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  1. If the mod is looking for Sexlab gender, that is easy enough to swap. Sexlab Cumshot can do that in its MCM menu, and I believe so can Sexlab Eager NPCs. The latest version of Sexlab itself may also be able to do that via MCM menu but don't quote me on that one. Basically the character would act like the opposite gender in Sexlab scenes and be detected as the opposite gender (or a futa ect) by mods that look at Sexlab gender. If the mod is looking at vanilla gender however, the much easier solution would be to simply try to edit the mod in question to remove the gender detection. Sometimes you can do this in TES5Edit or the CK, other times you'd probably need to edit scripts. Vanilla gender is not something you can just swap in-game that easily.
  2. Agreed, this sounds like a good idea but I think I'd prefer it work in a similar way to the current slavery event - where the follower takes away some freedom and won't give it back until you voluntarily go to an inn to earn them some cash. If it was a forced "right now" event it would be fun at first and then quickly become a reason to avoid inns if I was trying to get other things done in game (unless it was a really short event, like a Cursed Loot rape event).
  3. Weird Jump/Landing Animation Bug?

    I don't recognize a lot of mods in your load order, but I'd suggest looking at any mods you have that may effect jumping, falling or provide falling related perks/spells. It sounds like a mod is triggering an "immersive" fall at a certain height where your character is stunned on landing. That looks like it may actually be a vanilla idle as well (the "looting a box/corpse" animation). Example SlowFall.esp - sounds like a mod that may mess with your falling just based on the name.
  4. Honestly, you are generally missing very little by avoiding vanilla followers. A few have location-specific voice lines, and Freya in Dragonborn gives some decent story at the beginning (then goes super silent). I'd say the exception would be Lydia + Amorous Adventures, as she gets lots of extra lines for completing her quest and is much more fleshed out (and lovey-dovey). She's still pretty limited however, as obviously all her voice lines are spliced vanilla lines. Super followers like Sofia, M'rissi, Vilja and Inigo are always interesting, and often their authors have so many lines attached to main quest lines, player skills, or locations that each of them can stay somewhat fresh throughout a whole playthrough. Vilja and M'rissi have large involved questlines attached as well, that directly effect how they interact with the player character. I'd honestly recommend trying all of them out, as they are some of the better modded content if you like characters/story in a game. Another big recommendation if you care about character story more than mechanics in a follower - Interesting NPCs. The mod is huge, and adds many potential followers that are generally the same strength as vanilla followers. The followers generally have a personal questline, with a few getting multiple quests that have them meeting each other and interacting while you travel. The "super-followers" among them have a silly amount of comments for the main quests as well, I've used Zora for most of my current playthrough and she still surprises me with funny comments about the current vanilla quest I'm on. To put it into perspective, my current save has hundreds of hours dropped into it, and I've mostly been using M'rissi and Zora and haven't gotten bored of them yet.
  5. This mod kinda does that already. If you have have sex with a captive while they are still bound or have them "convince" you to release them, they get more and more irritated about the fact you are just messing with them and not helping them. If you want people to become lovers ect after sex.... that sounds more like Amorous Adventures or another romance mod.
  6. RohZima Ero Anim SLAL

    Sexlab Matchmaker spell should also work, and I ended up adding the foreplay tag to them and marked them as foreplay animations in the Sexlab Toggle animation page. Now they show up for a few of my mods that use foreplay animations.
  7. CK = Creation Kit. When talking about things like disabling one item out of hundreds, learning to do some minor personal-use modding with Creation Kit or TES5Edit is your best bet. Removing "only" the pear of anguish from the mod really does require modding the mod as that is a very specific tiny change. The only other way of completely disabling the pear would be to disable all the items/events it would attach to.
  8. Word... especially because you can just not loot them if you don't want any more, or decrease the drop rate to 1%. Or even better not chain equip them and instead save them for after a trap has gone off to keep the situation from getting any worse while you scrounge for keys. There isn't a super easy way to directly increase the drop rate of a specific item AFAIK. The "weights" for straitjacket/hobble dress/catsuits I believe only effect what type of suit you will get when DCUL picks a suit to be equipped (so if straitjacket was high and catsuit+hobble are low, you should usually get a straitjacket when a suit gets equipped). You can however indirectly increase your chances by: - Increasing "Standard Item" event weight, so more regular items (including suits) get equipped. - Increasing minimum and maximum items per container amounts, and increasing the worn restraints threshold (more slots filled per trap = more chances of a suit) - disabling some of the other types of items in the Devices menu. If you can't be equipped with chastity bras/hoods/blindfolds/gags ect you are more likely to get a suit instead. - carry around a few of your favorite straitjackets/dresses in your inventory and increase the chance of "Self Bondage Gas Traps" - this trap only equips items from your inventory.
  9. Thief

    The fight happens once you get outside, and it is an arena fight (so don't try to run or you'll encounter death walls). Something is conflicting for you, because normally you'd need to intentionally hang around in the basement to get killed by the fire.
  10. Apropos

    The conflict is that Sexlab Separate Orgasm by its design changes the default Sexlab orgasm event. It explains on the download page for that mod that it will break any mod that uses the orgasm events unless the mods are updated/patched to work with SLSO. It also explains exactly what would need to be done to make a patch (with scripting). Many other mods watch for this event as a flag to do their thing (Inflation Mods, Wear and Tear mods, ect), so if you use SLSO all of those mods will need patches to detect the new orgasm events. I don't personally use SLSO because too many of the mods I use would require patches, and for me the effort required isn't worth the extra features.
  11. Definitely agree with this, I'm sure every user has a different "favorite" idea they'd love to see worked on next. I'm personally most pumped for over-arching story tie-ins and possibly subjugated captives getting the ability to attract friendly NPCs the way regular captives do bandits. That idea forge has gotten pretty deep, so as long as you are having fun just keep working on whatever seems interesting to you.
  12. Thief

    Something sounds seriously glitched with that, or you have a mod conflict of some sort boosting the fire damage to ridiculous levels (or your character has 10 hp). If all of that is taking place in the basement, you haven't even started the main fight yet. My suggestion (since you are right at the end of the mod and hunting for a conflict seems a bit much for one last bit of content) would be to try activating god mode (tgm) in console at least until you get to the real fight.
  13. No clue other than whatever tools are available on the Nexus, just posting that as your OP asked about current permissions.
  14. For Sina follower at least, from the mod's front-page. Permissions and credits Author's instructions DONOT re-upload this mod without permission. File credits Racemenu Preset by Bonono Follwer mod by ddppl Unfortunately I'd say the safer bet is that they do not want the mod's assets used without permission of Bonono and/or ddppl.
  15. It's not exactly sexy, but Legacy of the Dragonborn is basically a huge scavenger hunt at its core. It also has patches for other collect-them-all mods that add unique weapons or sea shells ect to find and display in the museum. The mod itself is DLC+ in size and content tho. If you want to add more sexiness to clearing bandit camps you could try Sexy Bandit Captives https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4423-sexy-bandit-captives-mod-to-sex-slaves-for-vanilla-bandit-camps/. More a "rescue/capture the damsels" mod but they are in most of the vanilla bandit camps and are non-essential so they can be killed if you aren't careful. If you do try it I'd recommend grabbing the latest test .esp in the support thread, it fixes a few issues with the most recent patch.