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  1. Reesewow

    Apropos 2

    Since EC+ sets up the Estrus animations in Sexlab, a few other mods do detect if EC+ is present and have some soft dependency options. The big one off the top of my head is Cursed Loot, since it has a whole section of trap types based on using these animations (including the futuristic robo animations I believe). Essentially picking plants can make tentacles attack you, and mining I believe can uncover a "dormant dwemer sex machine". As Nazzgul mentioned there are a also few addon mods that essentially extend EC+ functionality to spiders and dwemer automatons as well (and can be active while EC+ is set to basically never fire, if you like one type of critter but not the other). The thing I found especially cool about EC+ and the Estrus animation descriptions were that EC+ would actually have the player = victim flag set properly during a spit attack, despite the animation being solo. So the descriptions you get as the unlucky victim of a tentacle attack are much different from when you trigger a "consensual" scene by manually picking the animations with Sexlab Tools/Matchmaker.
  2. Reesewow

    Apropos 2

    Estrus animations in Sexlab are registered using the MCM menu for Estrus Chaurus+, in combination with the raw meshes and animation files from Estrus for Skyrim. EC+ needs older versions of Estrus, but those are still available on the Nexus. They aren't included in a SLAL pack as far as I am aware. As far as I am aware a patch isn't "needed" for Apropos to detect SL triggered Estrus animations as a unique animation - they are essentially just solo masturbation animations once EC+ has registered them in Sexlab.
  3. Reesewow

    Apropos 2

    Female PC perspective, primarily - I believe I have included the DB contribution you mentioned as I have the male folders as well, but I have not tested them as my character is female. The major difference is unique animations, female perspective creature descriptions and additions to existing female perspective descriptions from several sources and related synonyms. There are also extra wear and tear dialogues I believe. They all come from contributions from users on this site, but there's no way I'd be able to direct you to the sources anymore as they would be deep inside random threads at this point (not all of them would have been posted in the Apropos threads). Unique animations are for stuff like Billyy's animations, SRB's horse animations, Estrus and others.
  4. Reesewow

    Apropos 2

    Very cool to see Apropos 2 released, and glancing at the database the amount of comments for the dwemer automatons is impressive. Thanks for the release! While obviously I'd have to test it, I'm hoping that the updated Apropos is mostly compatible with the original's database, as rather than replace my entire database I've built up over the years (through generous contributions by authors here) I'm likely to go through Apropos 2's included database and add new stuff to my existing set. @gooser On that topic - would it be useful for people with unique databases to send you a copy of the entire thing for you to consider for addition to the mod, or do you only want original authors to send you copies of their works. My database is entirely built up of contributions from other users over the years that I have manually edited into a single database for personal usage, but as I never noted all the original sources I really couldn't name all of the user's works that are included. That being said, my Apropos DB now contains a third more folders and a larger synonyms file than Apropos 2's default DB, and I made an effort to edit some of the creatures that didn't have specific animation types to cover oral/anal/vaginal generic animations (either by making unique animation descriptions more generic or turning vaginal descriptions into anal ones). On the assumption that authors who freely contributed their works would like to see them in the main file, I think some of this could be sliced up and used in the primary mod.
  5. Reesewow

    S_L_U_T_S Redux

    If the cart is simply not connecting whatsoever, you may not have a compatible skeleton installed - I believe the way this mod works is that it "hooks" onto a bone included in the recommended skeleton install. Without that skeleton bone, it will never follow the player. Otherwise not sure, unless another mod is breaking this one.
  6. Reesewow


    That's a super amusing achievement, good hunting figuring it out! Gonna have to try it. Edit - Gotta love Dogma, that has to be one of the most amusing "anti-cheat" features I've ever seen in a mod. "You're not supposed to be in here!" cracked me up.
  7. Reesewow

    Shrouded Past - Chapter II

    Great chapter as always. Not gonna lie, I'm feeling the need for a new character chart already, and that is *impressive* for the second episode of a Skyrim story. Perhaps once you've had a chance to develop some of the Urufu introduced in this chapter. Thanks for continuing the story.
  8. Well, you are posting in a Legendary Edition thread about a Skyrim Special Edition problem. So unless I'm misunderstanding something you are likely trying to run a Legendary Edition animation mod on Skyrim SE, or you updated your FNIS to the wrong version and are trying to use FNIS for Special Edition on your Legendary Edition install. Either one will likely break stuff.
  9. Reesewow

    Fill Her Up - Cum Inflation

    Not gonna speak for Srende, but the NIO version is already a tweaked version of this mod and actually releases + uses a beta version of Fill Her Up 2 that wasn't quite completed (but works great overall and IMO is a big improvement over this version). So my assumption is that patches for the mod at least wouldn't be an issue.
  10. On the question of story length, IMO whatever length you need for the story arc you have in mind for a post is fine by me. I'd imagine some stories fit well into the smaller fun-sized length with only a few major scenes and a bit of plot, and other times you're going to want to have a much longer post because what you have in mind would lose some cohesion if you broke it up. I've really enjoyed some long stories posted on this site in the past like Close Alliance, altho I think your plot so far might lend itself better to shorter segments overall. I do think if you find a single post is getting very large to the point of being a bandwidth hog to load, you may want to break it up into multiple parts that you upload back-to-back. Makes for easier reading for people with slower connections, and easier for someone to finish a section and come back to read the rest later then have them have to make a mental note where they are if they end up only reading part of a post at once.
  11. Reesewow

    Fill Her Up - Cum Inflation

    Yes, you can disable it - that .esp is just for the quests and the locations related to those quests. I don't have it active myself anymore as I've done the quests in the past and didn't feel the need to have them active in my latest save game.
  12. Fun looking little mod, I think I'll definately try it out to have some more varied Khajiit eyecandy in my game. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Reesewow

    SexLab Pheromones

    Other option would just be to change then names to Pheromones - Creature, and is probably something a user could do in TES5Edit in a few minutes if they preferred it. You can always sort your magic effects by time and have all the pheromones effects group up together that way (I can't imagine you have so many effects with a duration that they would still be all spread out doing this).
  14. Reesewow

    SexLab Dirty Talk October 23, 2018

    That's fine, totally up to you if you want to post details or not. Its just at some point unless you want to do the digging yourself or offer more technical details for people to try to look at, the conversation is effectively over unless someone else has exactly the same issue and figures out the problem. Can't really expect people who aren't having these issues to be able to help guess what in your 238 mod load order may be causing a hard incompatibility (beyond the standard stuff like the vanilla subtitles options and free camera). I don't personally use any of those mods to trigger sex scenes in my game, altho you could always do a test with the Sexlab animation editor itself if you wanted to be sure the problem wasn't related to any triggering mod. The mod being last in the load order and highest priority definitely doesn't guarantee it will work, as there are several popular mods out there that modify the baseline Sexlab functions and may break mods that depend on them - Sexlab Separate Orgasm comes to mind as a big offender that requires specific patches from any mod that depends on Sexlab's default orgasm event.
  15. Reesewow

    SexLab Dirty Talk October 23, 2018

    I used Sexlab's built-in animation trigger from the animation editor window in my brief test and it worked fine, so I doubt it "requires" a specific mod (this was on a near maxed load order on a very very old savegame). That setup required only Sexlab and the dialogue showed up instantly. I'm not sure we can help you without more information like at least a papyrus log and/or load order or if you have a particular mod triggering scenes. Can't really offer more advice without some details beyond the fact it is completely not working. Would be curious if you would have similar issues with Sexist Guards - if you try that mod out and have the same issues with dialogue in sex scenes, it would definately point to something in your load order being completely incompatible with how these mods work (free camera being on or Sexlab's default flags being altered/removed ect).