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  1. Make sure you use "reload .json data" (not sure if it exactly that wording) in SL Anim Loader before you rebuild the Sexlab registry - that is the button that triggers SLAL to update the tags on animations it already has entries for. You can mouse-over the animation in SLAL after that to confirm the tags are changed, and then the changes should be picked up if you either update the data for registered animations or completely rebuild the Sexlab registry. Then you may need to manually go to the animation in the Sexlab foreplay toggle menu and activate it there. Foreplay animations are a bit odd, and I can't help you that much as I don't normally use Sexlab's foreplay options. Also - depending on the mod you are using to trigger kissing animations, the tags may just not matter at all. I think some mods call kissing animations by hardcoded names.
  2. Not sure what you mean by floating, but my recommendation would be to reinstall ABC and allow it to over-write anything it conflicts with. The mod adds unique skeleton files and mesh files, so if one of your other mods is replacing those files it would likely break ABC animations.
  3. Have you tried his newer versions of older animations without ACB? I'm fairly certain they work with or without ABC so far, and ABC just adds extra movement to the penis that you won't see without it installed. So the fact they are overwriting the old animations may not affect your options or add to the animation limit. For example Horse Doggy 2 has two stages at the start where the horse is licking the female. In those stages the penis is animated and flopping around, then it is mostly static for the actual penetration stages (3-5). The only real difference between the older version and the ABC version is the floppage in those early stages, and you'd just get a static version instead without ABC (same as before). Animations designed from scratch around ABC absolutely would need it, so I wouldn't be shocked if Billyy added another pack for those once there are enough of them to make it worthwhile. I'd personally prefer animators feel they can run wild with the new possibilities of animated creature dongs rather than always be restricted to making animations that can work with or without - altho making regular animations that have extra subtle movements for spice is a nice attention to detail for sure.
  4. Wow, that ending animation. Great job.
  5. Just wanted to say great job on this - really cool to see more animations being released that take advantage of ABC and it turned out great.
  6. That sounds like a great way to refresh some of the older animations - honestly the changes you made to those selected horse animations in the latest were very nice subtle changes that IMO really do add to the animations. Plus the brand new animations are looking great, and already showing some of the power of an having creature parts be fully animated. They worked flawlessly for me, thanks for the continued content.
  7. Reesewow

    Naturalistic HDT and Beast HDT

    Select the NPC in console, disable then enable usually works for me. I don't usually have issues with this HDT however, it is more often stuff like HDT gear equipped on them.
  8. Word - if you need more sets for story purposes they could be in other locations down the road. The shop can just be a shop, it doesn't need to be a bondage palace. Great interior work btw, it really does come across as a shop with the armbinder displays and cases.
  9. Reesewow

    BakaFactory's SLAL Animation LE / SSE

    I think you might be overthinking things - this mod is *just* a SLAL pack. There isn't really anything for it to conflict with assuming you are using the correct version (aka, don't use the SE versions if you aren't using Special Edition). If you are crashing on hitting "New Game" - that sounds very much like the crash people get when they have too many animations installed. I'd recommend attempting to remove a heavy animation mod or two before purging your entire load order (Example: Player exclusive animations/Poser mods/very large SLAL packs you don't use that much), making sure to run FNIS after. This is not an uncommon problem, you can find plenty of comments about people crashing like this in the various animation threads. It isn't generally an issue with the animations themselves.
  10. Short answer, up to you but probably not a good investment of resources for what you are getting out of a pack. The disabled animations won't take up Sexlab slots but they are still loaded into Skyrim by FNIS and will affect game stability. If you really want those two animations without the load, follow the instructions in MadMansGun's second link.
  11. Downloaded 2.01 and looking forward to trying out the new content, thanks for the continued efforts (and the efforts of your testers). If I had an expansion suggestion (based on the changelog since I haven't actually tried the update yet), it would be the addition of alternate starting points for the radiant quests, if you've met the prerequisites. I'm thinking stuff like an extra innkeeper dialogue line asking if they've heard any rumors of cursed devices, or bound NPCs that have a chance to spawn in town. That way the start point wouldn't need to always be Laura's shop, and a player could decide they feel like triggering a Laura quest and do so from any major settlement. It would probably need to be considered a 4th "start" since Laura wouldn't be present, but hopefully it could link in with some of the other radiant options well. I just know from other mods I've played in the past, radiant quests can be a great addition for a mod's longevity, especially if they can be triggered as a spur-of-the-moment thing when doing something unrelated. IMO that's why the Missives and Notice Board mods are so great, since you can check the board for quests while just passing through and get some extra side activities going (added bonus being those mods can pick up mod-added locations and dungeons you wouldn't get quests for normally, since they rely on location tags). The SLUTS ponygirl mod is another good example of a mod that you can do as a spur-of-the moment thing, either as a radiant quest (random destination) or as a way to spice up travelling you'd do anyway (player-chosen destination) and can be started from NPCs in all the major towns.
  12. Reesewow

    BakaFactory's SLAL Animation LE / SSE

    If you are using special edition, download the latest versions that have "SE" in the name, otherwise get the ones without it. The names are the dates of release, so you probably want the latest ones. There are two packs (human and creature), and it doesn't matter if one overwrites some things in the other, like the .esp. You shouldn't be getting CTDs assuming you are using the correct versions of the mod for your game (SE or LE) - if you are getting CTDs then it is a problem of conflicting mods or requirements - Skyrim will crash if you have too many animations loaded at the same time, and if you are close to the limit and add a new pack you might start crashing.
  13. Reesewow

    SexLab Defeat

    You should be able to fix this just by hitting "reconfigure" in Defeat's main menu. AFAIK Defeat keeps a list of creatures that have animations, and it doesn't update that list unless you hit that button. So if you install creature animations in general after Defeat has already done its initial startup, it wouldn't have detected any creature animations yet. You should also do this whenever you add animations for new creature races, if you want Defeat to be able to recognize them as viable attackers.
  14. I believe cum effects are controlled by the SLAL .json files like Billyy_Creature.json. All you likely have to do is edit those files to change the "add_cum": 1, lines to "add_cum": 3, which I assume means changing the cum application from vaginal to anal. Then you'd need to reload the .json data in SLAL. You'd need to do this whenever a pack is updated that replaces your edits.
  15. Hype, looking forward to what a master creature animator can do with these assets. For bigger creatures especially I can imagine it could be a game-changer.