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  1. Damn I got that reference, I've been around here too long.
  2. You might have missez ZaZ's post further up that page: It doesn't sound like ZAP 7.0's legacy version is going anywhere. It sounds like DD will make copies of the stuff available in ZAP 7 for use within the DD framework, but with different names and texture paths (so ZAP 7 and DD X installs don't conflict). Older legacy mods will still require ZAP 7 be installed (since they are looking for ZAP as a master file), but newer mods or mods that are still being updated will have the option of just using DD and still get access to the ZAP assets, with added DD functionality (locking/keys ect I imagine). Hope things improve on your end Vel, even if the catalyst for your decision was a bit off base the stress of managing people's expectations for your mod isn't worth your state of mind.
  3. For sure, altho unfortunately for intermittent issues sometimes the only ones who really can do the digging are those that are experiencing the issue. My only purpose in mentioning I don't have any noticeable issues with creatures in the events I've tested is to provide additional details on the subject - namely that it possibly isn't a issue that affects all users, or it may be an issue contained to game states I don't play in (enslavement). This doesn't mean that I don't think the issue can/should be fixed, just that it may not be something Lozeak can easily reproduce and bugfix on his end if his game state is similar to mine. In which case someone else doing some deep diving may be the best/fastest solution (either someone with the issue occurring or someone with very good understanding of Sexlab's more arcane functions and quirks). Similarly I wasn't able to easily reproduce the "bounce" you describe - just before writing this post I did a test of the mod by manually equipping the town collar, then causing the stable game to be triggered while wearing it. The only pop-up I noticed during the game scenes was the very minor up-down motion of NIO's high heel effect being temporarily cleared by Sexlab, and the character standing up while the horse approached. The standing up was the most obvious quirk, but that is very explainable - the crawling animation used by DF (sourced from the open-use animation on the Nexus) does not have animations for turning on the spot, so those animations are still the regular standing turn animations and happen when the horse approaches and the character is turning to track it. When I worked on the package of crawl AA's I opted to only use the animations provided by the original replacer - it would certainly be possible to replace a few more animations like sprinting and turning, altho I'm not sure how good the results would look. One other possible source of the bounce issue I could think of are HDT High Heels being installed (I don't have that in my load order at all). Unfortunately, any issues with the crawl animation are probably outside of Lozeak's skill set - the animation files are straight from the source mod and completely unchanged from the original - the only difference being that they have been renamed and are being called as AA's instead of manually replacing the walk animations. It would be cool if an animation guru made a pass over the files to look for possible tweaks or improvements tho. Worth noting - I have not tested enslaved mode in many many patches. Possibly the issues you are describing are more centralized around scenes triggered during enslavement and/or while crawling, rather than including the scenes I've tested (deals and non-enslavement games).
  4. Other option you could try is uninstall the mod, clean your save, and reinstall it. It sounds like something broke in your current game relating to how the player dialogue works.
  5. While there could for sure be some possible issues I haven't seen, I just wanted to mention that I've not had any issues with creature animations triggering and playing properly in DF up tho this point (which mainly means canine and horse animations). Assuming you are referring to the stables game in regards to horse animation issues, possibly there could be some issues relating to how the mod detects a nearby horse in your load order (since I know that game has been sensitive to horse mods in the past). Of course, I could also be lucky, but I've run through the creature-enabled Jarl game a few times, the horse game many times in the past, and have tested the newer creature enabled content added recently without issue.
  6. Ah, I assumed you were talking about sex events in general (not just the ones triggered by DF). I think your best solution is simply to disable the "ownership" belt deal entirely in the MCM menu - this is the deal that puts a full chastity belt on your character which your follower will occasionally remove to have sex with you. The "denial" deal makes much more immersive sense combined with other DF sex events - the belt allows for anal animations, but the whole point of the deal is to have your character get into sex scenes while belted and build up her denial level (which affects the once-a-day dialogue to try to get an orgasm). I think the plug level 3 deal and the ownership chastity level 3 deal are set up to kinda be conflicting in intent and not designed to compliment each other (why would the follower cover a big chunk of your debt for exclusive use of your PC's pussy when she's selling it to any random NPC on the street for 50g?). They don't conflict per say, but the dialogue won't make that much sense if you are running both of them at the same time.
  7. That's more of a general DD question since this mod doesn't handle what other mods are doing for sex scenes. I think this is probably more of an issue with the ownership version of the chastity belt deal - if you go for "denial" instead, you get an open-back chastity belt that allows for anal animations by default. To be fair tho, the whole point of the "ownership" deal is that the follower gets exclusive use of your character's fun bits, so other NPCs getting to use you kinda defeats the purpose of the deal. Two options I can think of for chastity belts in general: 1. Try to use mods that are built to detect chastity belts and remove them before sex scenes. For instance DCUL's sex events can detect and temporarily remove generic chasity belts depending on your MCM menu settings. Note that I'm not 100% sure if this will work with DF's belts (I don't know if they are marked as quest items/block generic or not). 2. Turn off Devious Devices sex animation filter. The belts will not be removed, but you will have more variety in animations. Up to you if you want more animation options enough to ignore the fact your character is wearing a chastity belt that should make such acts impossible (or at least quite uncomfortable).
  8. I was referring to DCUL's spontaneous attacks specifically - I personally also use Defeat for combat-related attacks (no DAymoyl - I've almost never had issues with Defeat stand-alone with the settings I use, but DA was always more trouble than it was worth in my load orders).
  9. Reesewow

    BakaFactory's SLAL Animation

    SL Animation Loader doesn't use .esp files - the actual animations are loaded with the .json files which have different names and don't take up a spot in your load order. The .esp files are just for the animated objects, and are probably the same for both versions (so it doesn't matter which overwrites which and you only need the one .esp for either or both packs). Without the .esp the animations should play just fine, just the animations that use objects won't include those items and look weird. Changing the name so you have both .esps loaded is probably just taking up an extra mod slot needlessly for you - I have just the one .esp and it includes the objects for both creature and human animations. "0 animations registered" however sounds like either something is wrong with the installation of the files, something is wrong with SLAL itself, or the user has too many animations loaded and Sexlab won't allow any more to be registered until some are de-selected and the animation registry reset.
  10. No, you can't defend yourself from a sex attack once it is started - they only trigger if the player is "helpless" according to your MCM menu settings. You can set up your settings so that you have more control over wither your character is helpless or not, and require multiple categories of vulnerability to be filled before your character can be attacked. For example, disable the weapon equipped option if you prefer to roleplay that your PC has magic or can easily find a weapon to defend herself, and use other triggers like arousal level/bondage/time of day/nudity instead. I believe Sexlab Adventures has a sex attack system based on DCUL's with extra options, like running away from an attacker. I haven't tried that mod recently however.
  11. Reesewow

    BakaFactory's SLAL Animation

    If you are using Devious Devices there has been an update on the development version of DDi that reduces its animation load that might help. You can get it on the DD github. Some people hit the limits even without DD tho, the limit is just something people need to manage in their load orders and be selective unfortunately. You shouldn't need the creature pack if you don't want it. Few things to try: Check your Debug menu in the Sexlab MCM menu for human animations - if it is 500/500 you need to disable some animations and rebuild your SL registry to see the new ones - you are over the limit. If you still have room in Sexlab, go to the Babo page in SL Animation Loader and hit the register button on that page, making sure everything is checked. You can double-check the animations are installed in the Toggle Animation page in Sexlab as well - if you see them listed they are installed. If you are using Sexlab Tools you can search for the "Babo" tag to bring up only these animations. If they are not installed, try rebuilding the SL Animation Registry.
  12. This is because a transparent version of the restrictive gloves hasn't been added to DDx yet (apparently it was causing issues) so the follower still gives you black gloves to match the style of the boots. If you want transparent gloves you can use the transparent catsuit gloves instead, or use any combination of corset/gloves/boots/harness in any colour or style from DD. Just use additem menu when you take a deal to pick your style on the spot, and dump the devices your follower gives you in an inventory somewhere, they won't care.
  13. Feature request: Related to my experience attempting to test SH's yoke animations above, I think a feature within DD to allow for users to change bound animations mid-scene via hotkey would be a welcome addition. I'm sure many of us have become accustomed to Sexlab Tools' powerful animation selection features, and unfortunately the DD animation filter is incompatible with that mod due to the DD animations not being registered within Sexlab. While reproducing the functionality of Sexlab Tools for DD animations might be a bit overkill (and require possibly using UIExtensions as a master file for DD), I think having the filter produce a pool of viable animations for a player and allowing for a hotkey to cycle through them would be sufficient. Typically for heavy bondage animations the pool isn't that large, at least for now, and it would be a large improvement in player control. Especially if we have talented new animators working on animations for DD, I would much prefer to be able to swap to those if I'm not a fan of the animation the filter chose for me - some of the older ZAP animations simply haven't aged that well in comparison.
  14. Usage report for the DDi Github dev version as of Aug 14 - last commit "12 new bound SL animations added by Spacehamster". This is on a save game directly updated from the live version of DDi - not a clean save or new game (possibly related to bug reports). Went to get the dev version for the AA slot fix, and was pleasantly suprised to see some new animations had been added to the dev version. Thanks to @_SpaceHamster_ for the new animations - the ones I managed to trigger looked excellent (cowgirl armbinder and blowjob armbinder and elbowbinder). The AA fix seems to have worked as intended: FNIS_aa.pex readout before update: mt_behavior usage: 72.6 % ( 26 furniture, 32 offset, 0 chair, 107 alternate animations) 0_master usage: 19.3 % ( 3 paired, 1 kill, 54 alternate animations) Alternate Animation mods: 6 sets: 50 total groups: 284 added file slots: 2200 alternate files: 1121 FNIS_aa.pex readout after update: mt_behavior usage: 65.5 % ( 26 furniture, 32 offset, 0 chair, 107 alternate animations) 0_master usage: 14.3 % ( 3 paired, 1 kill, 54 alternate animations) Alternate Animation mods: 6 sets: 33 total groups: 182 added file slots: 1420 alternate files: 1121 The difference is definitely significant and should help a lot with AA load concerns going forward - thanks to @Tyrant99 for the fix and the team for merging it. Issues experienced during testing of this commit: The default Iron Breast Bondage Yoke was not triggering the sex animation filter while being worn - as a result I wasn't able to test the BB animations listed in the commit. The front cuffs also had this issue and were not triggering the animation filter, so I did not test the new front cuffs animations. I was not able to trigger SH's regular yoke animations after a dozen or so attempts - this may however just be bad luck as I instead got a range of the older ZAP and FB yoke animations.
  15. Reesewow

    BakaFactory's SLAL Animation

    I don't think updating XPMSE should hurt anything (it never has for me, but of course mileage may vary), but if the skeleton itself has updated since 3.90 my understanding is that it could be the source of such framerate issues with animations that assume the newer skeleton files (older animations would have been based on your 3.90 version or older). Probably the same reason why it is considered to be a bad idea to package a skeleton file with things like custom follower NPCs - eventually they can be the source of crashes and frame drops if the skeleton packed with them gets outdated. You could test quickly without actually updating all of XPMSE just using the newest skeleton meshes temporarily (installed manually/stand-alone), and see if that makes any difference with the FPS drops.