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  1. I honestly completely forgot about the Emperor's double, the idea of body doubles for the purposes of security among the royal/political class is obviously not a far-fetched idea in TES. My personal preference would be for the "double" to be placed after the player completes the AA Elisif line, just because to me it seems more interesting that you have been interacting with the same NPC throughout her story. I like the idea that she really was the naive, somewhat pampered young ruler that you meet and save, and the near death experience and efforts of the PC change her for the better. "Fake" Elisif can stay on the throne at that point and complain about not getting a parade, I'd like to think the possible future High Queen of Skyrim takes some pointers from the Dragonborn after being rescued. It also would be really cool if after the player completes the current AA questline, but before the "capstone" Elisif quest triggers, a suspiciously familiar scullery maid shows up in the kitchen wearing a chef hat that conveniently hides her hair. Something for an observant player to notice and wonder at, small details like that can be great. Of course we're all just spitballing ideas here, we'll see what FF comes up with.
  2. Thanks as always CGI, will clean save update to this. I found your EFF patch to be very useful, since RDO also changes several of these dialogues and loading this patch after RDO reverts those changes in favour of EFF and DF, which I'd prefer.
  3. I think the idea is that you romance the "real" one in the first quest chain, and then for the last adventure quest she decides she needs to leave the Blue Palace and asks for your help - at that point the old Elisif NPC is a "fake" for story purposes (different person made to look like Elisif so they don't know she's missing). So she'll know about your efforts in the first quest chain and you won't be betrayed by a fake. At least that's my interpretation from what Fox has said so far. The "fake" is only a thing because FF doesn't want to disable/move or alter the actual Elisif NPC in case it breaks other quests or mods. There are plenty of important NPCs that actually have multiple copies to use in different quests - it is probably easier to do that than program an NPC to act completely differently/wear different items ect in different scenes.
  4. One other thing you could add to my suggestion - you could have your "deals" remove a very large amount of debt, but have a small final buyout amount once the period is over. You could also set your enslaved debt to a very high number to match the huge "debt" numbers, and even try out the "endless" mode that means you won't actually get enslaved. Example - you forgot to pay your follower, so now you have a "debt" of 20,000. The only way you can possibly pay that legit is to take a "deal" that is worth 20,000 debt, meaning you don't owe your follower any money and the next payment is back to regular small sized payments. You will be locked into that deal for the amount of days in your MCM menu, but once done, you can buy out of it for a reasonable amount of for example 500-1,000 g. As far as I am aware deals don't let you go very far into negative debt amounts, so it wouldn't make sense to take a "deal" to pay off your regular small payment. Of course these are just suggestions, you'd have to tinker with them yourself to see if they approach what you want (and they may not work out perfectly). I was just my opinion that what you wanted was something we can already do ourselves, and not something that needs to be specifically built into the mod.
  5. Another possible justification of two Elisif's (while more boring, but possibly easier to write) would simply be that she has grown and become more confident due to the player's actions in purging her curse and needs to leave the protection of the Blue Palace for *INSERT INTERESTING STORY REASON HERE*. The "fake" Elisif in this scenario, as far as the player and the game's story is concerned, would actually be the one sitting in the Blue Palace, while the "real" Elisif goes on her adventure with the player. I don't see why this adventure would ever need to "end" either (in the scope of a playthrough) - after completion of whatever story you have for her, she could still be available as a regular follower under the stipulation that nothing important enough has happened in Skyrim to force her to return to the Palace and resume direct control, and she trusts her advisers to make day-to-day decisions in her stead while she accompanies the Dragonborn. This would actually pretty much be true assuming the player is still required to complete the Civil War in the Imperial's favour, since by that point you'd have completed the main Solitude questlines "and" ended the current major political issue in Skyrim, basically making the Blue Palace pointless as a destination beyond turning in radiant quests or buying/changing your player home. As to who the "fake" Elisif is? Honestly it could simply be a trusted handmaiden trained by Sybille Stentor (she obviously is not shy at keeping secrets from the rest of the court) who has been altered by a face sculptor. Face sculptors are 100% lore-friendly, even if they "probably" mostly exist as an excuse for Bethesda to include an in-game way for players to make appearance changes mid-game without console. Agreed that base Elisif shouldn't be modded by AA - I think the changes you want to make to her would be very likely to interfere with other mods that may touch her.... or even worse your changes could get destroyed if a mod makes some minor change to her and is loaded below AA. Of course, no matter how you chose to work your magic I'm sure it will be great to play through... I mean you managed to make a romance story for Borgakh the Steel Heart, if you can do that you could make Sheogorath's voice lines into a romance quest.
  6. Low willpower has lots of small effects - for instance you can't refuse specific deals anymore, some deals will have extra effects and may even start sexlab scenes when they diddn't before (*hint* - Slut deal while naked and low willpower can trigger scenes sometimes) and if you have any deals you won't be able to pay your follower until you pay off all of your deals... unless you already have 6 deals in place. Since some deals let the follower and others "use" you whenever they want, you may get stuck with low willpower and a bunch of deals active for awhile unless you can save up enough to pay all of them off in one go. Debt itself doesn't lower willpower, but it can cause you to lose a ton of it if you manage to trigger one of the "games" - these are triggered by wearing certain types of DD while at more than 50% of enslavement debt *OR* with low willpower. You actually half-triggered one - the message that your follower tried to tie you up means you were in danger of starting a deal while sleeping if you were wearing a specific type of DD item. My thought about your hiring-fee idea: IMO I think you could already do a lot of this idea with the current mod, and I'm not sure adding a complicated 2nd fee structure would be that interesting (for me personally). I think to get a similar effect you could do the following - set debt per day to a small amount and set the hours till next bill to however often you want the "fee" to be billed. Then set the interest on debt per day to a really high number (500% maximum in the MCM menu, but I bet you could use "set _Dflowintrest to #" in console to make it even more extreme). The result would be that you really really need to avoid having any debt between payments, or it would quickly multiply and become unpayable, resulting in enslavement.
  7. Reesewow

    S_L_U_T_S Redux

    Sometimes a hacked solution is better than no solution at all. I personally think this emergency reload may be best left as a clickable option in the MCM menu however. I'd hate to accidentally press that key combination when I didn't intend to - especially since I never use quicksaves and therefor have none to load, which I assume would mean I'd have recycled my player character unexpectedly. Out of curiosity for implementing the "fix" by hand if this problem happens to me, is this essentially just using the console command recycleactor on the player and then reloading a save?
  8. Yep, as far as I can tell this mod works just fine for Oldrim - especially because it is a pure texture replacer without a .esp. Thanks for sharing, LOTD has been a permanent addition in my load order for several long-term saves now and this definitely adds a fresh coat of sexy paint to the fully-stocked museum.
  9. May want to double-check the item ID code matches DD - the item set is also included in other mods like Whiterun Brothel.
  10. Reesewow

    Simple Slavery Plus

    Sounds good. I thought SD+ actually was a mod that really couldn't deal with Quest items because of a collar it needed to put on the player, but I haven't used that mod in a very long time so I may be incorrect. When I last played it the player's "master" would get a key that you needed to loot if you managed to kill them and get out of your SD+ restraints to actually end slavery.
  11. Had short idea I thought I'd share as I think it may fit well with this mod. While we don't have it yet as playable content, the books describe the Brothel's highly lucrative businesses that deal with milk and cheese products of ... suspect origin and "alternative" milk-like products (typically equine judging from the bottles). As a possible event relating to this business - there is another group in Skyrim that deals with unique milk and cheeses - the giants. There is also a convenient giant camp practically within sight of the Brothel itself. Even better, Billyy has recently graced us with some amazing "milking" animations for mammoths. Also, giants have quite a library of animations themselves that even includes some rarely-seen 3P animations. I'm pretty sure you probably already know where I'm going with this, but I think a fun and very unique event could be that the Mistresses in charge of the various human milk and creature semen related business want access to the giant's unique mammoth-related products. Since nobody can handle mammoths like giants, they decide the best solution would be to send the PC to the camp in a role similar to a sacrificial cow... but with the rudimentary understanding that they are not to be eaten. Instead, they can use the PC as they see fit to help collect "product" from the bull mammoths or as a sexual outlet since giant females are practically non-existent (lazy Bethesda). In exchange, the mistresses believe they may be able to get the giants friendly enough to the Brothel employees to allow for trade.
  12. Reesewow

    S_L_U_T_S Redux

    I think the problem with this is that there is no such thing as "drinkable water" in regular Skyrim, so the NPCs can't offer Needs mod drinks to you without making those mods a requirement. The only non-alcoholic drink in regular Skyrim that I can think of is jugs of milk... and that would make Hearthfires a requirement.
  13. Reesewow

    Simple Slavery Plus

    My impression just from reading DD discussions over time is that unique/quest DD items should only be removable by the mod that added them, and the "emergency removal" function of DDI that sends a stop quest event for mods to detect and try to properly shut down their quests with (I'm not sure how many mods have been updated to use this yet other than DCUL). So my gut assumption is that almost all of these mods will be at least Q - can't handle quest devices unless specifically built to work with almost any item, like Devious Followers. I don't know how block generic devices work well enough to say if they would be an issue or not. I think a good "test" if someone had the time/inclination would be to have a player character equipped with a full set of quest-marked DD that fill every available slot, and see if it breaks a mod or not (due to blocking that mod's devices or not allowing devices to be removed by the mod that it expects to be removed).
  14. Make sure you are *not* installing the "Devious World" mod - that is a experimental .esp without much content yet, and requires a lot more masters like Heretical Resources/ZEP ect.
  15. Followers talk a lot more in specific places like player homes and draugr tombs/dwemer ruins. The draugr ones are especially relevant to Devious Followers because they will warn the player to make sure to share the loot properly or they'll chain them to a wall for the undead to play with ect. Also, if you are using some of the fancier custom followers they may not be recognized by Sexist Guards (In my game Zora from Interesting NPCs uses Sexist Guards dialogue, but M'rissi doesn't). I think whether or not they are considered housecarls changes dialogue as well, I seem to recall actual mercenary followers were more likely to have "pay me or I'll do nasty things to you" dialogue than a follower sworn to carry your burdens.