fussing around it doesn't seem to quite work like that as a plug+play, at least not for the cel shading. Possibly due to the handful of enb files that live outside of the enbseries folder not being included (or my enb is out of date/I have some conflicting setting). I didn't delve into it further than enabling prepass in my ini and then outright replacing it with the one you shared a few pages ago. That being said I'd love to try a playthrough with your graphics style, so I'll probably take the time to actually understand the settings and properly install Caffeine ENB itself. As others have mentioned your character and settings are gorgeous - even if the file download won't let you post all the screenshots you want I'm sure people wouldn't mind seeing more of them. Either just as a dump here, in the Skyrim counterpart/Sex screenshots threads or in a blog entry.
  15. IMO one of the strongest aspects of this mod +SLAC is the player being able to insert their own explanation into what is happening for sure. When a guard husky jumps on a guard in the middle of a patrol or the stable master's wife gets chased down the road by a horse, it isn't hard to add a bit of head-canon context to the scene. I'm a sucker for more concrete storytelling tho, so I definitely wouldn't mind some more curated scenes being mixed in with these dynamic events - would likely be best achieved by a separate mod IMO. If I did have a content suggestion for this mod or a plugin adding to it - it would be for the addition of "immersive" npc comments and dialogue. Hydra Slavegirls is a somewhat similar mod in scope to More Creatures - its primary purpose is the adding of slave-trade NPCs to the game world. Also like More Creatures, it depends on other mods to do stuff like initiate sex scenes. One extra feature it does have is lots of dialogue snippets and mini stories if you actually talk to the new NPCs. These typically give details to what they are doing - things like a slave telling her backstory or a soldier explaining how the train of bound girls he is marching down the road are imperial soldiers captured in battle. Sometimes they are funny, often they are lewd. If you were at all interested in writing, it would definitely be cool if the mod did something similar, but for creature content. Just some ideas as examples: when the player inspects a jail and finds a werewolf waiting behind the bars, there could be a "handler" added to the cell that explains in no uncertain terms what is waiting for the PC if she gets arrested. Similarly, the mod could do things like add prisoner + creature combos to normally empty cells with names like "exhausted prisoner" that have short dialogues about their current situation (which would work especially well if the player hangs out long enough for SLAC to trigger). the mod adds a handful of tamed chaurus - a few of these could have npcs related to them that explain the importance of their eggs... and the manner in which they are best harvested. Of course, these are just spitballed ideas - I'd be completely satisfied with the mod if as you mentioned it is "done" in the next update or two. It already fulfills an important purpose in my load order.
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